Gaming Control Board Requires Table Games Players to Wear Masks

These are surreal times, and here’s more evidence: Nevada’s Gaming Control Board is now mandating guests wear masks at casino table games when there’s no barrier between themselves and dealers.

The move has the stated purpose of “mitigating the spread of COVID-19 between people who are in close contact with each other for at least 15 minutes.”

Las Vegas smizing

This is not a customer customer, but you get the idea.

The mandate came down from the Gaming Control Board on June 17, 2020, and casinos immediately began enforcing the new rule.

The new mask rule applies only to those patrons who are playing table games. Masks are recommended, but not mandatory, for other casino guests.

Casinos are required to provide masks for table games players upon request.

Bellagio Plexiglas dividers

Some of the aforementioned barriers.

Casino employees, including dealers, are already required to wear masks. The new protocol began when Las Vegas casinos reopened after a two-month shutdown on June 4, 2020.

Here’s a look at the notice from the Gaming Control Board.

Table games masks

Gaming should try Comic Sans, just to change this up a little.

The mask requirement “applies to table and card game players, spectators and any other person within six feet of any table or card game.”

Also falling firmly into the “surreal” category, the notice also included this gem: “Musical performances, live entertainment, concerts, competitions, sporting events, and any events with live performances may resume, but shall remain closed for public attendance.”

As with everything that’s happened around the COVID-19 crisis, casino guests seem to be taking these restrictions in stride. It’s created some chaos for casinos, but they understand the need to make their guests feel comfortable and safe.

Everyone understands these changes in Las Vegas casinos are temporary. And the temporarier the better.

36 thoughts on “Gaming Control Board Requires Table Games Players to Wear Masks

  1. John Delibos

    Obviously the entertainment caveat is for performances that will be either live-streamed or delayed broadcast. As to masks, it’s about time properties care at least as much about their employees as they do about their customers. Taking a “Republican” stance at this time is probably not a winning strategy. Personally I’m weary of all this winning.

    1. Donnie Dollars

      If you’re trying to monetize a blog, taking the Republican stance is definitely not a winning strategy.

        1. SusanP

          You just described the fanboys perfectly. Their love and devotion for a 74 year old man is embarrassing.

  2. Bigger Brother

    Hard to believe we’re going to all this trouble in Vegas now that flu season is over.

    This blog has rightfully denounced the overreaction to a fake pandemic, lobbying heavily that we treat the latest virus to sweep the globe the same as we treat the flu outbreaks we see each year.

    Yet somehow the blog is now agreeing with restrictions on personal freedom and the autonomy of casinos and other businesses. Who of influence has changed the tone at Vital Vegas?

    1. Mike Alexakis

      You should watch the interview Scott did with Fox Business recently, he seemed to be shocked that so many were shunning basic safety protocols… Casinos opening should be viewed long term, if visitors come to Las Vegas and end up infected with COVID-19 it will leave a permanent mark on the reputations of the casino resorts…

      1. Bud Dry

        Yeah, why didn’t he just advocate for masks, wiping everything down always and social distancing back in march, when it was just the flu?

    2. JP

      I see we have another nonbeliever in science here. It’s fun to make up a fantasy land in your head where everything is great but the reality is that this virus is at least 4 times more lethal than the flu. It doesn’t react to cold or heat so “flu season” means jack squat to it. The good news is that intelligence and science is prevailing over the minority of clueless conspiracy theorists. Yes, yes everyone is out to get you go hide in your bunker with your tin foil hat.

  3. Mike

    Just curious, why do we need to limit players at tables and put up plastic if everyone now needs masks to approach a table?

    1. Common_Sense

      For the same reason we need temperature checks when a fully infected person with no fever yet can waltz right on in.

    2. Dan Q.

      It’s all part of the worldwide effort to keep Trump from being re-elected. He’s the healthiest president in history, he’s so smart and understands so much more than anyone realizes, and he opposes non-whites. Of course the world is conspiring against our greatest president in the history of the USA.

      1. Randy

        When is someone going to step up and say Trump is an idiot and be done with it ? Come on America wake up and tell the truth!

        1. Be free

          What’s a better choice Randy? Have you seen what California I’d should I say commiefornia looks like lately?!? Wake up!! Get the government out of your life! Free and brave not controlled and cowardly! Nothing is free!

      1. Mike Alexakis

        Republicans have zero power in California, we are a few cycles ahead of the country at large… Pretty soon the rest of the country will follow suit, this cycle look for Arizona and a few other reliable red states to restore sanity and some integrity, you are a fool if you think continuing kowtowing to billionaires and bigots is a sound long term strategy…

  4. Mike Alexakis

    Gaming Control is certainly watching the spike in cases in Nevada, and reports from visitors that say only 20% of casino patrons are wearing face coverings. The hot weather does not seem to be ending transmissions unfortunately, it sure would be nice if like the regular flu this virus went dormant or died. And it would be a lot safer if politics took a back seat to public health…

  5. Ed P

    It’s about time. The sooner the cultists realize that wearing a mask is a safety issue rather than a political one, the better. Just because Donnie doesn’t wear one, doesn’t mean it’s the right approach. The average Vegas visitor doesn’t have the cone of protection and constant testing that Bunker has. It’s only a matter of time before they make everyone in the casino wear a mask.

    1. John Frid

      Well said, Ed. Unfortunately most of these cultists don’t believe in science and don’t believe in truth.

      1. Sam M

        Thanks to you and your other name Ha for showing your ignorance and lack of education. You’re so scared of big government yet you’re okay with a man who has grown the federal deficit to $26 trillion, used a police force in DC without badges or other identifiers, who gassed his own peaceful protesting citizens, who continues to dismantle the independent justice department as we speak, who continually whines about the validity of our election process (but only if he loses), who begged China to help him win re-election, and on and on… keep focused on those principles. You’re so much smarter than everyone else

  6. Jim

    Whether masks work well remains a big question. Google CIDRAP and Dr. Osterholm who is one of the top epidemiologists in the country. Social distancing is the better bet and obviously near impossible at a blackjack table. I love Vegas and miss it, but I am staying away since my wife is high risk and the casinos look pre-COVID. I’m not an alarmist on this, I visit restaurants and businesses. I want Vegas back to normal. But no vaccine, no normal.

  7. Ed P

    Agreed, but it’s the least the casinos can do for their workers. Letting people run around like nothing’s changed is not only disrespectful but also very dangerous to employees. Wishing something away isn’t the best strategy:

  8. Dennis

    I could care less about left or right with politics. I just try and look at data the best I can despite the hiding and manipulating of data by both parties. I think this virus is pretty scary for people with underlying conditions and folks over say the age of 70. I keep looking at deaths unfortunately as maybe one data point somewhat close to real (or hoping that is real; cases are completely pointless data set unless it shows the number of tests given each day accurately) and 80% plus are people over age 70. Add in the underlying conditions folks and it may be closer to 90%+. So why the big worry with people under 70 and not with underlying conditions doesn’t seem like all that. I’m 51 and healthy. I have about as much chance of dying from Covid as I do from being struck by lightening when a few clouds come out. I’m not going to run from the clouds.

    Why 20 and 30 something are driving in their cars seems beyond dumb. Stores and every other place should be designating hours for people with underlying conditions and 70+ ages. And unfortunately it is those people that kind of have to bunker down until a vaccine comes out. Closing down the rest of society is about as dumb as the 20 somethings wearing masks while driving.

    There, I’m smarter and more reasonable than 99.9% of politicians and mayors, governors, etc…..

    1. Mike Alexakis

      Not a single corporation or community entity shares your indifference to the health and well being of tens of millions of your fellow Americans, people live longer these days, the share of older people in the population is rising rather quickly. And in the context of casinos and Las Vegas, they rely on retired people with disposable income to make their profits, this closeting of older folks you advocate would end their businesses. Plus younger people have older relatives in increasing numbers, and their love for each other is mutual, I live for my kids, and the sport of golf, thankfully your “views” are a little old fashioned, Eskimo’s putting out old relatives on ice bergs to float away went out of style long ago…

    2. Ben

      Obesity is one of the main Coronavirus risk factors. Have you ever been to Vegas? Imagine it without all the obese customers and older people. There’d be no business left. Nice try genius.

    3. Handle with Care

      Nice of you to admit that you care, Dennis.

      Most people would pretend that they couldn’t care less, when almost all of them do care.

      1. bozza

        “you might not care about politics but politics cares about you”

        those that claim indifference invariably vote dem.

  9. Albert E

    June 18, CNBC headline:
    “Casino regulators tighten mask rules as coronavirus cases spike in Las Vegas”

    The word “spike” could have something to do with the new mask mandating. But who knows?

  10. Charlie

    Three casinos in Arizona have re-closed because workers were found to have the virus including a security guard who died, yet somehow some people are too cool to wear masks. I really hope that doesn’t happen in Vegas:

  11. get real

    James, I live in a red state and have been voting by mail for as long as I can remember. Let’s stop pretending that vote by mail is mysterious and unthinkable. I can only imagine how scary the concept of “one person, one vote” is for you, but that’s too bad.

  12. Hello?!?

    What adult votes democratic these days? If you’re a degenerate I get it but a grown man or woman. What!!? ??‍♂️??‍♂️??‍♂️???

  13. Bob

    Hey proverb… here’s one for you. Teach a man to fish and he eats for life… give a man a fish and he eats for a day! You folks are so far up the governments ass it’s pathetic. Wake up big guy or it’s gonna be a country of pain for ALL of us.

  14. proverb

    So, Bob, instead of fixing voter suppression, you would vote for giving the disenfranchised fishing lessons? And that will keep YOU insulated from feeling any pain? Thanks for explaining your position, Bob, but that doesn’t work for me.

  15. BST

    This really isn’t the place to discuss politics is it? Just asking . But wow either way you all sound so miserable doing it .


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