Excalibur Buffet Opens After $6.2 Million Renovation

The Buffet at Excalibur might not have the most creative name in the world, but it does have a new sheen, part of a $6.2 million renovation. Besides, naming things is hard.

Excalibur Buffet

Children age four and younger eat free. Five-year-olds pretty much get the shaft.

We popped in to check out the 35,000-square-foot buffet (it seats 610) for some photos, but were promptly kicked out before we could get any shots of the food. Because, apparently, the cheese blintzes at Excalibur’s buffet are the super top secret  kind.

Candidly, an aversion to allowing food photos doesn’t instill a lot of confidence in the fare at The Buffet.

Excalibur Buffet Las Vegas

You can pay for your buffet via these handy kiosks, an idea Excalibur completely didn’t rip off from the Bacchanal Buffet at Caesars Palace.

The newly-renovated buffet touts an “interactive dessert station,” which entails “going up to a counter and choosing a dessert.” It’s that kind of culinary innovation that’s given the Excalibur buffet a rock-solid “meh” rating on Yelp and TripAdvisor for the last several years. From what we could see, the food selection hasn’t been changed up much. But those things hanging from the ceiling!

Excalibur Buffet

We figure at least half of the $6.2 million went for those ceiling croissants.

In any event, the revamped space is clean and open. The restaurant can accommodate around 1,400 diners.

There are seven food stations, and a bar (bright spot!). Two of the food stations are the aforementioned desserts and another featuring salads.

The Buffet at Excalibur also serves up Italian, American, Asian and Latin stations. There’s also a “Carvery.”

Excalibur Buffet

We’re not exactly wandering into “feeding frenzy” territory here.

The buffet’s hours are 7:00 a.m. to 10:00 p.m., with prices ranging from $17.99 for breakfast to $18.99 for lunch, and $23.99 for dinner (Sunday through Thursday) or $26.99 (Friday and Saturday).

There’s a seafood buffet on Friday only, 4:00 p.m. to 10:00 p.m., for $26.99. There’s also a weekend brunch for $21.99, 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday. Which definitely qualify as being the weekend.

Excalibur Buffet

More than 80% of Las Vegas visitors indulge in a buffet during their stay.

An all-day pass to The Buffet at Excalibur runs $35.99 (Monday through Thursday) and $39.99 (Friday and Sunday). Let us know how that goes.

Excalibur Las Vegas

Insert a gratuitous photo of Excalibur here, possibly so you can share it on Pinterest. (We’ll wait.)

Get more details at the Excalibur’s official buffet Web site, and before any trip to a Las Vegas buffet, make sure to read our wildly informative story about how to get the most from your buffet visit.

Excalibur Buffet Renovation


12 thoughts on “Excalibur Buffet Opens After $6.2 Million Renovation

  1. Carl D. Orr

    I stayed at Excalibur for one night about 5-6 years ago, and with the food/beverage credit attached, I ate at the buffet for something like $2 out of pocket. It was worth every penny, but only just.

  2. Rebecca Kennedy

    Scott, did you actually eat there when you were trying to take pictures, or were you trying to take pictures from afar? I often wonder when I am taking pics if they are going to ask me to stop. Especially when I am photographing the game tables.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Yep, just went by for pics. I guess I get why casinos don’t want you taking photos, but they make a pretty weak argument. Restaurants? That’s just being paranoid, and places proud of their establishment are proud to have it photographed and shared.

      1. Rebecca Kennedy

        Seems like they would be on Instagram and love the extra publicity. Go figure! Maybe it was just a certain manager having a bad day and you were a good target. Who knows. Well that can’t stop us from taking more pictures. lol


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