Glee, Skepticism Battle It Out at Resorts World

New signs of life at the long-delayed Resorts World project site have been received with cautious optimism by Las Vegas observers.

Resorts World recently erected its first construction crane, sparking hope the project is moving forward as promised by the Malaysia-based Genting Group behind the $4 billion resort.

Resorts World crane

Well, hello, sexy.

Resorts World sits on the site of the abandoned Echelon Place project. Before that, it was home to the Stardust.

Before the economic downturn, cranes dotted the Las Vegas skyline. Now, not so much.

Let’s take another look at this bad boy.

Resorts World crane

Quite tall, but suited to light work. We’ll take it.

Genting officials had promised cranes this summer to start on the casino’s “podium” and hotel towers. It’s expected 1,000 construction workers will be on-site in 2018.

The company also claims a good deal of work has been done at the site already, including installing utility lines and building a parking garage.

Resorts World crane

Here’s a look at the site from the Circus Circus side. It’s full of not a lot happening.

Resorts World is still shooting for a 2020 opening, but that date has been pushed back several times, causing concern Resorts World might fall victim to the same financing challenges that killed the Alon project and continue to plague the All Net Resort and Arena.

Genting Group has a long track record of successful projects, and was founded back in 1965. The company hired a casino veteran to help the project, Edward Farrell, president of Resorts World Las Vegas. Farrell helped open the Mirage in 1989.

The Resorts World Las Vegas team works out of Genting’s offices in Miami, Florida.

Resorts World crane

Let’s just think of this as the “before” photo. It’s more fun that way. Here’s a bigger version.

Some decorative flourishes have appeared recently on one of the Resorts World towers.

Check them out.

Resorts World

We have no idea what those are, but that’s beside the point. They’re new.

Let’s get in close, already.

Resorts World

We figure these facade pieces are like sample paint patches, a way of giving the colors a try before you commit.

Resorts World will have two hotel towers, one with 1,800 rooms and one with 1,400. When it broke ground back in May 2015, the resort was supposed to have 5,000 rooms.

The resort’s theme will be “modern Chinese,” another change from what was originally announced. At first, the resort was going to have a more traditional, Forbidden City-style, Asian theme.

Whatever it ends up being, we’re just glad to see Resorts World becoming something.

We’re ready to once again set aside our skepticism because of our deep and abiding love for shiny new things.

As always, we’d love to hear your thoughts.

16 thoughts on “Glee, Skepticism Battle It Out at Resorts World

  1. RustyHammer

    New casino, new rooms, on the strip (albeit the dead north end of the strip): Won’t do much for us. We don’t pay hundreds of dollars for a three-night stay, even if the amenities are nicer than Downtown Grand or the Plaza. We do not gamble thousands of dollars for free rooms.

    But we’re sure it will look pretty, although we doubt it will have fancy flatbread casserole that will get pretty boy bloggers excited.

    1. Photoncounter

      I doubt Sizzling Hunan Five Spice Pork Belly flatbread casserole would be up to your standards.

      1. RustyHammer

        If it’s flatbread, then it must be godly, according to the pretty boy blogger. If it’s good enough for the princess, isn’t that all that matters?

  2. Luis the Misanthrope

    Those are test pieces. They wanna see how the panels look during sunsets and sunrises and see how the color matches, or doesn’t, with the surrounding environment. Best examples of this are Mandalay Bay and Wynn. I don’t count Trump tower because it is a direct copy of Mandalay Bay.

  3. Chris Bey Holguin

    i am dying to know more details of the project like food and shows and more of what gonna have but i am so glade that there hope for this asome project

    1. AccessVegas

      I say highly unlikely at first.They need as many visitors as possible, and neither Circus nor SLS up there charges for parking. They may pull a Westgate and charge during conventions when the new convention space opens up.

  4. Funkhouser

    I don’t get the ideology of developers to run away from themed resorts. I personally thought the original design of ‘Forbidden City’ as a brave and interesting move. One that would distinguish Resorts from other Las Vegas properties. I wonder if it was fear or cost that drove them to a new theme. High end luxury is overdone in Vegas. While the family era that drove hotel themes is over, a unique brand would be great. I would love it if an operator was brave enough to resurrect the “London’ themed casino design that never left the drawing board. Hopefully Resorts World will not be hampered by design mediocrity.

    1. Keith Chandler

      I agree you could do a theme without making it too family friendly or too luxury. London or the Forbidden City would both be good themes. Just use themes that are designed for and would tend to attract adults.

  5. Adam Mace

    They should just call the guys at Lucky Dragon and find out what shade of red they used- this facade test feels like they are going to supersize the Dragon’s concept and feel.

  6. Bouldersteve

    One thing that is for sure there will a lot of red. Just hope after in opens it does not wind up in the red.

  7. Jason Drake

    in my opinion that north strip area where all the construction stopped is bad luck. doubt lots of people go unless they have some good luck (i.e. loose slots and lots of swag)

  8. Shogun

    The funny thing is you could just rebuild the Stardust (the good parts and the bad) for 1/10th of what this thing will cost and it would fill a need in the market and do fine IMO. With the Westward Ho, Riviera, Stardust, Sahara and Frontier all gone there are no more “common folks” basic strip resorts left aside from maybe the Harrah’s(I don’t count Casino Royale as it is so small and the Trop no longer qualifies but is close and Circus Circus has always been just a different animal altogether). I mean isn’t that what’s missing right now- a clean, standard and gaming centric resort on the strip? No wonder downtown is drawing so many more folks these days


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