Free 24/7 Magazine to Go Out of Print

A fixture in Las Vegas cabs, 24/7 Magazine, has confirmed it will go out of print after 20 years of operation.

The magazine’s final issue will be December 31, 2017.

24/7 magazine

Don’t you fret. Las Vegas casinos will find other ways to advertise.

Distribution of 24/7 Magazine, consisting mainly of advertising, was mostly done via Las Vegas taxis.

It’s estimated 24/7 Magazine had a monthly distribution of 450,000 copies. It’s owned by Verifone, the company that provides technology for electronic payment transactions.

It’s likely the demise of the publication was accelerated by the dramatic decline in taxi ridership due to the introduction of rideshare services Lyft and Uber to Las Vegas.

When we shared this story on Twitter, we expected a collective “meh,” but instead got some interesting responses.

24/7 Magazine

People who like Las Vegas really like Las Vegas.

Even throwaway magazines have their fans, and it seems 24/7 was a keeper for some Las Vegas visitors.

We were a frequent contributor to another longtime magazine, Today in Las Vegas, which also went under, so we’ve witnessed first-hand the financial challenges facing these publications.

We wish any displaced 24/7 Magazine employees all the best.

7 thoughts on “Free 24/7 Magazine to Go Out of Print

  1. Matt

    I’m a sucker for free magazines and weekly publications. I pick em up all the time. I really like the marijuana industry publications you can get from the dispensary.

  2. AccessVegas

    While I’m sure the change in distribution methods (less cab rides) took its toll, I believe the greater shift is that people are glued to their phones, and significant amounts of show and dining advertising are switching to social.

  3. Gal XE Questr

    I noticed on my last couple of trips I wasn’t finding free magazines easily, anymore. It didn’t occur to me they were folding. Vegas 2Go came home with me; which others are still out there?

  4. Karen

    I was looking forward to my next 24/7 booklet. So sad to see it go. I purchased the December 2017 booklet on ebay just to have the last edition.


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