Hasbro Announces Las Vegas Monopoly Edition Will No Longer Have Free Parking

Board game maker Hasbro announced it will remove the “Free Parking” space in all future releases of its Las Vegas version of Monopoly.

Las Vegas Monopoly update

The Las Vegas version of Monopoly is about to get a revamp.

The Las Vegas-inspired version of the game is a favorite with Sin City enthusiasts, and has been one of the most successful specialty Monopoly games made by Hasbro.

Other variations include a James Bond Monopoly, NASCAR Monopoly and M&M’s Monopoly, as well as dozens of others.

The decision to revise the “Free Parking” space in the Las Vegas Monopoly came in response to news MGM Resorts will soon charge for parking at its Las Vegas resorts.

Las Vegas Monopoly

“Players may not even notice the change,” stated a Hasbro official. “But Las Vegas visitors will.”

“While ‘Free Parking’ has always been popular with Monopoly players, we must be nimble enough to change with the times,” says Hasbro’s news release. “We’ll also be adjusting the custom ‘Hotel Tax’ space to better reflect the overall trend of Las Vegas resorts finding creative new ways to screw over their guests.”

Las Vegas Monopoly

Fun fact: The 2009 Monopoly World Championships were held in Las Vegas at Caesars Palace. The winner took home $20,000 in prize money.

Hasbro also says it will update at least one of its custom pewter tokens.

The existing tokens are a stack of money, a showgirl, blackjack cards, a roulette wheel, poker chips and a wedding chapel.

“Based upon a decline in the number of Las Vegas weddings in recent years, we’re retiring the wedding chapel,” says Hasbro. “Instead, due to the new parking fees being instituted at MGM Resorts hotels on The Strip, a new token will be added to the game, a bottle of personal lubricant.”

Las Vegas Monopoly

Before 1935, playing pieces weren’t included in Monopoly games. Players used objects around the house like buttons and charms.

Hasbro is rushing updated Las Vegas Monopoly games into production because the new MGM Resorts parking fees will go into effect mid-2016.

It’s unknown if the price of Monopoly Las Vegas will go up with its new release, but given what’s happened in Las Vegas recently, that’s a pretty safe bet.

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  • Gaz


  • Ferry van Beek

    I would like to add another suggestion for a new playing piece. The MGM M-(life)iddle Finger

  • lmao i would pay it

  • Jokersmile

    The paradigm shift from the old days is now under way in Vegas. Every city you visit even in your own city you pay to park on the curb, in a garage, or an event center it’s just life in the big city. Vegas is slowly becoming a big city but the mind set is still backwards in some respects. The old days of FREE are gone deal with it or get the book “who moved my cheese”.

    • Yeah… but the best of Vegas happens in the little strip malls that surround the strip… not on it. The best bars, restaurants, and casinos are not downtown or on the strip.

      • Quite true. Most visitors stick to The Strip, though, and don’t venture away.

      • Rebecca Kennedy

        Like what businesses, specifically Luke? We are going in April and I would like your inside scoop of where we should go. Thanks!

        • You will need a car… but here’s my must eats in Vegas, There is a strip mall on the northeast corner of Pebbles and Eastern, the Restaurants are awesome… Jun’s Korean (excellent, beyond fresh), a Lebanese Place that I haven’t tried yet, an Italian place I haven’t tried yet, a place called Truffle and Bacon Café (great for breakfast) and a Vegan place. on the Southeast corer of 7th and Carson downtown there is an EXCELLENT breakfast place called “Eat” (split a plate, portions are huge, deep fried deviled eggs are a must try)…. the German Bread Bakery at 9255 S Eastern (a half mile from the other strip mall) is a MUST for the best bread outside of Europe…. for a value meal Skyline Casino on the boulder hwy in Henderson is always good (and very lucky place to play) and Jerry’s Nugget in North Las Vegas has WONDERFUL CAKE and is dirt cheap…. Café Berlin at 4850 W Sunset is excellent and for Gourmet Dining Todd’s Unique Dining 4350 E Sunset is the BEST! All these places are locally owned!

          • Rebecca Kennedy

            Wow! That’s a lot of Great info Luke! Thank you! I will take it to heart. I would love to go to the antiques shops. But we don’t rent cars, and it looks like a long ways from a bus stop. Not sure if we will make it there. I’m going to study on it awhile. This is what we love to do when we vacation somewhere…live as the locals. You get a whole different sense of a place by doing that. If you think of anything else I would love to hear about it! Thank you for taking the time to respond!

          • Agree, great info.

        • There’s more… hotel dining…. Marylyn’s Café at the Tuscany Suites Casino on East Flamingo has yummy soup… and Triple 7 at Main Street Station is good.

        • Sorry, I was hungry and forgot to include the other cool stuff that isn’t the strip… Container Park downtown at Fremont and 7th is an awesome shopping mall/small business incubator… The Arts District, go in the morning and wander by foot around the alleys in the area around Charleston and Main… wander South toward Wyoming and check out Retro Vegas antiques store at Main and California… this is a somewhat sketchy neighborhood, and like I said, go in the MORNING and travel with a friend, I have never had a problem there, but it is best to be cautious it is a mostly industrial area…But it is SO WORTH it! The Murals are AMAZING! And the kind of thing you can’t find in the Casino. The best bar is the one in your hotel… the cabs are pricy and Metro Cops are vicious.. the only other bars I could tell you about are the gay bars, Freezone is the best place to start. Hope that helps! Vacation like a LOCAL! Enjoy your stay, and NEVER JAYWALK no matter how far the crosswalk!

    • kine

      yes, but you don’t spend the amount of money at the stores that you do in the casinos. I know I will not play at a casino that charges for parking!!!!

  • Ha…love it!!!

  • Matt S.

    Love the ‘lube’ playing piece. Nice touch!

    • Thank you. Still sort of want to order an actual pewter lube piece. I have issues.

  • I was in town this week for a specialty vet appointment for my dog… we were staying on West Trop, decided to go downtown to Triple 7 for lunch, pulled into Main St Station and they were charging for parking… we drove AROUND the building, and went down Paradise Rd to Tuscany Suites and had a WONDERFUL lunch at Marylyn’s… and dropped a few bucks in a machine… and enjoyed the FREE PARKING!

    • Hotels often don’t see the big picture. Bean counters are making too many of the decisions!

  • Michael Movestro

    Leave it to Hasbro to know when to change with the times! I hear Candy Land will follow suit.

    • I would totally get a Las Vegas edition of Candy Land or Chutes and Ladders.

  • From now on it will say “Pay bank $17 for valet parking”.

  • Rj Aznir

    Is this a joke? If not I want one!