Golden Gate Closes Temporarily to Complete Expansion

In a town known to stay open 24/7, it’s rare for a Las Vegas casino to close, but that’s exactly what’s happened at Golden Gate.

Both Golden Gate’s casino and hotel closed on Aug. 20, 2017. It will re-open on Aug. 25, 2017.

Golden Gate

Golden Gate is a hive of activity, mainly because cliches save us a lot of time writing photo captions.

Golden Gate closed temporarily so an expansion into the former La Bayou casino space can be completed.

The expansion will nearly double the size of Golden Gate’s casino floor, and increase the number of slot machines by about 100.

We got a first peek inside the new space, of course.

Construction will mean a brand new loyalty club desk, as well as a 20-foot expansion of the casino’s popular outdoor bar, One Bar.

Golden Gate

The existing casino at Golden Gate has been stripped down to its pantaloons. We should probably stick with cliches.

Crews are expected to work 108 hours straight during the closure of Golden Gate to meet the ambitious construction timeline.

The Golden Gate expansion will be revealed on Aug. 25, marked by a free concert at Fremont Street Experience (where we work in digital marketing as our day job) by Better Than Ezra on Sep. 3, 2017.

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  • Rooster

    Excited to see this. When I was there in June, it looked like they were doing a really good job of blending the old in with the new. It’s really cool when Vegas can keep a bit of history while it updates casinos.

  • Rocky Sullivan

    Looking forward to the reopening.

  • Photoncounter

    108 hours straight? By then the Union workers will be making double triple time and a half! Hope they coffee to keep them awake is free! Looking forward to the completion pix!

    • Manybar Goatfish

      Triple time and a half? A person could buy two of “The Weekend Box” samplings with that kind of income. That’s the makings of a booming economy right there, baby! Win! Win! Party like a CEO!

    • Alex

      It’s not going to be the same people working for 108 hours straight.

  • W.B.

    They had 5 singles that charted in the Top 40 between 1993-1996.