Fremont Street Experience Announces Concert Series Schedule for 2019

Fremont Street Experience has announced its Downtown Rocks summer concert series schedule for 2019. Which we sort of just said in the headline, but we needed an opening sentence before the graphic, so there you go.

Fremont Street Experience concerts

The word “free” is music to our ears.

2019 Fremont Street Experience free concerts schedule:

googie May 24 – Good Charlotte
googie June 15 – Nelly
googie June 29 – Sugar Ray
googie July 4 – Eli Young Band
googie July 20 – Fuel, Toadies and Sponge
googie July 27 – Pop 2000 Tour hosted by Lance Bass, with O-Town, Aaron Carter, Ryan Cabrera and Tyler Hilton
googie Aug. 10 – Collective Soul
googie Aug. 17 – Buckcherry
googie Aug. 24 – Cheap Trick
googie Aug. 30 – The Wallflowers
googie Sep. 1 – I Love the ’90s featuring Vanilla Ice, Montell Jordan, All-4-One, Tone Loc and Coolio
googie Sep. 28 – Smash Mouth
googie Oct. 19 – Muddfest featuring Puddle of Mudd, Saliva, Trapt, Saving Abel and Tantric

Most of the free Fremont Street Experience concerts start at 9:00 p.m.

Fremont Street concerts

Free rocks. Shout-out to Mermaids.

When you’re visiting downtown for these free shows, look up. The Viva Vision canopy at Fremont Street Experience is getting a $32 million upgrade.

The upgrade is expected to begin in early May 2019, and will officially debut on New Year’s Eve. The light shows will continue to run during the upgrade, which will be done in eight phases, in 150-foot sections (starting at the west end of the canopy, near Golden Gate).

Here’s a look at what’s being replaced on the Fremont Street Experience screen.

Viva Vision LEDs

Fremont Street Experience debuted in 1995 and got an upgrade to its old-timey LEDs in 2004. They’re old-timey again.

Full disclosure: We work in digital marketing at Fremont Street Experience as our day job. Our opinions are our own, despite the fact we haven’t really expressed any in this blog post. Though, we like Cheap Trick a lot. And that “All Stars” song from “Shrek.” And we are also a big fan of light shows.

Get details about the free concert series at the official Fremont Street Experience Web site.

7 thoughts on “Fremont Street Experience Announces Concert Series Schedule for 2019

  1. Dino's brick

    If I lived there I doubt I’d to one. Curious to know how they draw. How big of a fiasco is it when these concerts happen?

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      They’re a big draw, and a special permit is pulled so everyone inside goes through security, etc. Big numbers, but they tend to be well-behaved. I work there, so may be biased, but hard to beat a free concert so close to so many casinos.

  2. Dean

    The only one that really interests me this year is Cheap Trick. Since its the only classic rock artists on the calendar, I’m sure it will be a clusterfuck downtown that evening…..but I will definitely be a part of it!

  3. Fremont Steve

    Something for everyone, just about!

    There’s 20-year-old rap for old, but the older crowd that still hustles the street. There’s 20+ year old pop music for those who are coming to the realization their youth is long gone. There’s quasi-alternative from the 90s and 2000s for those who don’t regret their 25 tattoos and/or 12 piercings, because they’re never gonna let the man hold them down. There’s 2000-ish pop that nobody wants to admit they liked back in the day, for those who don’t want to grow up. There’s 20 year old hair metal for those who think today’s music is noise. There’s 70s pop by a band that seems to get a hell of a lot of attention for one major 70s hit, and I’ll never understand why. There’s adult contemporary for those who like their music old and dusty, and want to be lulled asleep by a one-hit wonder. You should be ashamed of yourself if you have any interest in Smash Mouth. And then, when it starts cooling off, more old school hard rock featuring a headliner whose lead singer is certifiably nuts, and a bunch of 15 minute rockers. How the hell Tantric is still a thing all these years later is nothing short of amazing.

    Gonna be a great Year


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