Fontainebleau Will Be The Drew Las Vegas, Strip’s First JW Marriott

The abandoned Fontainebleau project has been given another shot at success, this time with the name The Drew Las Vegas.

Yes, The Drew.

We had the same reaction, but it will presumably have a casino, so we’ll cut them some slack.

Fontainebleau wrap

Fontainebleau will now be named after the past tense of “draw.”

Developers say The Drew will open in 2020, a partnership between real estate firm Witkoff and Marriott International.

Construction was halted on Fontainebleau in 2009 due to the economic downturn, and because Las Vegas occasionally needs failures to make its successes all the more impressive. The building was about 70% complete when work stopped, and Fontainebleau has been a running gag ever since.


No, really, this is the last time we’ll share this.

As we were the first to report, Fontainebleau was sold in August 2017 for $600 million to Witkoff and another real estate firm, New Valley.

The resort is located across from Circus Circus, next to the former Riviera casino, currently a parking lot.

Riviera demolition

Yep, that former Riviera. The Drew Las Vegas will be at left.

On a somber note, The Drew Las Vegas appears to be named after Andrew Witkoff, the son of real estate mogul Steven Witkoff. Andrew “Drew” Witkoff died of an OxyContin overdose in 2011. Read more. Bit of a buzzkill there, not going to lie.

Moving on.

The Drew Las Vegas will have 4,000 rooms and 500,000 square feet of convention and meeting space.

Plans for The Drew also include entertainment, nightlife, retail and dining venues, including an aspirational 20 restaurant options.

The Drew will mark the debut of Marriott’s high-end “Edition” brand in Las Vegas, whatever that might be.

Marriott’s massive customer database, estimated at about 100 million members, is likely to be key to the resort’s success.

Fontainebleau wrap

The Drew will be the tallest building in Las Vegas, excluding the Stratosphere.

Also involved in The Drew project will be John Unwin, who previously helped open the Cosmopolitan.┬áInterestingly, Cosmopolitan is currently part of Marriott’s Autograph Collection. We also don’t know what that means.

The Drew Las Vegas joins a number of major projects happening on the north end of the Las Vegas Strip, including Resorts World, All Net Resort and Arena, Wynn Paradise Park, the Sphere from Las Vegas Sands Corp., an expansion of the Las Vegas Convention Center and others.

We’re excited to see The Drew Las Vegas become a thing! Having a powerhouse like Marriott onboard certainly doesn’t hurt its chances.

Uninspired names we can get used to, hulking eyesores, not so much.

32 thoughts on “Fontainebleau Will Be The Drew Las Vegas, Strip’s First JW Marriott

  1. Todd Sterling

    I was just at that end of the strip Super Bowl (we ventured down there I stayed at Harrahs) weekend and boy does it need some major HELP! I still don’t know if that and Resort World will be enough. We went to the SLS and I’m pretty sure if it weren’t for the “Big Game” that casino would have pretty much been a ghost town. We will just have to wait and see, but some major money is going to have to be spent to revitalize that end of the strip.

  2. Jon C

    They’re clearly going for a rhyming vibe…..The Drew is blue
    However, if they add an elevated tram, it’ll be DrewL
    And the parking will be DrewP
    That pagan convention?….DrewD

    OK, I’ll stop

  3. Gregg Hoffman

    Has any sports book established an over under line as to when you have the need to re-use the “Shit Show” photo again?

  4. VegasSlushy

    That big parking lot next to Drew would be a great location for a major casino. Somebody ought to buy that parking lot and develop a casino there!

    1. russellmorgan

      Rather than adding more rooms to a stretch of the strip that no one is even interested in right now, I think the idea of expanding the Convention Center and bringing it to the strip and bringing value to the rooms around it is probably a better idea than putting more empty rooms on that end of the strip.

      1. LVBigBear

        That’s the plan but while the LVCVA is getting their financing in order, paving it allows them to collect a revenue stream from parking and tenting it for big shows.

    1. razmaspaz

      If you’ve found a place where you can redeem your Marriott loyalty points at a good value let me know! Vegas is a great place to earn loyalty points but maybe not the ideal place to redeem them.

      1. Mike L

        There are some decent category 2 (10,000 points per night) hotels in the Marriott chain (Courtyards, etc). If you’re dead set to redeem on the strip, your best bet is to convert your Marriott points to SPG Starpoints (at a 3:1 ratio) and redeem at the SLS or the W. The SLS would be 30,000 Marriott points per night and the W would be 36,000 Marriott points per night.

  5. Funkhouser

    I’m betting on a smash marketing campaign featuring Drew Brees, Drew Carey and Drew Scott. It will be the hip new Vegas resort for middle aged white guys.

    1. Coop

      You mean Rich middle aged white guys. I don’t see my type wandering “The Edition”. Just like I don’t feel filthy rich enough to wander around The Wynn or The Encore. It actually does make me feel filthy and unsuccessful. Prob not their intention. Maybe its the dirty looks from the bored staff in those high line stores. Not sure, just not comfortable.

  6. JeffinOKC

    Soon as I saw the name I began to hum the old doo-wop tune “Blue Moon”.
    Drew Drew Drew Blue, dit dit dit dit duh. Drew Drew Drew Blue


    Like Resorts World, I’ll believe this when I walk in in a couple years and smell the casino scent, but at least they’re not starting from basically scratch. It’s going to be a monster of a resort if it gets finished and it’ll certainly make Steve Wynn sweat a little bit. Oh wait.

      1. FYMYAWF

        So did Alon, and Echelon, and the (perpetually “soon to begin construction”)
        Resorts World, and the (repeatedly sold) SLS and the (bankrupt) Lucky Dragon, and…

        Again, I’m for it, but on the north strip a done deal is never a done deal.

  8. ToolPusher

    Drew Carey fan? The last thing they drew up on the drawing board? Who comes up with these stupid names. The D is another one that comes to mind. They would probably get better value if they got three groups with 10 people in each group, pay each person $10 dollars for an hour to come up with a name and the winning group gets $100 for each person; with the wining name picked by the internet or do it Vegas style by using some kind of gaming device. Or just let the construction workers figure it out; I bet they could come up with something better than Drew.

    1. russellmorgan

      It is named after Drew Witikoff, the developers son who died of an Oxy overdose. Not saying that it is a great name by any means, but that is why they named it that.

      1. ToolPusher

        Thanks for the explanation. I feel sorry for the kid and his family. But, still a stupid name for a hotel and casino; and even more so with that sad story behind it.

        1. Manybar Goatfish

          Think of all the cool stuff you can drew. I drew a beer from the keg. I drew a gun (not cool). I drew her lips to mine. I drew an Ace of spades. I drew a counterfeit Rembrandt and sold it for $10 million. The potential fun is endless. I love The Drew. I’d book a room at The Drew for the name alone.


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