Gaming Today Magazine Sold, Print Publication to Cease

A Las Vegas-based sports betting publication, Gaming Today, has been sold to i15 Media.

While the Gaming Today Web site will continue under new ownership, the print publication will cease Feb. 10, 2021, following the magazine’s Super Bowl edition.

Gaming Today has been in print for more than 45 years.

It’s distributed in about 150 casinos, card rooms, race tracks and other venues across the country.

Gaming Today magazine sold

Not to be mistaken for Gaming Late Tomorrow Afternoon magazine. Hey, that could be a thing.

Gaming Today has been hard-hit by the effects of the pandemic, as many of its advertisers are casino companies.

Bill Paulos, the current owner of Gaming Today, said, “While we are saddened the print publication will no longer be found across The Strip, we are grateful the Gaming Today brand will live on within the i15 Media digital family.”

I15 Media manages a large network of gambling-focused news and affiliate sites including and, among others.

Paulos acquired Gaming Today in Aug. 2018. Paulos was co-founder and owner of Cannery Casinos. He sold Cannery to Boyd Gaming in 2016 for $230 million.

Gaming Today was founded by Chuck and Eileen Di Rocco in 1976. The magazine was originally called Sports Form.

To mark the end of the publication’s 45-year run, Gaming Today will donate 50 percent of the ad revenue from its final print edition to Three Square Food Bank, Southern Nevada’s largest hunger relief organization.

The move to an all-digital format seems a natural evolution for Gaming Today, but given it has been a fixture at many casinos for decades, the print version will surely be missed by sports bettors and gamblers of all stripes.

It should be noted we have never actually witnessed a striped gambler, but we mostly see them with clothes on.

8 thoughts on “Gaming Today Magazine Sold, Print Publication to Cease

  1. Aging Sports Bettor

    oh man! Part of my weekly ritual is fetching one of these. Completely understanding canning the print edition from a biz POV but I will miss it.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      Common sentiment today. I am not a sports person, but they have a lot of non-sports content, too, and always enjoyed their take on gambling-related subjects.

  2. matthew roberts

    I realize this is kind of a tangent, but as a 60+ playa, I really regret the continued contraction/disappearance of actual print publications. I understand it’s inevitable, and the relevance of revenue implications and priorities. And I can’t justify the environmental disadvantages of print over digital.

    But….I love opening the newspaper on a Sunday morning with a steaming cup of coffee. Reading an actual printed magazine on the treadmill, and settling into bed with a book at night.

    Call me a dinosaur. But just like the tactile satisfaction of raking in real clay poker chips compared to electronic ones, I think I’ll always prefer paper over screen.

    Besides….to steal a joke theme from our host….Tactile Satisfaction would be my porn star name.

    1. Michael Alexakis

      Not just Sunday for me, I need a printed newspaper every morning, I have read the L.A. Times every morning I could since I was seven years old, usually the Las Vegas casino stores get it around eight in the morning… Support your local newspapers, if they go we all lose. Today is the anniversary of Kobe Bryant’s untimely death, for the last two days my local rag has devoted multiple pages, brought back tears, you just don’t get in depth coverage from digital sites on local news or issues…

      1. Jeff in OKC

        I am also in my early 60s and read the paper daily. But, I read them on my iPad. I don’t have to go outside in the cold and/or rain to see if the delivery driver showed up for work today. No more going outside at 6, 7, and 8 looking for a paper that might show up at noon, or not show up at all. I pay for the Oklahoman, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Las Vegas Sun, Wall Street Journal and ESPN+.

        I am so committed to the tablet versions that I much prefer to read a book in an e-book format. The tactile sensation of holding a newspaper, book or magazine is not longer appealing to me.

  3. Allen

    Sign of the times. Newsprint publications have so much going against them in a digital world. Yes Covid hastened their demise but face it, print is a dinosaur.

  4. William Wingo

    IIRC, at Colorado Belle Laughlin they used to put a few copies of Gaming Today at a vacant table in the poker room. So if you were waiting for a spot or went out of a tournament before your significant other, you had something to read. Also other publications like the Laughlin Entertainment Guide, Card Player magazine–and even some doughnuts in the morning.
    Of course that’s all gone now: first the poker room, then the Belle itself, and now Gaming Today, all sacrificed to the bottom line. I guess that’s progress.
    I still get the online edition, but I confess that sometimes I just skim the headlines.


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