Rumor: Franco Dragone to Bring “Rise” Show to Resorts World

Our badass, yet modest, cavalcade of scoop of about Resorts World continues! Celine Dion, boom. (Not yet announced.) Katy Perry, boom. Zedd, boom. Tiesto, boom. (Also, not yet announced, but that’s how we roll.) Giant lucky cat, boom. Next up, some Franco Dragone boom!

A source tells us Franco Dragone, the creative force behind some of the most successful and lauded shows in the history of Las Vegas, will bring his new show, “Rise,” to Resorts World.

We just got a boom cramp, give us a minute.


Bottom line: Dragone’s pretty much a creative genius. Unrelated: Dibs on Boom Cramp as a band name.

While our source has been reliable in the past, it’s worth noting this rumor is unconfirmed and Resorts World denies it’s happening.

Dragone, at one time associated with Cirque du Soleil, co-created “Mystere,” “O,” the now-closed “Le Reve” at Wynn and Celine Dion’s first Las Vegas residency at Caesars Palace, “A New Day.”

We understand “Rise” will be performed outdoors, a new twist on the traditional Cirque-style production.

“Rise” was created during the pandemic, and was showcased in a warehouse in late 2020. The original intention of the show was for it to be a one-night experience, to raise awareness about the plight of entertainers during the COVID-19 crisis. Here’s more.

Dragone shopped “Rise” to a number of Las Vegas casino companies, including Caesars Entertainment, but Resorts World is rumored to have put a ring on it.

While we didn’t catch “Rise” when it was showcased, we’re pretty sure there will be music and acrobats. It’s also pretty much guaranteed to have an incomprehensible “story.” We kid because we love, Dragone.

During its showcase, “Rise” was titled “Rise: A Socially Distanced Entertainment Experience.” We trust that last part will be dumped when the show opens at Resorts World.

Here’s a fun fact: Should Celine’s residency be confirmed at Resorts World (it will be) and Dragone’s show be confirmed (it will be), it would mean the pair will working under the same roof for the first time since “A New Day.”

Although, we’re using the term “roof” very loosely here, as “Rise” will be performed outdoors, but just go with it.

Hey, Resorts World, leave a little awesome for everyone else. Thanks.

In unrelated Dragone news: Dragone recently announced he would collaborate with magician Criss Angel on an “interactive immersive euphoria” experience. If you’re scratching your head right now, join the club. Here’s more, but good luck.

Resorts World has already built so much buzz, we’re surprised there could be any more surprises, but clearly there’s a lot more in store for this new Strip resort expected to officially open July 4, 2021 (also unconfirmed).

After a rocky year of WTF, folks are ready to “Rise” and enjoy bendy people again. Should this rumor come to fruition, we look forward to the triumphant return of Dragone to the Las Vegas Strip.

Update (4/10/21): We reached out to Resorts World and were informed there are “no plans to bring ‘Rise’ to the property at this time.”

4 thoughts on “Rumor: Franco Dragone to Bring “Rise” Show to Resorts World

  1. Michael Alexakis

    I heard a rumor that the original working title of this show was “Cialis”, but that they had to scratch that because of an itchy problem with residuals… They also had to do some prickly editing work to get this in under four hours to avoid overcrowding the emergency rooms and urgent care clinics…

  2. Michael Alexakis

    “When informed of the recurring length issues swirling around this production, the male lead took a breather from the impressive gyrations he was practicing under the tent to blurt out “What a Dragone, I need to get on top of this, this could go sideways”… Later on he released a torrent of denials about any issues going forward, ” As long as I remain the head man, I will maintain a stiff upper lip”…

  3. Jackson

    Aren’t there only about 12 nights every year where it’s comfortable to be outside in Las Vegas? It’s either too hot or too cold.

    I’m exaggerating, of course. But, only a little. Personally, the likelihood that I’m spending money to sit outside and see a show in Las Vegas is close to zero.


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