Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Reportedly Coming to Harrah’s Las Vegas

We hear celebrity chef Gordon Ramsay’s next restaurant concept will be at Harrah’s Las Vegas.

At first glance, Gordon Ramsay wouldn’t seem a great fit for Harrah’s, as his brand (and prices) tend to be “elevated,” but that doesn’t take into account Harrah’s is pivoting to being a convention hotel. (Gird your loins, Big Elvis!)

The new Caesars Forum conference center sits right at the casino’s back door.

Gordon Ramsay Harrah's

He’s only mean because he wants us all to do better.

The rumored Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Harrah’s hasn’t been confirmed yet, but the ongoing expansion of Ramsay’s empire in Las Vegas seems unstoppable.

Ramsay’s restaurants are almost universally well-regarded (sorry, Pub & Grill), and have turned out to be some of the most lucrative partnerships Caesars Entertainment has. (Caesars Entertainment owns Harrah’s Las Vegas, by the way.)

Ramsay’s restaurants are managed by the Caesars Entertainment food and beverage department, and the chef is contractually bound to show up occasionally for photo ops.

The typical financial arrangement is Gordon Ramsay gets 5% of up to $10 million in sales at the restaurants with his name on them. Sales between $10-15 million earns him 5.5%, and he gets 6% of sales greater than $15 million.

Ramsay’s existing restaurants include Hell’s Kitchen at Caesars Palace, Gordon Ramsay Steak at Paris, Burger at Planet Hollywood, Gordon Ramsay Fish & Chips at Linq and the aforementioned runt of the litter, Gordon Ramsay Pub & Grill.

Hell's Kitchen restaurant

After a tough year, Hell’s Kitchen is back to printing money again.

It’s no surprise Gordon Ramsay is the richest celebrity chef in the world with a net worth of more than $220 million.

That’s a lot of clams.

While we don’t have any further details about the new Gordon Ramsay restaurant at Harrah’s,  we do know it won’t take up residence in the now-closed Toby Keith’s I Love This Bar & Grill space. It will be given the prominence at Gordon Ramsay joint so richly deserves (off the main casino floor).

Chatter is the restaurant will be in the former Flavors buffet space.

Harrah’s already has a steakhouse, Ruth’s Chris, so Italian this time, Chef Ramsay!

If our sources share any further scoop, you’ll hear it first! Well, technically, second, but you know what we mean.

15 thoughts on “Gordon Ramsay Restaurant Reportedly Coming to Harrah’s Las Vegas

  1. Alan

    The Toby Keith space is so far removed from the strip; not sure if it would make sense to locate the new restaurant there. Maybe it will take over the Buffet space? Or Carnival Court?

  2. Dean

    I hope you do an article on the train connecting California and Vegas. I didn’t think this would really happen so I was so excited by the announcement today.

      1. Jackson

        Brightline is currently spending hundreds of millions of dollars expanding their line from West Palm Beach to Orlando. They have deep pockets.

        Never say never, but the likelihood that their West Coast venture happens is pretty high.

        I understand the skepticism, but no company spends $140 million during a pandemic unless they are reasonable certain they need that land.

  3. Mark A Erichson

    I’m no fan of the guy and his persona, but — damnation! — who knew that Fish And Chips could BE that tasty?!

    1. Alan

      The Fish and Chips are so good. And a pretty good deal by Vegas standards — Under $20 for a meal is fantastic. Gotta get the truffle parmesan fries.

    2. andrew

      The Smashed Pig, downtown Vegas has better fish and chips – so does Ri Ra Irish pub (they even have mushy peas).

  4. David

    I love watching Hells Kitchen, but has anyone actually eaten at one of them? We tried the one in Tahoe recently, OMG, it was a horrendous experience and will never, ever try another one again. Well done on the marketing and branding but the food and service totally sucked the big one. We even went for our anniversary. Total bummer. The casino it was located in was in horrible condition. We were totally surprised. You would think something owned by Caesars would be nice, but this thing was run down really really bad.

    1. Robert Novak

      The Las Vegas location (the original) has been excellent the 5 times I’ve eaten there. of the three Gordon Wellies in Vegas, theirs has been the best every time we’ve had it.


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