Golden Corral Touts “Las Vegas-Style Desserts” Which We’re Not Sure Is a Thing

There are about 500 Golden Corral buffet restaurants in the U.S., including in Las Vegas, and now the chain is trumpeting its “Las Vegas-style desserts.”

Which we’re not sure is even a thing.

Thanks to loyal reader Kellee for sending this item our way.

As an example of its “Las Vegas-style desserts,” Golden Corral shows off an array of cupcakes, pies, Jello, pudding, tarts and carrot cake. All of which we’re fairly sure Las Vegas didn’t invent. Other than the tarts, but that’s possibly offensive, so nevermind.

Golden Corral desserts

We’re not seeing the Vegas, but maybe that’s just us.

This isn’t the first time a company has tried to piggy-back on the Las Vegas brand, of course. There are innumerable shows around the world that say they’re “Las Vegas-style entertainment.” There’s also “Las Vegas-inspired fashion,” “Las Vegas-style destination resorts,” and many casinos that can’t hold a candle to Las Vegas casinos brag about having “Las Vegas-style gaming.” (Tip: Lower your expectations.)

Golden Corral made headlines in Las Vegas when it showed some large brass ones by opening a franchise, back in December 2013, in the city known for its stellar buffets.

While desserts in Las Vegas may be world-class, there’s nothing that jumps to mind as being particularly Las Vegas about cupcakes and carrot cake. Nice try, Golden Corral. At the very least, you’ve got Las Vegas-style hype down pat.

4 thoughts on “Golden Corral Touts “Las Vegas-Style Desserts” Which We’re Not Sure Is a Thing

  1. Charles Martin

    Exactly, WE were like WTF is that, I even DVRed it to see if what I thought I heard is what was said. Then I had to google it to see who else was saying WTF. Glad you guys covered this BS!!!

  2. Cameron Cutty

    I was wondering the same thing!!!!? WTF is a Las Vegas style dessert? LOL That’s why i searched it. I used to live there and I’m pretty sure no casino touted it as a “Las Vegas style dessert.”


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