Harrah’s to Get Bobby’s Burgers From Chef Bobby Flay

Apparently, Bobby’s Burgers is doing well at the Caesars Palace food court (sorry, Forum Food Hall).

A new Bobby’s Burgers restaurant, from celebrity chef Bobby Flay, is slated for Harrah’s Las Vegas.

Permits for the new fast-casual restaurant say the build-out will cost $413,393, according to Eater Las Vegas.

Bobby Flay

We’ve been trying to make “Flaycation” a thing for years. Nobody’s biting.

Bobby Flay opened Bobby’s Burgers at Caesars in April 2021.

We stopped by to try the place, but at the time, the line stretched roughly to Pahrump.

Flay opened a new Italian restaurant, Amalfi, in June 2021. Amalfi replaced his Mesa Grill after 16 years of operation.

Bobby’s Burgers has gotten middling reviews at Caesars Palace (2.5 stars out of five on Yelp), which tracks with our forgettable experiences at Bobby’s Burger Palace at the Shops at Crystals. There’s a reason it closed last year.

It didn’t help Bobby’s Burger Palace that it was located fairly close to Gordon Ramsay Burger at Planet Hollywood, arguably one of the best burgers in Las Vegas.

Bobby's Burger Palace

Let’s just say Bobby’s Burger Palace was not well done.

The Bobby’s Burgers menu includes (wait for it) burgers (including the signature Crunchburger), but also sandwiches (the veggie burger is well spoken of), sides (fries and onion rings) and shakes (none with liquor, but still).

We trust the prices at Harrah’s will be similar to the Caesars Palace location.

The burgers and sandwiches run from $12-15, with fries in the $5-7 range. Shakes are $9. A soda will set you back $6.

What’s in it for Bobby Flay? He gets six percent of the restaurant’s revenue as a “royalty fee.”

Bobby's Burger Harrah's

Fast casual is the new sit down fancy.

Harrah’s has more surprises in store, and we’ve shared some exclusive rumors about upcoming offerings.

Our sources say the aforementioned Gordon Ramsay will have a new concept taking over the former Flavors buffet space, and also expect to see a Walk-On’s Sports Bar and Restaurant moving into the closed Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar and Grill.

These new offerings haven’t been confirmed or announced yet, but it’s clear they’re shaking things up at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

6 thoughts on “Harrah’s to Get Bobby’s Burgers From Chef Bobby Flay

  1. JP

    Just walk outside and turn right and you will find a McDonalds. Their burgers are significantly less and are just about as good as the ones you will find at these overpriced “celebrity” chef restaurants.

  2. Chris

    Only ate at Bobby’s Burger Palace one time (over by Crystals) and thought it was very good. I’ll try the new one when it makes it’s way to Harrahs. I try to avoid Caesars Palace whenever possible. As for McDonalds….I have to excuse myself to go to the bathroom.

  3. Kerry

    Bobby Flays has a good burger for the price, at his locations outside of Vegas. They serve the same burger everywhere. They raise the prices so high in Vegas, you have to compare them to Gordon Ramsey, and they’re not at the same level.


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