Fizz Lounge to Close at Caesars Palace

It looks like a high-end lounge at Caesars Palace, Fizz, won’t live to see 2018.

The champagne lounge and bar will close Dec. 25, 2017.

It seems Fizz fizzled.

Fizz was created by Colosseum regular Elton John’s partner, David Furnish. The pair have been married since 2005.

The $3.2 million Fizz, billed as “the epicenter of chic,” featured lots of fine art (including photographs from Elton John’s personal collection, valued at a cool million bucks) and security personnel committed to not letting us take photos inside the swanky lounge. Thankfully, this blog DGAF.

Fizz lounge Caesars Palace

Never got to Fizz? Congrats on still having money in your bank account!

Big thanks to Twitter tipster @FYMYAWF for letting us know about Fizz’s demise.

Fizz was located just off the casino floor at Caesars, close to the entrance to the Forum Shops.

Fizz Las Vegas

At least they didn’t have to give out too many refunds.

It’s interesting to note that when Fizz opened, we wrote: “Our overriding impression of Fizz would have to be, ‘Who is this for?'”


Yeah, that’s never a good sign.

There’s no word on what might replace Fizz at Caesars Palace, but Vegas has a way of always making more new.

Update (12/22/17): We’re hearing Fizz will be rebranded and Caesars Entertainment will continue operating the venue. Fizz will re-open on Dec. 30, 2017, and will get a new name in early 2018.

20 thoughts on “Fizz Lounge to Close at Caesars Palace

  1. VegasSlushy

    Seems odd to shutter it just before NYE, but I’m guessing that’s in part so that the space can be used in some capacity for a private party or other NYE event. Just guessing.

    I had no idea this thing exists, which is probably just fine with the folks who operated this swanky lounge, as I couldn’t pretend to belong there. That place is not for people like me, it’s for people who earn more in one day than I make in a year. So long, asscheeks!

    1. VegasSlushy

      I swear I typed an answer. I’m guessing it is being held, pending review, because there was a link included. It was a link to Groooooopon, showing that the cost of a two-hour unlimited champagne buffet was discounted to $25.

          1. VegasSlushy

            And I am surprised that the swanky lounge wasn’t more expensive, although I’m guessing it was at the right time of the night/weekend.

          2. Manybar Goatfish

            What are you trying to say? That you could pretend to belong there if the price of pretending is only $25 for bottomless champagne? That makes two of us. Although, “bottomless” would turn into “he’s had enough,” rather swiftly, in my case.

          3. VegasSlushy

            I don’t think I’d enjoy pretending, even for the low low price of $25. And I wouldn’t appreciate a glass of $100/bottle champagne, so it would be wasted upon moi.

  2. Photoncounter

    It amazes me that a place like this even opened. If Maxine the cost to renovate the space and pay rent, salaries and fees. That overhead alone would sink most businesses but I guess if you are the husband of Elton John you’re not short of cash.

    My guess is they never turned a profit and the lease ran out. If you have to sucker low rollers into a high roller joint with a Groupon, well, you deserve to close your doors.

  3. LasVegasDJPros

    So goodbye yellow brick road
    Where the dogs of society howl
    You can’t plant me in your champagne bar
    I’m going back to my PBR

    1. Scott Roeben

      Well, it’s clear somebody doesn’t know what they’re talking about. This is the confirmation received directly from Fizz: “Fizz will be closing 12/25/2017. No NYE 2018 Celebration.” That seems fairly definitive. It’s possible the space is being used for a private party.

  4. Slightly Society

    Went there this past Tuesday evening. Outside was a generic “Cocktail Lounge” sign. Lights were up, music was low, 3 bored bartenders and 1 bored cocktail all on their phones. Menu was basically the same, Moet machine was gone. Tried to grill them for details, but they just said it was being “rebranded”


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