Golden Gate Casino Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Expansion

Downtown’s Golden Gate has revealed an expansion that nearly doubles the size of its casino floor, including the addition of about 100 new slot machines.

Golden Gate’s expansion encompasses the space formerly occupied by the La Bayou casino and an alley. You’ll want to see our “before” photos of the construction, of course.

Golden Gate casino

Three’s nothing quite like that new slot machine smell.

The centerpiece of the multi-million dollar expansion is a 24-foot tall fountain of TVs around a spiral chandelier.

Golden Gate expansion

Universal remote, much?

The TV fountain is made all the more dramatic by 468 mirrors lining a arced wall that frames the decorative piece. Yes, we asked. And, yes, we know we have issues.

The tower of televisions sits just inside a brand new entrance to the Golden Gate.

The Golden Gate’s expansion includes a new loyalty club desk.

Golden Gate loyalty desk

The loyalty desk was previously tucked away near the hotel’s registration desk. Now, it’s front and center. By the way, 1906 is the year the hotel opened, originally as Hotel Nevada. Technically, the Miller Hotel. Long story.

The previous loyalty club desk has vanished through some kind of Las Vegas magic.

Golden Gate casino

“Las Vegas magic” is, technically, redundant.

Golden Gate’s interior design was done by Dez Motif, the architecture by Moser Architecture Studio.

The Golden Gate took the opportunity during its expansion to entirely replace and upgrade its sound system throughout the existing casino.

A good deal of the expansion won’t be readily visible to guests. On the casino’s second floor, a new beer distribution room is a sight to behold.

Golden Gate beer room

Golden Gate’s new beer chilling room distributes suds to the casino’s Prohibition Bar, as well as the casino’s outdoor bars, now with the help of gravity.

Still in the works is an upgraded outdoor bar, One Bar. When completed, the bar will be 20 feet longer. Translation: More slushy drinks for us.

Golden Gate casino

You can never have too much bar. It’s Vegas.

While the new casino area at Golden Gate made its debut on Aug. 25, 2017, the expansion’s official opening takes place Sep. 1, 2017, with the requisite hoopla.

Golden Gate has done a great job of creating a new space that feels modern (so many TVs), but which stays true to its old-school roots (dark wood and marble).

When you check it out, let us know what you think. We’ll be at the end of Prohibition Bar, not noticing the dancing dealers. At all.

Golden Gate Expansion Reveal

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23 thoughts on “Golden Gate Casino Unveils Multi-Million Dollar Expansion

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Nope, but infrastructure has been going in. Suspect that’s coming with the new resort. All three will have the same club.

  1. Funkhouser

    I love the new styling of the expansion. It actually looks like a place I would want to spend time at. If this is the styling that the Stevens brothers carry over to 18 Fremont, they will have a winning design. The only thing I find horrific about the new design is the Wonder Tower of TV’s, it’s a bad design placement of epic proportions. Slot players aren’t going to watch it and the casino is not monetizing what is a major visual landmark on their property. It would have done better over a circular bar, dining venue, or something else. Maybe the sight lines from other slots on the floor are better, but the photos don’t show it. Otherwise the place looks great.

    1. Photoncounter

      I agree. The tower of TV’s seems out of place. The slot zombies wouldn’t notice porn playing on all 24 simultaneously. It would catch my attention, though????

      Like all first shots I bet this will change too. Will stop by the big bar outside as soon as it’s open.

      1. Funkhouser

        Then it’s failure on both attempts. If the goal is to draw people in, GG should be enhancing the front entrance, not trying to use a TV Tower as a site line from the front door, it doesn’t really work. My take on it is they are trying to creating an interesting visual element once in the front door. Granted they have a limited foot print, but if that was the goal, they should have tried something more visually interesting then a bunch of stacked TV’s which are present at every sports book or bar in Vegas. I would have loved to either seen something high end in styling (Think Chandelier bar, Mirage Fish tank, SLS center bar, etc). I think it was to create function and style, which the Wonder TV Tower does, but its placement on top of a bunch of slots is horrible design IMHO.

        1. Scott Roeben

          It’s an eye-catching design element that definitely draws attention to the new entrance. Talked to the slot guy, and he suspects that front machine with its back to the door may be the low earner in the bank, but overall if they all fill up, people will play that one, too.

  2. Luis the Misanthrope

    That TV tower is FUGLY. And it’s blocking the view of a beautiful chandelier. If this was my casino. The man who thought of the video tower would be fired and have his canolis broken on one hand.

  3. JeffinOKC

    I haven’t seen many mistakes from The Stevens Brothers during their last decade in Las Vegas (can’t think of any, really), so I gotta think the TV tower is gonna be great in person.


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