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Wynn Rewards Loyalty Club Offers Tier Matching

Wynn Las Vegas rolled out a new customer loyalty club card on Dec. 21, 2020. Now, for a limited time, the company is offering tier matching.

Until recently, players at Wynn and Encore could join the Red Card program, but it didn’t have tiers.

Tiers are a big deal to gamblers, because the higher the tier, the better the perks.

At Wynn, the perks include free play, comp dollars and exclusive room offers.

Hard to beat this threesome. Unless it’s an actual, you know.

After the launch of Wynn Rewards in Las Vegas (it had been around awhile at Encore Boston Harbor), players could attain three tiers: Red, Platinum and Black.

With tier matching, a player can use an existing loyalty club card from a competing casino to get a comparable tier level at Wynn Las Vegas.

For example, a Chairman level player at Golden Nugget gets a Platinum card at Wynn. A Diamond player at Caesars gets a Platinum card at Wynn. A Noir player in the M Life system (MGM Resorts) leapfrogs to the Black tier at Wynn Resorts.

You can see all the details on the Wynn Las Vegas Web site, or just get eye strain trying to read the following chart.

This is the tallest graphic we’ve ever had on our blog. The sacrifices we make for you.

Tier matching is a common practice among casinos, as it’s a way to acquire new players who are loyal to their favorite resorts.

Here’s the tier matching information for MGM Resorts, and here’s more from Caesars Entertainment.

If you’re dumping your Red Card for Wynn Rewards, recycle! The card makes a great “crumber.”

We have a virtually limitless supply of stupid ideas. Check out more alternate uses for your players club cards.

This is the first time Wynn’s loyalty club has offered tier matching, do don’t miss out. It’s a great way to make your favorite casino jealous, and you can never have too many dining and spa credits, free play or other goodies.

The opportunity to tier match ends August 31, 2021, so don’t procrastinate. You know how you are.

Classic Keno Lounge to Close at Four Queens Casino

The keno lounge at Four Queens isn’t fancy, but it’s a fixture of downtown, and it’s going away.

The last day for the Four Queens keno lounge is May 31, 2021.

The closure was confirmed by lounge staff.

It’s weird how you can miss something you never did there.

The lounge’s manager says they’re working on getting the keno team into other positions at Four Queens or its sister casino, Binion’s.

Keno lounges are increasingly rare in Las Vegas, as they don’t make a lot of money and take up valuable floor space better used by offerings that generate more revenue, typically slot machines.

Labor costs in keno rooms aren’t insignificant, either.

The keno lounge manager says Four Queens has something in the works for the space, just off the main casino floor near the security desk, but wouldn’t share the plans just yet.

In Vegas, even the things that never change change.

For many, memories of keno rooms are some of the fondest. Back in the day, keno “runners” would collect wagers in restaurants, but now we’re not aware of any Las Vegas casino
that has them.

Keno rooms face some of the same challenges as poker rooms, many of which have also gone away. The pandemic made the situation even worse. About a third of all Las Vegas poker rooms have closed permanently in the last year.

Poker even went away at Binion’s, the original home of the World Series of Poker, although it’s expected to return.

While keno doesn’t make a lot of money for casinos, they’re an old-school amenity and players will have to seek out other options.

Downtown, there are keno rooms at The D, Fremont and Plaza.

If you thought we were going to skip this opportunity, you don’t know this blog at all.

It’s worth mentioning the decline in keno rooms isn’t all sad. Live keno has the worst odds in a casino, with a house edge approaching a whopping 30 percent. By comparison, the house edge in roulette is about five percent.

In a way, the closure of a keno room is saving novice gamblers from themselves.

Still, keno has always sort of suited the Four Queens brand, a place for value-seeking visitors to kill some time while taking advantage of comped drinks.

Thanks to Patrick Q. for passing along this tip about the closure of the keno room at Four Queens.

When we hear what’s in store for the keno lounge space at Four Queens, we’ll let you know. In the meantime, dibs on that epic stained glass sign or at least some vintage balls. Which, we should add, would make a great band name.

Big-Ass Slot Jackpots Kick-Start Las Vegas Recovery

The Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority spends millions of dollars marketing Las Vegas, but lately, the town has been promoting itself with a flurry of massive slot jackpots.

Things kicked off with a $2.1 million jackpot on a Monopoly Millionaire machine at Cosmo, and the hits just keep on coming.

The jackpot was $2,101,093.50, actually, but who’s counting?

There was another big win at Venetian on a Wheel of Fortune machine for $2.9 million ($2,946,335.63, to be exact).

Roger is a noted physician or dentist or popcorn ceiling installer, probably.

Yet another mind-boggling jackpot hit at The D a short time later. The lucky winner snagged $1.2 million (for posterity, $1,222,784.35) on a Buffalo Grand machine.

Please don’t write on slot machines. Somebody has to clean that up.

Just when the euphoria was about to subside momentarily, South Point dropped a bombshell.

Two words: Mega. Bucks.

Which, technically, is one word, but when you win 10-freaking-million, you can slice Megabucks up into as many pieces are your heart desires.

Money can’t buy you love, but it can pay for a limo to the Bunny Ranch.

While Vegas is no stranger to multi-million dollar slot jackpots, they do seem to be happening with a much greater frequency just as Las Vegas is opening up again fully following a year of challenges related to the pandemic.

So, why are these big jackpots hitting so often? We’re pretty sure it’s related to how much play the machines are getting.

There was a lot of pent-up demand for Vegas, and visitors have come back in large numbers, fueled by a need to party, as well as stimulus checks, unemployment checks and tax refunds.

The more play machines get, the more frequent the payouts. It’s the law.


When Megabucks hit, machines across Las Vegas reset to $10 million. Oh, like you’d turn that down.

No, actually, it is sort of the law. Las Vegas casinos have to adhere to strict guidelines about slot machine payback minimums. (Machines can’t pay back less than 75 percent. The vast majority pay much more, with some approaching 100 percent payback.)

Beyond the regulations, though, it feels like the machines are collaborating to spark excitement about Las Vegas at a critical time.

So, come get yours.

We look forward to sharing our own million-dollar jackpot soon! Because, you know, good things come in, well, fives.

Lucky Bastard Wins $2.1 Million Jackpot at Cosmopolitan

A player at Cosmopolitan Las Vegas hit the kind of jackpot all gamblers pine for on April 25, 2021.

The jackpot was for more than $2.1 million ($2,101,093.50 to be exact).

Technically, “Millionsaire.”

We first heard about the win on Twitter via @SlotWinsByChico, but rest assured Cosmo will be sending out a news release about the win within the next few days.

The big win was on a Monopoly Millionaire machine, and the winning bet was a mere $4. (The player put a total of $40 in the machine.)

According to our horrible math, that’s a 52,500,000% return on investment.

Whenever a bigass jackpot hits, we get lots of questions about how much the player actually keeps.

Right off the top, there’s 27% in federal taxes withheld.

For a really big jackpot, like Megabucks, players get the option of receiving a lump sum or annuity. For a $2 million jackpot, the player probably took a lump sum, less the 27% deducted by The Man ($567,295), leaving the lucky bastard (a visitor from Alaska) about $1,533,798. Ish.

That’s a lot of Holsteins burgers.

It’s worth noting the Cosmopolitan doesn’t pay a big jackpot like this, the slot maker does. In this case, SG Gaming.

If you hit a big jackpot, settle in, as the paperwork can sometimes take hours.

The prospect of winning big is part of what makes Vegas so Vegas, and we’re pretty sure the lucky winner at Cosmopolitan is still in a state of shock.

The dream of snagging a massive slot jackpot is alive and well in Las Vegas!

Tuscany Gets a New Sports Book, Circa Sports

Tuscany Suites & Casino has a new sports book, and it has a familiar name: Circa Sports.

Circa Sports comes from the folks at Circa Las Vegas, the new resort in downtown Las Vegas.

So, now, guests can place sports bets at Circa Sports at Tuscany.

Circa Sports

Despite our best efforts, sports are still a thing in Las Vegas.

Yes, it’s a little confusing, even to self-proclaimed sportsball authorities such as ourself, so we asked Circa owner Derek Stevens to provide the lowdown, or possibly the 4-1-1.

Why would Tuscany want a sports book with the name of a competing casino (sort of) in their casino? What’s in it for Tuscany?

“I’ll make this simple,” says Stevens. “There are two things that are in it for Tuscany. A) Rent. B) The fact we believe our product is a bit differentiated from other sports books. What we conveyed to the owners was we believe people will go out of their way to go to a Circa Sports sportsbook. They believe by bringing in our sportsbook, it’s going to draw more customers into their property.”

One of the things we like about Derek Stevens is he can explain things so even we can understand it.

Derek Stevens Tuscany

Derek Stevens could get a big media turnout for the opening of a beer can.

This is the first satellite location of Circa Sports in Las Vegas (although the Circa Sports mobile app is available in Colorado).

Why Tuscany?

Derek Stevens says, “For a lot of people that may not know, that might not have Tuscany on their list to visit when they come to Vegas, this is a pretty hot spot. It’s got a huge amount of volume from a sports betting perspective. A lot of it has to do with its location within the property and the ease of access.”

Another thing we like about Derek Stevens is he’s adorable. While we always enjoy visiting Tuscany, we probably wouldn’t describe it as a “hot spot.”

Still, Stevens always seems to make wise business decisions, so we’ll just play along this time.

Circa Sports at Tuscany sits in the same space as the former sportsbook, but now the seating and TVs have been removed. Sports fans will have to watch games at the nearby Pub 365 restaurant and bar.

Stevens is not over-stating the “ease of access” element of Tuscany. Surface parking is convenient and free, making a visit for a quick bet a breeze.

Tuscany Las Vegas

We’re pretty sure the casino carries Captain Morgan now, so we’re good.

Tuscany remains a solid value, and this feels like a good location for Circa Sports to test the waters with a satellite location.

Tuscany is located off The Strip, just east of 255 E. Flamingo Road, between Ellis Island casino and Silver Sevens.

The Circa Sports sportsbook at Tuscany seems an odd partnership, but when it opened, it only took about a minute before bettors began lining up, so we trust that’s a positive sign for the new offering.

Our past forays into the world of sports betting, both of them, haven’t turned out particularly well. This, despite the fact we did several minutes of research involving asking a dude in the men’s restroom at The D (another Circa Sports location, along with Golden Gate) which teams we should wager on.

Seeing sports fans so giddy about a new sportsbook has inspired us to try again, so let us know which teams we’re betting on for March Madness, whatever that might actually be.

Players Say Caesars Ent. Has Dumped “Grandfathering” at Table Games

Players at Caesars Entertainment casinos in Las Vegas have shared a new company policy nixes the long-standing tradition of “grandfathering” at table games.

“Grandfathering” means when table minimums are raised during play, anyone already at the table can continue to play that minimum. New players must play the higher minimum.

For example, if there’s a $10 minimum bet at a dice table, the minimum might be raised to $25 if there’s more demand. With “grandfathering,” those already at the table can continue with the $10 minimum. New players would have to adhere to the $25 minimum.


There’s nothing more Vegas than craps. And possibly drunk people sleeping in hotel hallways. But mostly craps.

Multiple players have shared their experiences at Caesars resorts, and while the policy change hasn’t been officially confirmed, at least one player was informed of the new rule by casino management at Cromwell. The manager said the new policy came from “corporate.”

The new policy has also been witnessed at Planet Hollywood and Paris Las Vegas.

While “grandfathering” is customary in most places, the procedure can vary depending upon the casino.

It appears Caesars Entertainment may be formalizing a rule that’s been enforced inconsistently at the company’s casinos.

There are a number of reasons casinos don’t like to “grandfather” in lower minimum players.

For some, it’s frustrating to see other player at the same table wagering a lower minimums. Different minimums at the same table can cause confusion, and dealers don’t love having to address the concerns.

Primarily, though, “grandfathering” locks in lower value players who could potentially be replaced by higher value players. “Grandfathering” prevents better players from taking their spot.

Roll to Win Craps Las Vegas

If you’re love low minimums, try bubble craps or a hybrid game, like this contraption at Harrah’s. Read more.

Table minimums are often raised when demand for a game increases. It’s like dynamic (or “surge”) pricing, but for table games.

From a casino’s perspective, “grandfathering” may be a courtesy, but it’s a courtesy with a hard cost.

We reached out to Caesars Entertainment for comment, but haven’t received an official response.

Thanks to Jake on Twitter for being the first to bring this to our attention.

It’s always irksome when we’re playing craps and the minimums are raised mid-session, but it’s hard to fault casinos for taking advantage of busier periods (such as night versus day) to up their revenue.

Or try, anyway. Higher minimums mean you can also win more, more quickly, so there’s that.

Update (3/8/21): It’s worth noting Caesars Entertainment uses computer software that analyzes demand on every table game at its casinos. The yield management software recommends table minimums based upon demand. We understand supervisors often ignored these recommendations prior to the pandemic, but are now required to strictly adhere to the automated guidelines.