Margaritaville Casino, 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar and Tag Sports Bar Reportedly Closing

There’s been a recent flurry of rumors from guests and staff that three venues are closing in the near future: Margaritaville Casino and 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar at Flamingo and Tag Sports Bar at the Linq hotel-casino.

At the moment, it appears the Margaritaville restaurant will be sticking around. It’s working through a five-year contract and is said to rake in about $30 million a year, making it the most successful of the chain’s locations.

Margaritaville Casino Flamingo

Every good run must come to an end.

While there hasn’t been an official announcement about the closings, it seems Caesars Entertainment, which owns Flamingo and Linq, is shaking things up in preparation for two new mid-Strip offerings, the Fly Linq Zipline and Kind Heaven.

Flamingo neon

Insert gratuitous photo for Pinterest here.

We were the first to share plans for the Fly Linq zipline, a $20 million attraction that will fly guests on 10 ziplines from the Vortex at Linq to the base of the High Rollers Ferris wheel.

The $100 million Kind Heaven is also slated for Linq and the Linq promenade. Kind Heaven is an Asian-themed walk-through attraction with music festival roots.

While the Margaritaville Casino and 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar at Flamingo aren’t directly affected by the new attractions, word is the casino-within-a-casino was under-performing, so out with the old and in with the new. It’s Vegas, after all.

Margaritaville Casino

The Margaritaville Casino was wasting away, so time for something new.

The 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar is perhaps best known for its happy hour featuring five-cent beers.

Margaritaville casino happy hour

Putting the “happy” in “happy hour.”

From what we hear, the 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar will be rebranded, so don’t freak out, the closure of the bar will be a zero-sum game, whatever that might actually mean.

5 O'Clock Somewhere

While the world is partitioned into discrete time zones, “It’s 5 O’Clock Somewhere” is not accurate because it does not take into account the times between 5:01 and 5:59.

The Margaritaville Casino officially opened Oct. 14, 2011. The casino opened as a way to generate revenue from about 1,500 square feet of unused public space, and we’ve enjoyed our visits.

The Margaritaville Casino at Flamingo accounted for about 22 table games and 220 slot machines.

The space has lots of Jimmy Buffett-inspired decorative touches, including table games felt adored with palm fronds, shark-infested slot machines and a huge-ass margarita glass.

Margaritaville Casino

Bonus: Huge-ass lime slices.

And let’s not forget about the carpeting that looks like a topographical map of an island chain. Or an alien riding a dragon. Whichever.

Margaritaville Casino

There are about 2,000 islands in the world’s oceans, and at least one “in the stream.”

While a licensing agreement with Margaritaville Holdings might have appealed to Caesars Entertainment at one time, the company’s M.O. has changed in recent years. For example, Caesars swapped out partners Sin City Brewing at Flamingo (for Patio Bar) and Fat Tuesday at Linq (for Purple Zebra) to manage the venues in-house and keep more of the pie.

It’s also been rumored another nearby bar will close at the end of June 2018, Tag Sports Bar at the Linq hotel-casino.

Tag Sports Bar opened in March 2014.

We didn’t visit Tag Sports Bar too much, because “sports,” obviously.

Tag Sports Bar

Tag, you’re not it.

Apparently, even hundreds of beers and a “holographic” dealer couldn’t save Tag Sports Bar.

Las Vegas is always serving up something new, so we look forward to hearing what’s next for the spaces freed up by the closures of Margaritaville Casino and 5 O’Clock Somewhere at Flamingo and Tag Sports Bar at Linq casino.

Margaritaville Casino

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12 thoughts on “Margaritaville Casino, 5 O’Clock Somewhere Bar and Tag Sports Bar Reportedly Closing

  1. Funkhouser

    I think the Margaritaville brand (for a casino anyway) is a little tired and non appealing to younger visitors.
    I would love to see Flamingo keep the idea of a casino within a casino and just use this to re-brand the space. O’Sheas has remained popular. With the recent remodel of the rooms at Flamingo and the embracing of their past history maybe the timing is right for a Mobster or 1940’s throw back theme. I suspect the venue space is going to go the way of the new Urban R&B or hip club lounge direction. They could of course turn it into more drinking and dining space or turn it over to a well established franchise.

  2. Jimmy Davis

    The problem with TAG was they had too many beers for their volume of mostly Bud Light drinkers and the beers were old and Out of Code. The IPA’s were always skunked and not rotated properly. Craft Beer Drinkers in the area go to Yard House to a fresher better selection.

  3. Charles Higgins

    Doesn’t bother me that a few 6:5 blackjack tables are going away..albeit perhaps temporarily. However, it’s disappointing that the nickel beer happy hour thing is leaving’s one of the few Vegas deals that was worth being trampled over.


  4. Everett Lawrence

    It is sad to see these fun places go. But then again, the got rid of the original O’sheas and original Barbary Coast which we dearly loved. Just goes to show that the focus is on earnings and no what people like!

  5. Hundley Fan

    Not sure if they’re still doing this, but when the Margaritaville Casino opened, you could get a slot card with a Margaritaville design, rather than the generic Total Rewards design. The first time I got a replacement slot card there, their card printer wasn’t working, so I was given a temporary Margaritaville card that said Guest something or other. I got one with my name and account number the next time I went there.

  6. EnuffBull

    I will, however, take that “5 O’Clock Somewhere” neon sign off their hands. Not that ever went there, but I like the sign.

  7. James Joyce

    Margaritaville Casino when first open was great. Tables were full, m cocktail waitresses were many, tables were cheep.Sure beat the long hallway to Margaritaville the restaurant a walk of nothing except Steakhouse 46. It was always full, fun and great music and TV feeds. Then they brought in the million dollar bonus games (killed let it ride, 3 card poker) – no more big winners on those games. They said they couldn’t get workers so they never opened until late afternoon or early afternoon. Cocktail waitresses were few and far between. The pit supervisors I knew said they were running it into the ground and they were right!

  8. Whit

    I loved when the Margaritaville Casino first opened. The music was fantastic, the place was packed and the machines were fun! Sadly, most of the fun machines are in the hallway on the way into the casino or video poker in the back. The slots on the main floor just aren’t good. There was actually a Jimmy Buffett slot machine (two) at Cosmo. Why on earth didn’t Margaritaville Casino have a bunch of those?

    Also, putting in beer pong wasn’t a great idea. I’m a beer pong connoisseur (no, really I am) and although I’ve played at O’Shea’s for years (the old O’Shea’s too), the location wasn’t ideal and it discouraged gamblers from going in there. The appeal of a Jimmy Buffett-theme is chill and drunk. Not drunken frat party. For some reason, Caesars Entertainment confused the two and started pumping pretty awful dance music in the Margaritaville Casino. It’s like they forgot who they wanted to appeal to? They also got live bands to play and although the bands were fine, that space is WAY too loud for a live band. The songs didn’t match the vibe either… Guns N’ Roses and ACDC covers don’t say “come here, sip on this cold cocktail, gamble and relax”.

    The worst part of it was the long trek to the bathroom at Flamingo. If there were even 4 stalls hidden somewhere, people would stay in that casino much longer! To pee you have to go on a 15 minute hike. The same thing goes for replacing your Total Rewards card. I loved the Margaritaville-themed cards that used to be available there. They closed that desk and now you have to hike to the front of the Flamingo to replace the card. It’s like they wanted you to leave the casino. 🙁

    I will miss Margaritaville and it’s awesome carpet. I really wish they reverted it to what it was when it first opened. It was extremely popular.

  9. Erik

    Not sure if this is old news but the dealers said that the casino was closing within the week. Last Sunday they were pulling Margaritville $5 chips from the rack and taking them out of circulation. I grabbed a couple since I had never seen this before. They also liked my Margaritaville Branded Players card.


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