Five Things We Never Knew About Las Vegas Strippers

Las Vegas is known for lots of things. Buffets. Spectacle. Quickie Weddings. Shows featuring bendy French-Canadians. All that and more.

Las Vegas is also known for its exotic dancers, commonly referred to as strippers. In many ways, strippers are just like the rest of us. Except in the ways they’re completely unlike the rest of us. We recently visited Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club to see if we could learn some inside skinny on what it’s like in a stripper’s world. Here are five surprising things we didn’t know.

Stripper pole

Please don’t let photos like this distract you from what this post is really about, which we can’t currently remember.

1. Strippers Pay to Skip the Stage

It’s pretty well known strippers are independent contractors. They pay to play, meaning they pay the strip club to be able to work the floor on a given evening. At the Hustler Club, the women pay an $80 flat fee.

Here’s the thing we didn’t know. The dancers have the option to pay an additional fee so they don’t have to dance on the club’s stages. In the case of the Hustler Club, they pay $50. While appearing onstage can be a good marketing tool for these young women, it’s not nearly as lucrative as lap dances or the private rooms, so it’s often worth the money to avoid being pulled away from a potentially profitable client.

2. The Earning Power of Ovulation

It sounds a little weird, but strippers make more money when they’re ovulating. No kidding.

We had to investigate this rumor, and there’s actually scientific proof it’s valid. According to a study by the University of New Mexico, dancers make an average of $30 more per hour when they’re ovulating. Women on the pill, who don’t ovulate, make significantly less. Here’s the study (.pdf format).

How much do strippers make, you ask? Well, we were curious about that, too. We asked a dancer at the Hustler Club, and she said, “I made about $175,000 a year, but things have slowed down a little bit.” Even when things are slow, Las Vegas strippers do exceedingly well.

Funny urinals

We do not condone this photo of the restroom at Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club.

3. Shoes, Watches, Manicures

Strippers have a very refined sense of which clients are going to be a good return on their investment. When a dancer scans a room of customers, they have a few things they look for in order to tell if a man has money. The top three are a man’s shoes, watch and nails. (If he has had a recent manicure, he’s probably pretty well off.)

Ultimately, though, having wealth doesn’t always translate into a dancer making more money from that customer. Men of more modest means can often generate the most rewards.

Not surprisingly, dancers often watch for how much cash a man’s wallet contains as he opens it to purchase a drink or tip a dancer. Most won’t make a trip to the ATM, so his investment is likely to be limited to the cash he has on him.

Oh, one more interesting insight into the world of tip-spotting. Dancers seem to agree that overweight men often end up being the best tippers. Nobody really knows why.


No, really.

4. Pole Competitions

While dancers make a fine living doing lap dances and private room interactions (one dancer at Hustler Club, Princess, recently had a $30,000 private session), many augment their income with pole dancing competitions.

Come to find out, there’s a whole cottage industry around pole dancing and contests, with contests often having prize pools in the thousands of dollars. A bonus, at least for the performers, is these competitions also require no nudity. Who knew?

The stripper pole, where cha meets ching.

The stripper pole, where “cha” meets “ching.”

5. One Foot on the Floor

It’s one of the weirder policies we’ve heard about at strip clubs, but at the Larry Flynt’s Hustler Club, a dancer must keep at least one foot on the ground while giving lap dances.

While we couldn’t get the security staff at the club to say so, specifically, we suspect this rule is to prevent enthusiastic dancers from going overboard, opening up the club to legal issues related to prostitution or indecency.

Pole dancer

“Sin City Sindy,” at The Miracle Mile Shops at Planet Hollywood, is said to be the world’s tallest pole dancer.

If you end up partaking of Sin City’s exotic dancing experience, please be nice, and tip well. Because while there’s a lot we don’t know about strippers, we do know they’re people merely doing their job, like the rest of us. Just with far, far fewer clothes.

69 thoughts on “Five Things We Never Knew About Las Vegas Strippers

      1. Maggie

        Well, not too sure what the author is on but I live in Las Vegas and know first hand no stripper makes even close to $175,000 a year. I guess people like to make Vegas sound wild and crazy, but a modest figure a decent looking stripper makes $50-60k a year.

        1. Scott Roeben

          Appreciate hearing from you, Maggie. Yeah, the money ranges a lot, but most bartenders make $50-60k on The Strip, and most strippers at decent clubs make much more than that. If you know first hand, we defer to your judgment! Now, tell us what happens in the Champagne room!

          1. Maggie

            Because you strip right??? I have dealt table games in the party pits, I have gogo danced and now I strip. I work at one of the “top” clubs in Vegas and no one there makes what you claim. The top girls make 60k as I do and we even “work” the champagne room for the extras. I own two cars, my own condo, I travel when I please, my student loans are paid off and I work only the days I want (usually weekends graveyard) and live very comfortably but no where close to $150k. That’s what the club owners tell you and then u slowly realize that is a fantasy number they tell you to persuade you to start dancing. Your number is ridiculous it’s what a doctor makes. That would mean one would have to bring in more than 12k a month to even be close to what you say.. anyway, believe what you want dear. Goodnight

          2. Scott Roeben

            Appreciate hearing any and all thoughts on this. I’m shocked dancers don’t make much more than that. Lots of bartenders and cocktail servers make $100k or more, and they’re not getting $20 every three minutes. Must look into this further. Unfortunately, not at Crazy Horse Too–closed!

          3. Maggie

            Even if they made a grand a night it would have to be every single night they worked to make what u claim. Making a grand a night is a great, great night and happens rarely like in the summer when the buses come in from all the out of staters here for summer break or a convention. Great, ur an accountant. I majored in finance so I’m sure you know hiding what you make from the IRS is illegal. You must report all cash tips which I do because yes, I have been in the “business” for over five years and I do not want to be audited and I’m sure the girls I work with do not want that either because most do a lot more than strip :). Remember the more you make the more you are the IRS’s friend and you end up paying less, more deductions remember? 60k is doing great because most nights girls do not even make pay out (house fees) and go home with nothing after working all night which makes them work even harder next week doing much more for less money, good thing most guys are not picky, right? A lot of girls try it and never come back, it’s a revolving door. Go to a club during the week see if it’s busy.. it’s not.. haven’t you watched the news Las Vegas has the highest rate of unemployment in the nation and the housing market has not made a return since the crash some years ago. Or maybe you have been harassed by the hundreds of transients who are on every street corner who ask for a dollar because there’s a resession going on. (They are everywhere even in Summerlin where I live) Yes, there are the occasional wealthy individuals that come in but most people who visit strip clubs make u perform like a circus monkey for a $10. Money is tight in the economy and people are hanging on to their money these days.

          4. Maggie

            Lol! I find it fascinating you are still commenting on this! Can’t believe everything you read online. Still 93 million Americans unemployed. Thank you for the laugh you made my Friday night. You just keep going and going for a “straight” man who seems to know the life of a stripper. Accountant huh? How many strippers taxes could you possibly do?

          5. Maggie

            Okay, you win old creepy man replying to stripper posts from two years ago claiming he’s sure what they make nothing weird about that. Nothing left to be said.

          6. Scott Roeben Post author

            Chill out! We’re discussing something interesting. Please share what you know, and no name-calling! Let’s keep this blog’s comment section the virtual lapdance it was intended to be.

          7. LV Local

            2 years ago? This post is from this year. Good thing strippers don’t have to do much math. It seems to be a week point for you. And I’m in my mid 30’s. Something tells me you’re a 45 y.o. day shift girl at Larry’s Villa. I’ll stop in and say ‘hi’ one of these days!

          8. Maggie

            So literal! I said like 45 your still old and creepy spending so much time arguing what a stripper makes. Point is strippers do not make any where close to 150k and u are still old and creepy digging to find old articles that a monkey probably wrote and if u were as smart as u claim in those articles I included read the comments from REAL strippers condradicting the article. Anyway get a life stop hiding behind a computer replying to old stripper forums. Again, you have made my Sunday night you make me laugh so pathetic. Don’t forget to take your metamucil old man!

          9. LV Local

            LOL. What an angry stripper you are Maggie. No wonder you only make $60K! Take your meds and relax… you might earn a bit more at the “office”…

          10. Maggie

            Who’s angry? ๐Ÿ™‚ You just gave me a good laugh with all your theories. I make great money. No complaints here i just had to correct all the misleading info you were posting. In fact going on vacation to Hawaii in two weeks. You sir on the other hand should be doing something instead of “blogging” about stuff no one cares about. Don’t u have some strippers taxes to be doing?

          11. Scott Roeben Post author

            Hi, Maggie, just to be clear, LV Local isn’t the owner or writer for this blog, so any errors were mine alone.

          12. Scott Roeben Post author

            Thanks for playing nice. I want everyone to feel comfortable adding their thoughts here, and appreciate your insights, and Maggie’s, too. As we’ve said, these numbers appear to vary widely.

          13. Maggie

            Glad to see how you spend your Friday nights on the Internet lol arguing with a stripper, and gathering “facts” Go to a strip club my friend seems like you are in need.

          14. Scott Roeben Post author

            Thanks for sharing that! While I trust that’s not typical, I don’t think it’s a lie, and that works out to a metric ass-ton of income. Results vary (widely) apparently.

        2. thatsme

          i dont live in vegas but i make well over that. 240k would be my estimate. theres months i make 1k a day, theres days i make more and theres days i make less but i never go home with less than 5 and thats dreadfully slow for me!! there are a lot of lazy strippers or strippers who don’t know how to get their money or too scared to ask for it but yes, we can make well over 175k! upkeep is expensive so its not like i get to keep the 240k a year ๐Ÿ™ probably closer to the 175k if i didn’t have a shoe addiction lol

          1. Brandy

            We fall back on stripper or hooker? I have never slept with a client or went out with one I refuse to, and that’s where a lot of the girls make way more money. Sounds like there are “extras” being exchanged but that’s none of my business!

        3. Amanda Leigh

          You crazy in a Bartender 3 days a week and I make that and I made more than that as a cocktail waitress and I live in Mississippi , the poorest state in the country .

          1. Maggie

            I’m not arguing with anyone but no one understands unless they themselves are in the industry. Men who visit strip clubs are looking for more than leaving with a hard on and girls who make money usually sleep with their clients or offer blowjobs or threesomes ect. I honestly couldn’t care less what people think a stripper makes on this blog. I’ve been here in Vegas now for 3 years I’ve worked at 6 clubs and that’s the honest truth. Bartending is quite different than stripping there is no expectation there except to serve them a drink. As a stripper they think of us as we are there for their pleasure/fantasy and most expect to sleep with us. I won’t I repeat won’t sleep with clients and I don’t make what others make but I can sleep at night knowing I didn’t have to sleep with a hairy 47 year old.

          2. bachelorette_rants

            lol, I’ve been working as a dancer in vegas for nine months. I make around a thousand a night and work four nights a week. I’ve been making roughly 12 grand each month, thus i’m set to make at least $130,000 this year. Sorry, maggie. You’re either a lazy stripper, unattractive, or super attractive to stingy men. Boo hoo.

          3. Maggie

            This sounds written by a man. Specifically the man that has been arguing with me throughout this whole article. Thus? Yes that’s stripper talk.. funny

          4. Maggie

            As u r replying to this old post too so ur argument is invalid. Anyway keep with the 2nd grade insults shows ur class. U r a joke my friend

          5. bachelorette_rants

            Considering you lack both the logic and literacy to realize that it’s highly unlikely I’ve been “arguing with you throughout this whole article” when this is my very first post gives me an itsy bits inkling as to why you make half as much as other dancers. Perhaps, men think you’re dumb enough not to realize you’re being gypped? Like really? It’s not like we’re anonymous posters, my username is right there for you to see. Speaking of which, if you would like to believe I am a man to fuel your ego, sure. I am a huge fan of the Bachelor/ette AND a very very VERY hairy 76 year old man. So old in fact, my wrinkly balls hang so low I have to tuck them into my orthopedic socks. Cheers.

          6. bachelorette_rants

            Maggie: “Enjoying how much time and energy u r putting into this thread. Get a life sir”

            I’ve been aware of this thread for LESS than 24 hours.

            Maggie has been commenting, re-commenting, and replying to this thread for OVER A YEAR.

            But, I don’t have a life. Right. Okay. That makes sense.

            LOL. Mags, just when I thought you couldn’t get stupider. Keep em’ coming doll. At the rate you’re going, I might just stay a year too, just too see how deep you’ll dig this hole you’re sitting in.

          7. Maggie

            Angry much? Lol, I’m fine content and happy thank u very much. No one hunted any article I was browsing cosmo and it popped up. Ur wrong any way u look at it. Believe me sweetie everything is in tact and together. Such full of cuss words and hate. Geez, if u read the article u would see yet another stripper who states what’s average. She even says some nights she makes $0. that state my facts and what I’ve said all along.. Have a great evening sir!

          8. bachelorette_rants

            Not angry. Although probably because I’m not the one working in one of the most lucrative jobs available yet pulling in barely enough to treat myself to a bubblegum machine. Nonetheless, less anger, it was more sheer amazement that you’re STILL commenting on this thread despite the fact your argument has been failing for not only OVER A YEAR but the fact that you told me to get a life yet you’re trying to restart an argument EIGHT DAYS later. Like for real? Get it together, princess.

          9. Maggie

            So? Why r u so worried whether it’s been 8 days or 8 years? No one said strippers r broke just I stated what’s average. Stop being so angry it’s just a thread with opinions. U do need to get a life if this article makes u so angry ii can just imagine other senerios. Chill out. And I’ve told u everything is quite together! Happy Sunday ya old fart!

          10. Viktoryia Panteryonok Malkova

            Mee too ugly and lazy, add me also to the list as I made even less. Also some of my girlfriends, usually professional models, but yes I could agree it is ugly for stripping job there are different ways of understanding beauty. Stripping beauty is different: more fat, more silicone, more fake staff to create fantasy. If you not willing to dedicate all life to this job and this is just “hard period” it is not so smart to change your natural beauty to this “beautiful stripping type”. So have to look for clubs somewhere else than Vegas, where hustling factor is lower.

          11. Andrew Scandin

            You were the one saying strippers don’t make close to that much now you change arguments?

          12. Brandy Ombre

            I never changed the arguement. I still say average dancers make 20-60k depending on how much they work/extras. Still dancing and still have many dancer friends my dear. Read the girls comment under me as many others will tell u.

          13. LV Local

            Hey @bachelorette_rants:disqus I believe @disqus_bzqovcDJYa:disqus the Broke Stripper thinks you’re me and I’m you… or something to that effect… LOL!!!

            I made the mistake of trying to engage her in polite debate last year and all her tiny brain could come up with was personal insults/attacks. So I guess now she assumes anyone who replies to her on this post is me… ๐Ÿ™‚

            Don’t pay her much mind. She’s just an angry, confused, jealous little ‘stripper’ who hates her life. Everyone who lives in Vegas knows that MANY dancers make well over $100/$150K per year, so there’s no reason to try to convince Maggie the Delusional Dancer!

          14. Maggie

            I’ve noticed lv_local and bachelorette_rants type very similar certain words are capitalized the grammar and wording is quite similar and somewhat “witty” wording is sarcastic in nature. Same person??

          15. bachelorette_rants

            Mags must be as desperate to win this argument as she is for dollar bills. Which in her defense, has been a year long effort. I mean, I’d be pretty damn upset too. Nonetheless, her claiming we’re the same person hits a whole new low of pathetic. One, you can literally click on my profile and see when mine was created. Like what, I (or “you” I guess ;P ) created a second disqus account two months ago JUST IN CASE I/you so happened to meet a butthurt stripper who can’t admit when she’s wrong? Two, “type very similar words.” Like what? “stripper”? Like hello, welcome, let me introduce you to the wonderful world of staying on topic. Or “certain words are capitalized the grammar and wording is quite similar.” THE GRAMMAR? Oh yeah, I’m with you mags. It’s IMPOSSIBLE that two people on the internet passed grade school English. You’re right LV, this chick’s a lost cause.

          16. Andrew Scandin

            Actually that was the first post by that poster. What makes thus non stripper talk? Very common word

          17. Viktoryia Panteryonok Malkova

            I rather agree to you. If someone is super professional hustler in some club -yes they make super money, others majority-not at all especially in Vegas, may be somewhere else. Bartenders in good place make much more money in Vegas, more than cocktail waitress, go-go or strippers, but it is hard to get the job. The money places are always hard to get, at least in Vegas.

  1. Harriott

    You sure they are so ‘unlike’ everyone else? Haha. I always stay at Caesar’s when going to Vegas, it’s one of the strip hotels that is near the Hustler Club. I like it there. The strippers are nice (alright, they have to be) but I don’t sense anything awkward there, the atmosphere is good. Back in the hotel I always hit the slots or the other way round ๐Ÿ˜‰

  2. showboy

    recently a dancer ordered a brand new ferrai and Mercedes on cash and buying her mom a Bentley ,u know she ordered from me ,u know how much cash like almost 600k,explain that u low life low talking morons

  3. Pole Dancer

    Thank you for sharing this one. I really enjoyed reading it and I realized that being a stripper is not an easy job and everyone needs to respect us as who we really are.

  4. Tipper Moore

    The reason a stripper is talking to you is spot on. Rich guys can definitely be the cheapest and also expect the most for their money. Good article with some excellent points that I will share on my Twitter.

  5. Stripper

    I was a stripper for more than 5 years now, and everything you said is correct. The social stigma in the industry is very bad but that’s the consequence for having an easy money. You can gain more, but you need to lose some.

  6. X

    I knew a beautiful tall blond Las Vegas stripper that worked weekends midnights shifts at Cheetah’s that told me she made $120,000/year, before the money that she had to spend throughout the year for hairdos, manicures, makeup, stripper clothing, and stripper shoes . She was a beautiful B cup, and told me that she would make more if she got a boob job.

  7. Joo Berry

    I took a look at this page because I want to go to a club. How much cash should I expect to bring with me? I’d like to get a lap dance, maybe a little more if she’s willing

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      I’d say $200-300 at least. Lap dances are each $20 plus tip. Can’t speak to the “little more,” as sexual acts are considered prostitution and that’s illegal in Las Vegas.


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