Front Yard at Ellis Island is Looking Like a Thing

One of our favorite Las Vegas casinos, Ellis Island, is getting an expansion, The Front Yard.

To put it simply: It took less time to build the Great Wall of China.

Now, however, we are pleased to report The Front Yard is starting to look like a thing and we even have a new timeline for the venue to open. We’ll leave you in suspense as you look at this photo we took.

Ellis Island Front Yard

Hey, if you were a construction worker, would you rush to finish a job six feet from a brewery?

The Front Yard, a two-story dining and entertainment venue, was originally announced way back in July 2017. It was supposed to open in late 2018.

Emphasis on “late.”

Look, Ellis Island is a family-owned casino and not like those monolithic corporate entities on The Strip. It’s one of the reasons we love the place, beyond the fact you can get a beer and a Captain Morgan and diet for $8.

Ellis Island just moves at a different pace, and The Front Yard is no exception. Yes, this expansion has taken forever, but here’s the thing: Ellis Island is sort of in on the joke.

Ellis Island Front Yard

We love this new venue because it’s as far away from Ellis Island’s karaoke lounge as possible.

We asked for a comment from our friend, Christina Ellis, Director of Marketing for Ellis Island, she said, “We’ve been promoting the project for over a year-and-a-half at this point, so it’s no secret The Front Yard has taken a bit longer than expected! When we first started brainstorming the beer garden we were basically just adding a patio, now it’s a huge, beautiful structure that we’ll be able to keep open close to 365 days a year.”

She also shared, “We added a larger kitchen, more seating and some structural changes. All great things, but things that required new permits, new drawings, etc. This is really the first construction project I’ve been a part of, so I’m learning a lot and it’s exciting how eager everybody is for us to open!”

That we are.

Ellis Island Front Yard

Yes, it’s basically the same photo again. Get your own blog if you don’t like it. We’re trying to keep the words from slapping together.

The revised official opening date for the Front Yard is Dec. 6, 2019.

In the meantime, there’s already a lot to love about Ellis Island. There’s the cheap-ass drinks, and the fact they brew beer on the premises.

Ellis Island BBQ is easily some of the best in all of Las Vegas, all at a rare value. Visit their Web site for all the details.

Here’s a model of the Front Yard for good measure.

Ellis Island Front Yard

You can sort of see miniature us being thrown out by miniature security for having too many miniature cocktails.

We can’t wait to have our first Captain and diet at the Front Yard at Ellis Island, and thanks to the utterly lovable Ellis family for their ongoing patience with our drunk Tweets about the construction delays.

We kid because we love! Let’s get this place did, already!

9 thoughts on “Front Yard at Ellis Island is Looking Like a Thing

  1. Boulder Steve

    Thanks for the update. Was getting concerned but it looks like the delays will be worth it. A open air beer garden in the summer would be a tough sell so nice that it will be enclosed yet still get the sunshine

  2. Vegas Insight

    As I’ve either said before, or plagiarized before — I don’t remember which — Ellis Island offers downtown sensibility a stone’s throw from the strip. I end up there multiple times every trip.

  3. julius rosen

    Ellis Island also has to pay for this out of cash flow probably – so it may take 3 -4 more years. Great little place with superb pizza and ribs as well.

  4. Ken Houghton

    After reading this, I headed to LV for a couple of nights. Went to Ellis in the afternoon and played some good 3:2 BJ until 4:00 and then went to their BBQ for dinner. What a deal!!. With club card you get $3,00 off the BBQ and another $2.00 off if you have played at least $5.00 at slots. A full rack of great ribs,ear of corn,bbq beans,cold slaw and garlic bread for $13.99. Couldn’t believe it. Went back and played BJ into the evening. Glad I read this post, I will be back for sure. At least go for the ribs.

  5. Everette

    One of my favorites for a good meal at a reasonable cost… can’t wait to dine under the stars there in Jan.


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