Golden Gate Opens New Entrance, Drunks Ruin It

There we were, all excited about the new entrance at the Golden Gate, downtown.

Why were we excited about a casino entrance? Because it would allow us to slip into the casino on its east side, bypassing the crowds that often gather at the stage, farther down.

Sure, we’d miss the bartop go-go dancing, but it would be a small price to pay to get to the craps tables more quickly.

Subtle, yet effective. In theory.

Subtle, yet effective. In theory.

We like the fancy masonry, or whatever you call it. Natural materials. Welcoming, but understated, right?

Those little yellow pylon thingys should've tipped us off. It wasn't raining.

Foreshadowing? There were these “Caution” thingys on opening night, but it wasn’t raining.

So, the new entrance opened without much fanfare a few days ago, but last night, it appears the new entrance was roped off and closed.

We have a suspicion it was because of the drunk people.

Oh, downtown, you're so you.


See, the new entrance at the Golden Gate is the only entrance to a Fremont Street casino with a step. And, yes, it’s just one step. The overall intoxication level on the Fremont Street Experience is above average, to say the least, so there may have been an issue with patrons not being able to easily navigate that one step. We’re not kidding.

Casino owners are infinitely patient when it comes to the law of unintended consequences, so it’s likely they’re working on a solution to this problem. Obviously, “people not being dopes” isn’t feasible. Maybe different lighting. Maybe more gradual inclines of some kind.

The Golden Gate is one of our favorite places to play, downtown, so for the moment, we’ll enter the usual way. Past the go-go dancers. If we must.

6 thoughts on “Golden Gate Opens New Entrance, Drunks Ruin It

  1. JeffinOKC

    Didn’t there use to be an entrance there before, but it was a single door opening to the north? Funny thing is that I don’t remember a step up going into any Golden Gate entrance. Or any Fremont Street entrance to any casino, for that matter.

  2. Mr. Bill

    For a moment, I thought the drunk people had made a mess of all the pretty stone work Mr. Stevens has done. Instead, it’s just too much captain and coke as usual


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