Golden Gate Expansion Nears Completion, Here’s a First Peek Inside

Golden Gate’s expansion is in the home stretch, and we’ve got an exclusive look inside.

Golden Gate expansion

Dead center is where the 24-foot tower of televisions will be. No, we haven’t talked about that yet. We don’t live by society’s rules.

The expansion has been months in the making as Golden Gate has moved into the footprint of the former La Bayou casino.

The additional space will nearly double the size of Golden Gate’s casino floor, adding about 100 slot machines.

Golden Gate will close temporarily on Aug. 20, 2017 to complete the build-out, and the new space will officially debut on Aug. 25.

If you know anything about this blog, you know we’re not real big on waiting for things to “officially debut,” so we had to do a security breach, while adhering to all applicable laws, ordinances and safety regulations, of course.

Golden Gate expansion

We love that new slot machine smell.

During the closure, virtually the entire east wall of Golden Gate’s existing casino will come down to connect the new and old spaces.

A highlight of Golden Gate’s expansion will be a 24-foot tower of TVs, surrounded by hundreds of beveled mirrors.

The television “fountain” will sit inside a new entrance to the casino, with marble flooring and velvet drapes.

The opening of the new casino area and entrance will coincide with an expansion of the casino’s lucrative outdoor bar, One Bar. The bar will expand 20 feet.

Golden Gate expansion

There are fewer words in the English language we love more than “more bar.”

Another big change at Golden Gate will be the relocation of the casino’s loyalty club desk. To complete the finishing touches of the loyalty club and casino expansion, it’s rumored crews will work 108 hours straight during the casino closure to meet the Aug. 25 debut date.

We’re exhausted just typing that sentence.

Golden Gate loyalty club

This is where they’re going to keep the loyalty.

To celebrate the debut of the casino expansion, owners Derek and Greg Stevens will host a free concert by Better Than Ezra on Sep. 3 at 9:00 p.m. The concert is a late addition to the free summer concert series put on by Fremont Street Experience (where we work as our day gig in digital marketing).

Golden Gate has made the most of a fairly modest space, and the casino interior already gives off a welcoming vibe with its mix of modern and classic design elements, including dark wood accents we sort of want to rub our various body parts up against for some reason.

Golden Gate expansion

Golden Gate opened in 1906. Back in those days, slot machines paid jackpots in cobwebs.

The new space is already filling up with shiny new slot machines (no classics from the Riviera here), many of which were too tall to put in other areas of the casino due to the classic casino’s low ceilings.

Golden Gate’s expansion is a great excuse to stop by during your next visit, and make sure to check out the demolition site just across Fremont Street while you’re there.

Here’s a little-known fact related to Golden Gate: The hotel was home to the first telephone in Las Vegas (the phone number was “1”), but that’s not the little known fact. The little-known fact is about who got the second telephone in Las Vegas. Any guesses?

We’ll wait.

You’re going to love this.

Golden Gate (originally called Hotel Nevada) was owned by John F. Miller. The second telephone in Las Vegas was installed in his home, at the behest of Miller’s wife, Rosa. Who else do you think he’d call with the city’s first phone? Now you know!

14 thoughts on “Golden Gate Expansion Nears Completion, Here’s a First Peek Inside

    1. Wayne Savage

      I was wondering the same thing. You think that they would have to at least re-carpet the entire ground floor to match new area.

  1. Richey

    “it’s rumored crews will work 108 hours straight during the casino closure to meet the Aug. 15 debut date.”

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      Debut was originally set for Aug 15, 2018, but then they decided to bump it up to Aug 25 of this year.

  2. Mike L

    I’m kind of surprised they didn’t builld more hotel rooms with the addition. The ones they have now, with the exception of the suites and penthouses, are pretty terrible.

    1. Larry Kalpakoff

      That’s an understatement. Worst room ever in Vegas was an alley side GG room. Nice and clean but like a closet.

  3. Adam

    I’m really looking forward to this.

    And for the record, I like the rooms. Small? Yes. But you can always upgrade to the suites if you need it.

  4. Photoncounter

    A “24 foot tower of TV’s”…. with all the fake news, lousy sports and dumb programming out there, still nothing to watch. The outdoor bar is attractive, I will stop by for a wobbly pop, but not at 107 F.

    Very happy to see the renovations and expansion, anything new has to be an improvement. Thanks for the great pix!

  5. Adam Wishne

    Any bartop VP being added? They need to step up their VP game compared to some of their neighbors. Looked on VPFree and its amazing that the only playable game at 25 cents is boner deluxe. Their regular Bonus Poker isnt even real BP – push on two pair.


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