Happy New Year From Las Vegas

Here’s to a year of blackjacks and parlays and hand pays and new friends and liver damage and kicking it all off with a bang.

New Year's fireworks

It’s a metaphor for having orgasms. Please try and keep up.

Happy New Year from Las Vegas, and thank you for being a part of the Las Vegas conversation, for your questions, insights, comments, likes, shares, retweets and repins.

Las Vegas fireworks

Of course we Photoshopped this. Please promise to be less gullible in 2016.

Thank you for being one of this humble Las Vegas blog’s 3.4 million site views. OK, maybe we’re not all that humble, but just go with it.

Finally, thank you, from the bottom of our heart, for making 2015 our most recent year, ever.

7 thoughts on “Happy New Year From Las Vegas

  1. Bouldersteve

    Happy New Year to you and your family Scott and everyone who makes Vital Vegas such a great site for everything Las Vegas. Looking forward to reading more stories in 2016.

  2. Christy

    Love your site Scott! Been a Vegas visitor a couple of times a year, for over 20 years. Your blog has been spot on for many of my recent restaurant choices among keeping me up to date on all things Vegas! Here’s to 2016!

  3. Misslaydj

    3.4 mil!! that’s a ton!! glad to know your getting a lot of traffic so u don’t leave us like vegas chatter. I love the pics and the jokes. very witty writing


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