Failed Fontainebleau Las Vegas Project Partially Redeemed By Candid New Billboard

Yes, the failed, 68-floor Fontainebleau Las Vegas project is an ungodly eyesore.

Yes,¬†Fontainebleau is a monument to the Great Recession and corporate hubris, whatever “hubris” might be.

And, yes, Fontainebleau is incredibly difficult to spell.

Fontainebleau is all those things, but there may be a bright side. Fontainebleau may actually have a sense of humor about itself.

Fontainebleau Las Vegas

Can a failure on the scale of Fontainebleau Las Vegas be redeemed by a simple act of truth-telling? Probably not, but we needed a caption for this photo.

The future of this sad chapter in Las Vegas history is unclear, but for the moment, Fontainebleau Las Vegas has made us smile, and that will tide us over until they tear this monstrosity down, already.

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  • Josh

    It’s not funny. Just get rid of the whole thing asap, please.

    • Agreed! (Well, not about the funny part, that’s a bit more subjective.) Take it down or finish it, but that seems unlikely at this point. You can see all the furniture at the Plaza.

    • Josh


  • Todd

    If you’re looking to get a higher viewership, making up silly stories like this (which hurt your own credibility) is probably not the best way to do so. Please stop with this pointless articles. We’re here for Vegas news, not these poor attempts to be funny

    • Steven Brown

      If you want your Vegas news without snark, go to Las Vegas Advisor.

      • Scott Roeben

        Thanks, Steven. We’re fans of Las Vegas Advisor!

  • GetACluePeople

    I would like to know from the author is this a true and correct photo? Cause if so, this is hilarious and kudos for being the first to report on it. Screw the rest of you for having no sense of humor at all. This is some funny shit.

  • MrCravat

    “Sh*t Happens” so the saying goes………Q.E.D.

    Spoiled my view from the 30th floor of Hilton GV last November from seeing the planes fly in to McCarran.