A First Look at the Long-Awaited Street Dice at Downtown Grand Las Vegas

Downtown Grand, formerly Lady Luck, opened on October 27, 2013. Even before the hotel’s grand re-opening, there was buzz about a new game to be offered at Downtown Grand: Street Dice.

The much-talked-about game will finally debut to the public on Friday, May 16 at 6:00 p.m., and we’ve got a first look at the game Downtown Grand touted as “unprecedented,” “crazy fun” and “unlike anything Vegas has ever seen,” which is technically the same thing as “unprecedented,” but let’s not get bogged down in details. Behold, Street Dice!

Street Dice Downtown Grand

Yes, there are dice, but don’t get your hopes up about the “street” part.

We should get something out of the way right up front: The name “Street Dice” is a misnomer. The game is played on the sidewalk outside Downtown Grand, not on the street.

Street Dice

“Sidewalk Dice Under an Awning” doesn’t have the same ring to it.

Street Dice is, as advertised, unprecedented. And it can only be found at Downtown Grand at the moment.

It’s played on a special table, with a unique layout, and the dice are thrown against a large, enclosed, simulated wall.

Yeah, rumors of the dice being thrown against an actual wall appear to have been thwarted by the Nevada Gaming Commission. At one time, the game was going to face the wall of Downtown Grand, but regulators nixed that, so the game was turned parallel to the wall.

Street Dice

We’ll be withholding our “meh” until we get a chance to play. We’re fair like that.

The dice used in the game are not, as was predicted by many (including this Las Vegas blog), larger-than-life dice. No fuzzy dice. No inflatable dice. No epic dice. Just, you know dice, although they’re about twice the size of regular craps dice. They’re the largest legal casino dice, apparently.

Street Dice

It gets even better.

The dice are retrieved by a “stick” of sorts, but it’s really one of those grabber thingys you use to get objects off the high-up shelves in your kitchen.

Street Dice stick

Yes, “grabber thingy” is the technical name.

Now, for the layout and game play.

Street Dice

The brick motif is awesome, but would be even more so if the game involved actual bricks.

Players make their basic bet, then throw the dice. Go ahead and set them if you like. The “wall” you’re shooting against is 10 feet away, so controlling the dice would be beyond impossible.

If you roll a 2, 3 or 12 on the first roll, you lose your bet. A seven is a “push.” Only an 11 wins on the first roll (it pays even money).

If you roll something other than those numbers, the dealer marks the point, and you have three rolls to hit the number again. There’s a digital counter on the wall that counts down from three.

Street Dice

Counting backward from three is, you know, a lot harder than counting to three.

Payouts on the numbers, if hit, vary based upon which roll it is, first, second or third. For the numbers 4 and 10, hitting the number on the first roll pays 5-to-1, second roll pays 4-to-1 and third roll pays 3-to-1. For 5 and 9, hitting the number on the first roll pays 4-to-1, second roll pays 3-to-1 and third roll pays 2-to-1. For 6 and 8 (the most commonly-rolled numbers, after seven), hitting the number on the first roll pays 3-to-1, second roll pays 2-to-1 and third roll pays even money.

If you roll a seven (the most commonly-rolled number) after the point has been established, you lose your bet.

So, hit your point (win), “seven out” (lose) or fail to hit the point in three rolls (lose), and you start all over again.

The casino has wisely put the rules and payouts right on the layout, so even the drunkest of us can keep track of our wins and losses. Especially that last thing.

Street Dice payouts

Thanks for the convenient payout table, layout designer persons.

That’s pretty much it. Easy game, easy payout table. To illustrate the simplicity of the game, we grabbed these photos as dealers (presumably dice dealers in the main casino) were being trained to run Street Dice, and their entire training took less than five minutes.

The straightforward nature of Street Dice at Downtown Grand should make it accessible to people intimidated by traditional craps, as well as those with far too much disposable income.

There’s one side bet in the game, just to keep things interesting.

The side bet in Street Craps is called a “Brick Bet” (again, no actual bricks, and this bet must be made before the start of a roll). It pays if an established point of 4, 6 , 8 or 10 hits as a pair, or “hard way,” within three rolls. On the “come out,” or set-the-point roll, 2, 3, 5, 9 and 12 lose, as those aren’t among the four numbers (4, 6, 8, 10) that can be made the hard way. A roll of 7 loses, too. An 11 on the set-point roll is a push. A winning “Brick Bet” pays 25-to-1.

Street Dice

Traditional craps has more than 100 bets and bet combinations. Street dice? Two.

So, will we play Street Dice when it makes its grand entrance at Downtown Grand? Yes! Do we expect to win? Hell, no!

Street Dice isn’t about winning. It’s about having fun, and it’s about playing a casino game outside. It’s a novelty, and it will definitely garner some interest as a one-of-a-kind table game.

Unfortunately, Street Dice’s hype doesn’t appear to match the final product (imagine that in Las Vegas), so we’re going out on a limb to say there won’t be much of a wait to play.

Downtown Grand can’t seem to overcome its challenging location, despite a number of excellent offerings nearby (including Pizza Rock and Triple George, both outstanding restaurants), and it’s unlikely Street Dice will have much impact there. Downtown Grand’s restaurants, like Stewart + Ogden, have improved a lot since the hotel opened, but even vastly improved food can’t seem to help the hotel’s struggling casino.

When it comes to Downtown Grand, we tend to follow the philosophy below.

Downtown Grand

We remain optimistic, but not inexhaustibly so.

Still, we love us some Vegas newness, and we’re looking forward to trying Street Dice during the last few moderate days of spring before Las Vegas slips into its predictable 100-degrees-plus summer. (When an outdoor table gets hot in Vegas, it really gets hot!)

Will you try your hand at Street Dice? If you do, we’d love to hear about your experience.

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  • Joshua Lowy

    I’m all for new casino games…especially when they involve dice, but I’d have to wait and see Wizard of Odds do an analysis on the odds before I try it out. I remember they did a football themed craps game but I never got a chance to play it before it disappeared…and this version seems a heck of a lot less intriguing than the football one.

    • Steven Brown
      • Joshua Lowy

        Thx for sharing…5%+ HA is way too steep in my opinion- especially to stand out doors downtown. I don’t see the thrill in playing this game.

        • vitalvegas

          It seems like it might be one of those games you circle as you’re roaming around. You might stop and give it a try once, but it’s definitely more of a novelty.

      • vitalvegas

        Thanks, Steven. Happy to see others doing the math so we don’t have to!

    • vitalvegas

      Oh, yeah, tried that football craps game at O’Sheas back in the day. This one’s much less interesting, although we saw a player get a good hit, so it might be worth a try.

  • Matt S.

    This was one of the things that initially got me excited about Downtown Grand. Definitely a bit of a letdown, mainly because of the uninviting appearance of the setup. Hoping that your test run proves to be fun so I can justify throwing some money at Street Dice!

    • vitalvegas

      I’d say it’s worth a try. After it opened, we watched for 10 minutes as a guy won his “Brick Bet,” with $15 on it, times 25. That was a nice chunk of change.

  • You Can Bet on That

    Geez, I don’t know. I can’t see regular craps players playing this for very long; they’ll get bored and head for the real craps table. And I can’t see non-craps players playing for very long because of how often the bet loses (despite the bigger payoffs when it wins). Best of luck to them, though. I’m always for new games at the casino.

    • vitalvegas

      Agreed! This won’t hold much allure for craps players. It’s more for folks who don’t want to learn craps, but who still like dice games.

  • Vice

    I’m betting the Casino cut is around 8%

    • vitalvegas

      A little less, but yeah, it’s not the best…appears to be around the same house advantage as roulette.

  • Vice

    Those 7/5 DDB Paytables keep me away from the DT Grand!

    • vitalvegas

      Yeah, they don’t have a great rep in that regard. There are things to like, but you have to look for them. The food’s gotten a lot better, so there’s that.

  • Eugene Cottrell

    Honestly…can’t you all see that this is just punishment for some sap croupier that they can’t figure out any other way to get rid of? Who really wants to deal outside in 100 degree heat? and how many players can you really expect to do the same?

    • vitalvegas

      The dealers seemed to be enjoying the change of scenery, but this game is unlikely to be around long.

  • Irene Cheng

    Did anyone notice that the date in the post is October 27, 2103??

    • vitalvegas

      Nope, you were the only one. Thanks for letting us know!