Excavators Hit Mother Lode of WTF at Las Vegas Club

It was a distinctly “Only in Vegas!” moment when an excavator at the Las Vegas Club unearthed a cache of cheerleader uniforms during the demolition of the casino’s south tower.

No, really.

Las Vegas Club cheerleader uniforms

We’ll zoom in shortly, keep your pom poms on.

It was a sight to behold as scores of blue and yellow cheerleader outfits cascaded down from the eighteenth floor of the Las Vegas Club’s hotel tower.

Las Vegas Club demolition

As if we weren’t already turned on by the use of heavy machinery.

The Las Vegas Club, of course, was a sports-themed casino, so employees such as cocktail servers wore cheerleader uniforms.

In time, the theme faded and the cheerleader uniforms were stashed in one of the hotel’s uppermost rooms.

The uniforms sat unmolested for years, until demolition crews ripped open the storage room and gravity did the rest.

Las Vegas Club demolition

Note the uniform storage room at the top of the frame, complete with shelves and boxes of uniforms. Yes, there are more.

We’ve been watching the demolition of the Las Vegas Club obsessively, but the cheerleader costume “waterfall” was a highlight of the months-long process.

Crews are making quick work of the casino’s south tower, and will soon begin dismantling the north tower.

We can only imagine what treasures await the excavator’s maw.

Las Vegas Club demolition

We do not use the term “maw” lightly.

The Las Vegas Club is being demolished to make way for a new resort. Let’s just say we’re anxious to see the cocktail waitress uniforms.

15 thoughts on “Excavators Hit Mother Lode of WTF at Las Vegas Club

  1. Manybar Goatfish

    This time, instead of the demolition crew stopping vehicular and pedestrian traffic, vehicular and pedestrian traffic stopped itself. I’d cancel a trip to the Egyptian Pyramids for a visit to the Cheerleader Costume Waterfall. Bronto will never recover from this. He’ll die when he sees those pics.

  2. Mike L

    Interesting… did they empty most of the rooms first or did they just start excavating and plan to clean everything up from one big pile? I could see Derek Stevens trying to capitalize on selling those uniforms if he knew they were there like he sold the letters from the sign on the side of the hotel.

    1. Scott Roeben

      They did take out quite a bit of furniture and the like, but there’s a lot still in the rooms (like draps and carpeting), as well as finds like the uniforms (valet, cocktail waitress) and lots of toilets.

  3. slickpoetry

    They’re not really keeping the name “18 Fremont” for the new project, are they? It’s so bland. And there’s already a Fremont Casino. I don’t think consumers will get confused, but why not choose a name that sets you apart somehow?

    1. Steven Brown

      They’ve not announced a name yet, and 18 Fremont is the name of the company they created when they bought the property. Several years ago, Derek Stevens, through his company Desert Rock Enterprises II, trademarked the name Grandissimo as well as several Grandissimo-related web domains. This name still appears to be the favorite for the new resort, but he has said that he’s wanting folks to suggest names as well.

        1. Steven Brown

          It’s still in the running, as Derek mentioned during the Main Event of the Summit back in October that he still favors the name, but is open to suggestions.

    2. Scott Roeben

      18 Fremont is the placeholder name since the official name hasn’t been announced. It’s not out of the realm of possibility that’s in the running. Derek has said he hasn’t landed on a name yet, but the front runner is pretty great.

  4. Mike

    Any word if demolition has unearthed any poker chip finds?

    Casinos used to dispose of obsolete chips by mixing them in concrete of new construction and entombing them in thier new hotel towers. Chip finds have been unearthed during demolition at many strip properties.

    I’ve got chips from The Dunes & The Sands from their respective demolitions as well as a cool chuck of concrete that I was told came from a Flamingo renovation which contains chips and tokens from neighboring casinos like MGM Grand(the old one) & Imperial Palace coming out and inbedded throughout the chunk of concrete.

  5. Dal Sayers

    So we were just downtown this past week watching the LV Club coming down. Saw that blue and yellow “stuff” and had no idea what it was so thanx for that. Looking at those rooms was all a bit creepy at the same time. So decided to start a rumour that I saw the “ghost” or actual body of someone hanging in one of the rooms. Too morbid? Meh……


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