Golden Gate is Shaking Things Up Again

Golden Gate is back in action again with some dramatic changes and a new casino expansion.

We took a peek behind-the-scenes at what were, until recently, walled off areas of Golden Gate’s casino floor.

The casino’s floor is expanding into the space previously occupied by Du-Par’s restaurant.

Golden Gate expansion

The Du-Par’s kitchen was at left, counter and tables to the right. Yes, we all miss the pancakes. Bright side: Pancakes never gave anyone a jackpot.

Du-Par’s made an abrupt exit from Golden Gate when the restaurant’s owner got into hot water with the I.R.S. for tax evasion. There are no plans to have a restaurant at Golden Gate anytime soon.

The new floor space will accommodate an additional 50-60 slot machines, a significant number for a casino with a very small footprint.

Golden Gate

The door at back leads to Main Street, the one on the right to Fremont.

Here’s one more look at the work-in-progress. The area will be accessible to the public in a few days, and slot machines will be brought in within a week.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate regulars will notice another big change to the casino floor, a move of the casino cage.

It’s moved closer to the hotel’s registration desk and valet entrance. Don’t forget to check out the old-timey slot machines on display nearby.

Golden Gate

Due to strict rules about capturing images of casino cages, we are unable to share this photo, sorry.

Next up at Golden Gate, an expansion of the high limit room.

Currently, high limit is table games only, but with a move into the previous cage space, the high limit room will now include high limit slots.

Golden Gate

More room for high limit slots, or what we commonly refer to as our “retirement plan.”

Here’s a look at the current high limit room.

Our favorite part: The fringe on the walls was inspired by the fringe on the uniforms of the casino’s dancing dealers.

Golden Gate

This is the den we’d have if we were ambitious or even moderately successful.

The high limit room revamp is set to include some intriguing elements inspired (and necessitated) by the building’s original design features.

Here’s a look at the other side of the construction wall. Golden Gate’s original arches will play a part in the design of the new high limit room. Now you know.

Golden Gate arches

There’s a chance these arches were around when Golden Gate opened in 1906, but we aren’t sure. We are a blog, not that guy in the Amish hat on “Pawn Stars.”

The latest changes at Golden Gate follow on the heels of another recent, multi-million dollar expansion that integrated the former La Bayou casino space.

That expansion also included a new entrance, loyalty club desk and beer distribution room. Of course, we got photos. Do you know this blog at all?

Golden Gate has managed to do a lot with a little, and we hear there are still more surprises in the works.

Update (7/11/18): Golden Gate owner Derek Stevens has shared one of the “surprises,” a new sports book. We got a look at the space.

Golden Gate sportsbook

It’s not much to look at now, but give it a minute.

The future sports book space sits behind a temporary wall at the south side of the recent casino expansion into the former La Bayou space.

While we’re providing updates, here’s a look at the most recent casino expansion as slot machines were being installed.

Golden Gate

Not too shabby for a place that’s been around since 1906.

There’s more to come.

Update (7/12/18): We said there was more to come!

Here’s a look at the expanded Golden Gate casino, complete with shiny new slot machines.

Golden Gate expansion

The newest casino space in Las Vegas in the oldest casino in Las Vegas.

Oh, all right, just one more.

Golden Gate casino

Everyone loves that new slot machine smell.

See you at Golden Gate.

6 thoughts on “Golden Gate is Shaking Things Up Again

  1. Ashley

    Does that mean the shrimp cocktails aren’t returning? They said it would be back with the next dining concept … but now what?

    1. Old Ironsides

      Seems unlikely at this point, but perhaps they’ll be part of the new 18 Fremont project. Either way, last I knew they were $4, and while that was a fair price for quality shrimp, it was no longer such a deal that I had to have it when I was downtown. So I won’t miss them if they’re gone forever.

      I get the idea of more gaming means more revenue, but adding more slots or more high limiit gaming at that place does nothing for me. Is there that much of a shortage that the GG needs more gaming on site? And will that vital gaming action still be necessary with many new tables and slots at 18 Fremont in a couple of years?

  2. William Wingo

    I had some good times at Golden Gate years ago. Break-in dealers and the 99-cent shrimp cocktail–what more could you want? Never stayed there, but did practically everywhere else downtown.
    I haven’t been back lately because I refuse to pay for parking. There, I said it and I’m glad.

  3. Gary

    I was just in Vegas from the 24-27th. The Golden Gate is always one of my favorite hangouts. Yes, the place is loud but it’s fun. I have always liked playing video poker at the bar. The bartenders are very friendly and they provide a decent size drink in a glass.

  4. Doug

    Isn’t there a gaming regulation that requires every casino to have a restaurant? How does the Golden Gate skirt that?

  5. Vickie Myers

    I would never gamble at a casino where they have no restaurant . I like to take a break to eat a bit then continue .


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