Golden Nugget Las Vegas Confirms Chick-fil-A is On the Way

Golden Nugget has confirmed it will soon boast a Chick-fil-A restaurant, the first in downtown Las Vegas.

The new Chick-fil-A was announced by Golden Nugget via social media.

Golden Nugget Chick-fil-A

We love when a juicy rumor pans out! Emphasis on “juicy.”

While this item was news to the world, it wasn’t new to us, because we know things.

We also have access to the Internet.

We originally got wind of the new Chick-fil-A because of a job posting on LinkedIn a few months back.

Golden Nugget Chick-fil-A

Great gig (average salary is $53,000), except for the “always having to be nice to everyone” thing.

Scant details have been announced about the Chick-fil-A at Golden Nugget, but we’ve got a few additional unconfirmed, ahem, nuggets to share.

Golden Nugget has said the new restaurant will open “this winter,” but we’ve heard Dec. 2, 2019 as the slated opening date.

The location, from what we understand, is the hotel’s Carson tower. We scouted the area in question, and employees said Chick-fil-A will move into the location currently occupied by a gift shop next to one of Golden Nugget’s two Starbucks. See more.

Golden Nugget

Out with the keychains, in with the waffle potato fries.

Employees claim the Essentials gift shop will move right next door.

If this location skinny pans out, it’ll be a surprisingly low profile spot for such a high profile restaurant. Carson tower is deep inside Golden Nugget, past its restaurant row, and about as far as you can get from all the foot traffic on Fremont Street.

Still, we predict this Chick-fil-A is going to print money, and having large numbers of chicken sandwich fans making their way through hundreds of slot machines is bound to be a boon for
Golden Nugget.

Golden Nugget has already gotten a start on creating visibility for its new offering. Specifically, this big-ass sign on Fremont.

Golden Nugget Chick-fil-A

We are currently pre-salivating.

As with all Chick-fil-A announcements, there’s been some “hate chicken” chatter, but relatively little compared to when Chick-fil-A first came to Las Vegas in 2017.

Yes, we droned Chick-fil-A. We were excited, don’t judge.

Here’s some background on the Chick-fil-A controversy. Bottom line: We believe in the separation of church and chicken.

We honestly can’t wait to add Golden Nugget’s Chick-fil-A to our lunch rotation.

You can bet we’ll be watching this one closely! We would be remiss if we didn’t use this opportunity to remind you we were the first to share Chick-fil-A was coming to Planet Hollywood on The Strip.

Full disclosure: We work in digital marketing at Fremont Street Experience, and Golden Nugget is one of its member casinos. Opinions and snark are our own.

15 thoughts on “Golden Nugget Las Vegas Confirms Chick-fil-A is On the Way

  1. Deana

    Gotta love a franchise run by anti-science hypocrites and zealots opening a business in a den of sin. I prefer my food with with less cruelty, suffering, homophobia, and bogus piety. Their food is as tasteless as their morals. Lol

    1. Tom

      Glad to hear you won’t be patronizing the new Chick-fil-A at the Golden Nugget, the lines will be long enough already.

  2. Mark Erichson

    That’s all well and good for Golden Nugget and for people who love waffle fries.
    Me… I’d rather patronize a restaurant that promotes racism over homophobia.
    “Wow, that was fast and you’ve been so friendly! Could I get some extra mayo? And here’s a buck to help stop those queers.”

  3. Boulder Steve

    Good move however the location is not optimal. Putting in the hotel tower may be conveinant for hotel guests its not for the many more visitors to the casino and the FSE

    1. McChicken

      They’ll do just fine. For every person who is interested, but too lazy to find it, another person will gladly get that chicken sandwich at the Nugget. If anything, it will help keep the restaurant from being overrun at peak times of the day, like lunch and dinner.

  4. Coop

    They really want to keep my business downtown don’t they? Feels like a warm hug compared to strip decisions $$$. Whoever is making these great decisions deserves my business. Excellent scoop as always Scott.


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