Gold Coast Trades Cortez Room for Cornerstone Steakhouse

Gold Coast isn’t the most glitzy casino in Las Vegas, but it has a loyal following, and now it boasts a steakhouse, Cornerstone.

Gold Coast Cornerstone steakhouse

You want flash, hit The Strip. You want value, hit this.

Cornerstone steakhouse replaces Gold Coast’s Cortez Room, a reliable offering that’s been around for decades.

Cornerstone is described as a classic steakhouse, “sporting a tuxedo-inspired decor” with “bold splashes of cerulean blue accents.”

A highlight of the venue is the bar. Then  again, bars are the highlight of any venue. New decorative flourishes have given the bar and restaurant a much-needed refresh.

Cornerstone Steakhouse

The ladies love a man with a cerulean blue accent.

The lounge has its own menu and cocktail menu.

Gold Coast steakhouse Cornerstone

Drunchies handled.

Find the lounge, dinner and dessert menus on the Gold Coast site.

Gold Coast is just off The Strip (near Palms and Rio Las Vegas), and is priced accordingly. Standard dishes are about 25-30% less expensive than Strip steakhouses.

Appetizers are in the $10-12 range, heavy on the seafood and include escargot, steamed clams, crab cakes, Oysters Rockefeller and a traditional shrimp cocktail.

Steaks are what you’d expect at your local steakhouse, except much better because it’s Las Vegas.

Gold Coast Cornerstone steakhouse

Cornerstone will feel familiar to Cortez Room fans. The layout’s about the same, with a few new decorative touches.

There’s a good variety of “favorites” as well, like roasted garlic chicken, Cedar-planked salmon and lobster tails.

There are about a dozen sides, all in the very reasonable $6 range. We expect to be back to try one of everything, except for the spinach and brussel sprouts. We’re drunk, but not that drunk.

Gold Coast

We sort of just dig the font.

Cornerstone steakhouse has been open about three weeks, so it’s likely to take some time for word to spread about this new eatery.

The lounge and dining room were mostly empty during our brief visit, in stark contrast to the filled-to-capacity (including a fairly long line) at the nearby Ping Pang Pong restaurant.

Ping Pang Pong

If you want to see Lucky Dragon’s target customers, by the way, look no further than Ping Pang Pong. Local Asian players are prized by casinos.

Cornerstone offers a traditional menu at good prices, so we’ll definitely be back to test drive the menu. If that’s something you can do to a menu. Put it through its paces? Run it up the flagpole? Make it wear a wig and lederhosen? Oh, we give up. Just try the place and let us know what you think.

3 thoughts on “Gold Coast Trades Cortez Room for Cornerstone Steakhouse

  1. Photoncounter

    The last time I ate at the Cortez Room was the last time – it was awful. Service and food quality had gone way down. It had been a reliable steakhouse for years, not sure what happened. This time it was filthy and I was so fed up waiting for my check I walked into the kitchen to find the waiter (that always works!) I knew there was an issue when the place was empty on a Saturday night but I was seeing a concert at the Palms and this seemed like a good idea.

    This looks better, will give it a try. I hope they have replaced some of their staff and gotten rid of the lazy waiters.

    BTW – what’s wrong with Brussels sprouts and spinach? Two of my favorites! Get a grip, man!

    There always is a wait at Ping Pang Pong. Any guesses why?

  2. Wally Marshall

    For many years, we used to go to the Cortez room a couple times a month and meet our family there for dinner. After dinner we would hit the casino and gamble. When Boyd took over. They got rid of the free vegetable platters, reduced the size of the steaks and increased the price. Fired all the waiters and maitre d and totally ruined the room. We no longer meet as a family at the Gold Coast and have not visited the property since Boyd screwed the room up. I don’t think any of us will ever go there again. Just sayin……

  3. Bouldersteve

    Nice to see Boyd upgrading their restaurants. They closed two of the worst mexican restaurants anywhere..Costa Cantina at the Orleans and Jose Willys at Sams Town. The clientele has changed at the Gold Coast since the Cortez Room glory days. Lots of Asian customers. I have heard Ping Pang Pong is one of the best Chinese restaurants in Vegas.Cornerstone looks like its worth a visit..prices are good..hopefully so is the food and service


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