Flamingo Closes Go Sexy Adult Novelty Boutique

It was one of the sexiest stores at a hotel-casino on the Las Vegas Strip, but the Go Sexy boutique at Flamingo has closed.

News of the closure was sudden, and while the shop was scheduled to close on Jan. 26, 2018, it
closed two days early.

Go Sexy was home to a popular photo op featuring one entrance of the store adorned with a giant pair of legs. The Go Sexy legs even made it onto our list of offbeat Las Vegas ops.

Sex store Las Vegas

It was sort of a thing.

The Go Sexy store had a dizzying array of adult merchandise.

At one time, Go Sexy got into a pickle with Clark Co. for unknowingly violating a code that prohibited the sale of sex toys. The issue was resolved, and the shop offered a range of devices and novelty items visitors seemed to love.

Go Sexy

Flamingo guests now have to go elsewhere to get their party supplies.

Because of its reputation as an adult playground, sex toys are popular with Las Vegas visitors. Guests tend to follow the “What happens here, stays here” philosophy, leaving their toys behind when they go back home.

Housekeepers collect the sex toys and keep them in bins devoted to the items.

Go Sexy legs at Flamingo

The good stuff was hidden in the back.

While Go Sexy had a certain following, retail rents can be high on The Strip, so it was time to pull the plug. Or remove the batteries.

Word is a new store concept will open in the Go Sexy space in early Feb. 2018.

12 thoughts on “Flamingo Closes Go Sexy Adult Novelty Boutique

  1. VegasSlushy

    You gotta go off the strip to get the good stuff, man!

    Pot, sex toys, rub and tug service…. not on the strip. Oh the irony.

    1. Manybar Goatfish

      LOL. Your amusing comment was a good distraction from Scott’s sickening charge that hotel housekeepers collect abandoned sex toys and “keep them in bins devoted to the items.” One can only hope that was a reference to the Trash Bin. No wonder that on Jan 1, China followed thru with its promise to the World Trade Organization that it will no longer play the role of the official wastebasket for America’s used dildos.

      1. VegasSlushy

        For whatever reason, they collect ’em all in a seperate bin and don’t mingle them with the used nasal tissue, condom wrappers and half-eaten cheeseburgers. I’d like to see the process used to handle and dispose of those toxic toys. Rubber gloves, masks… the same stuff used when the toys were being played with. Oh the super irony!

  2. John D

    In all the years I stayed at the Flaming-o, that shop was never busy. Even on weekends with drunken Angelinos and bachelorette parties, people would stop for the photo op but not go in to shop.


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