Gold Diggers Nightclub at Golden Nugget to Close and Get Renovation, Rebrand

Gold Diggers Nightclub at Golden Nugget will soon close for a renovation. Halloween is expected to be its final night of operation before a hiatus.

Rumor has it the night spot will get an overhaul that includes a name change.

Fremont Gold Diggers

Gold Diggers, seen upper right, provides one of the best views of the circus that is Fremont Street.

The club sits on the second floor of the resort, with a balcony overlooking Fremont Street.(Golden Nugget is a member casino of Fremont Street Experience, where we work in digital marketing as our day job).

Gold Diggers is one of the few dance clubs downtown, it’s next closest competitor being Gold Spike, a former casino but now a hotspot for millennials.

Details about the nature of the Gold Diggers rebrand are being kept under wraps at the moment, but expect a “new nightclub experience.” Hey, scoop’s scoop, no matter how vague.

Vegas beer tap handle

If the Gold Diggers renovation involves swapping out these awesome beer tap handles, we call dibs.

It’s expected Gold Diggers, or whatever it’s called next (see update, below), will re-open relatively quickly, even as soon as November 2017.

If you want to know some skinny about Las Vegas nightclubs, we’ve got this.

Update (10/26/17): We’ve learned the new venue will be named Troy Liquor Bar, a brand owned by Landry’s with an existing outlet in New York City’s Meatpacking District.

Troy Liquor Bar Golden Nugget

Troy Liquor Bar will featured a large video wall and will have a new focus on the lounge’s patio overlooking Fremont.

More details to come, so check back hourly for the latest scoop.

3 thoughts on “Gold Diggers Nightclub at Golden Nugget to Close and Get Renovation, Rebrand

  1. Kevin Rackley

    Even after the renovation, I imagine I’ll still be at least 25 years over the target demographic. Won’t stop me, though.

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      Age is nothing to a good makeup artist. We’re working on some Gopnik possibilities now. See you there.

  2. VegasSlushy

    I never got the impression that the club drew a crowd. A dance club, downtown, when nobody else is offering one, seems like a winner. What better place for the 40-something single crowd to mingle and relive their awkward 20s? Yet it didn’t seem like anybody cared that the joint was in business.

    There’s no chance in hell that a downtown Vegas dance club is going to draw an under-30 crowd. Am I right people?


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