Our Favorite Casino Cafe is Expanding at Binion’s

The home of one of the best burgers in Las Vegas, Binion’s Cafe, is about to double in size, and we had to stop by for a security breach to document the restaurant’s expansion.

A sign near the old-school cafe says it will be expanded “starting January 2014,” but from the looks of the work going on, “starting in 2014” is more likely to be “finished in January 2014.” (The casino’s getting new carpet, too, and that process is already under way as well.)


Please try and keep up, sign.

The first hint of the expansion is a large construction curtain next to the ever-bustling cafe.


Must. Not. Breach. Security. Probably.

There’s another barrier on the Benny’s Bullpen Sports Bar side.


In Vegas, it’s important to practice safe construction.

Sadly, the construction curtain and plastic sheeting made it impossible to photograph the space the cafe is expanding into, we laughed.

Here’s a look at the expansion-in-progress.

Binion's Cafe expansion

The future home of our 800th Binion’s burger.

Business is good at the Binion’s Cafe, so it’s about time the joint had its pants let out. Or something.

Binion's Cafe

You might not be able to tell from its intimate dining area, but the Binion’s Cafe has already been expanded once. More is always better in Vegas.

Nevermind those celebrity chefs on The Strip! L.G., pictured below, is a superstar in his own right, cranking out the cafe deliciousness on a grill that’s been seasoned to perfection since around the turn of the century (and we’re not talking about the most recent one).

Binion's cook

L.G. is a master of whatever that utensil is called.

L.G. and the Binion’s Cafe team make a variety of dishes, but just have the burger, already. It costs $6.45, but it’s $89.45 worth of awesome.

Binion's burger

Consider your hangover subdued.

Soon, there will be even more to love at one of Sin City’s classic casinos, Binion’s. And don’t forget to have your photo taken with a million dollars while you’re there.

4 thoughts on “Our Favorite Casino Cafe is Expanding at Binion’s

  1. Steven Brown

    Is it me, or wouldn’t it have made more sense to reopen the old coffee shop instead of expanding what they call their coffee shop these days?

    1. vitalvegas

      Yeah, they had a visibility problem. The cashier did say, “I hope they get me out of the middle of this damn walkway,” though. “)

  2. JeffinOKC

    I agree, Steven. Although I love the food from the café, it reminds me of a snack bar at a Flea Market. I don’t like the way it Is just stuck in the middle of the casino floor. I wish they would guide people to the other snack bar (on the west side of the old Mint floor, behind the poker room), or reopen the coffee shop downstairs (although they might think they don’t have enough business to justify reopening and equipping the space), or use that space on the north end that is just lobby, cheesy Chinese shirts and poker tournament overflow.

    1. vitalvegas

      It’s booming where it is, though, and casinos tend to build upon what they see already working. It’s cool. Don’t think anyone expects an intimate dining experience there–it’s a grab and go kinda joint.


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