Everything You Need to Know About MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

It’s a wonder of technology and it’s being built in Las Vegas.

It’s called MSG Sphere, at least for the moment. (Expect a naming rights deal at some point.)

This $1.8 billion performance venue is unlike anything you’ve ever seen, and it’s scheduled to
open in 2023.

MSG Sphere

It may not look like much now, but give it a minute.

The road to making the MSG Sphere a reality hasn’t been bump-free, but builder Madison Square Garden Entertainment believes the new venue will mark a techtonic shift in live entertainment, and if that’s going to happen anywhere, it has to happen in Las Vegas.

The MSG Sphere is located just off the Las Vegas Strip, just east of the Venetian and Palazzo.

Best. Aquarium. Ever.

Here’s an awesome video that shows why the MSG Sphere is so special, and what’s in store when it opens.

Some fun facts about MSG Sphere:

googie The Sphere will be 366 feet tall and 516 feet wide at its widest point.

googie The fourth largest crawler crane in the world, the DEMAG CC-8800, was used to build the Sphere. The crane took 18 days to assemble.

googie The Sphere will have 17,500 seats.

googie It will have the highest resolution screen in the world at 19,000 by 13,500 pixels. That’s 100 times clearer than today’s best HD TVs.

In a town built upon sensory stimulation, MSG Sphere is bringing what’s next.

googie The screen covers an area larger than three football fields.

googie The outside of the Sphere will have about 600,000 square feet of programmable lighting.

googie The venue will use an acoustic system utilizing “beamforming” technology, with 157,000 ultra-directional speakers.

googie The Sphere will also feature an infrasound haptic system enabling audiences to feel the sound.

googie The Sphere’s dome alone weighs 13,000 tons and has a surface area of 220,000 square feet.

The Sphere’s top will soon be augmented, which is the law in Las Vegas.

googie The dome uses six million pounds of steel.

googie An idential Sphere is planned for Stratford, East London, but is expected to be far less interesting because that one’s not in Las Vegas.

googie A 1,000-foot pedestrian bridge will connect the sphere to the Sands Expo (to be called the Venetian Expo as of Sep. 1, 2021).

There will be a quiz.

Just when you think you’ve seen everything in Las Vegas, Las Vegas makes more to see!

And in the case of MSG Sphere, more to hear, too.

Whatever anyone (including us) might say about the challenges of building (like contractor drama) or paying for The Sphere (the original cost was supposed to be $1.2 billion), there’s no denying the Sphere is an engineering wonder and will likely be a huge draw when it debuts.

We’ll be in attendance at the unveiling, so be there orb be square!

25 thoughts on “Everything You Need to Know About MSG Sphere in Las Vegas

  1. Steve W.

    This sounds like a money loser, and it sounds unique and worthy of major events.

    Why not build it on an empty lot adjacent to a major casino, or behind a casino, attached to the back of the house? Why not build it in some way that connects it to a major casino property?

    It’ll be connected to the expo center? Oh boy!

    I’ve been past the property plenty of times, and I’m left wondering how they expect 17,000+ people to get in and out of there efficiently for a major event.

    Great idea, highly questionable location.

    1. Venetian Worker

      The new owners walked the property last month and the only thing they had to say was concerning this. They are now building the bridge all the way to the Palazzo casino instead of to the Venetian Expo. It’s going to be amazing!

  2. Aging Sports bettor

    Thanks Scott
    This place is more important than Circa or Resorts World for the future. Why? Events. We need more events for the tourist corridor and venus to support. Good luck to MSG on this endeavor.

  3. Venetian Worker

    I’ve enjoyed watching them build this for the last few years. I work in the Venetian and I’ll take my breaks and watch them lower the trusses into place. That crane is massive, and watching them bring the workers down at the end of their shift is nerve wracking!

    This video was excellent. The MSG Sphere (and the follow up one in London) will be hard to beat!

  4. Mark

    Would love to see them put an IMax theater into this thing. Would make for an amazing movie going experience. But then again tickets would be astronomical in price.

    1. Kidbanker

      Put an IMAX in there? This is 100x IMAX. You’d better bring a change of shorts, you don’t have a clue. Try the video.

  5. Michael Alexakis

    I anticipate some World Records will be broken at MSG Sphere, like most expensive beer on a per cup basis… We had our first Los Angeles Rams game with fans at our new Sofi Stadium last week, $80 to park your car, even though the stadium site has empty land surrounding it. Private money built Sofi, private money is building MSG Sphere, have at it investors, just know you are pricing out a lot of folks, some of us will simply refuse to chip in to your visions…

    1. William Joseph A.

      Amen sister! I can put a price on entertainment, and I do. Plenty of people have money, and are willing to throw it away on a beer at an event. I’m not.

      If an event at the orb has an average ticket price of $100, which seems plausible, then a single show is going to bring in $1.7 million plus on tickets. Add to that the obscene profit on alcohol, minus the cost of $15/hour workers to serve it, and that’s a lot of money for one Imagine Dragons concert. Of course there’s $1.8 billion to recoup, so good luck with that.

      If people will pay it, fine. Imagine Dragons are junk, and don’t deserve anywhere near $1.7 million in ticket sales for their garbage. No entertainer is that special. But we’ve been conditioned to believe we need to spend big money for memorable experiences. Guess what, that Green Day concert I went to 15 years ago. Pretty forgettable all these years later. But it must have been the greatest experience of my life. I spent over $200 that night. You can’t buy memories like that. Not even for $200.

      1. Jackson

        Maybe you just need to pick better performers?

        I still fondly remember parts of the Reba McEntire I saw 20+ years ago. The same holds true for the Trisha Yearwood show from that era.

        That said, not every performer is going to thrive in this arena. But, try imagining something like Pink Floyd’s The Wall in this space. Done right, that would be an epic experience you’d likely remember.

        1. Me

          Exactly! If you’re complaining about a $100 ticket then you haven’t looked at how much it is to watch a concert at Resorts World. You’ll get way more bang for your buck here, and if you can’t afford it, then you shouldn’t be going to a concert anyways.

          The right performer who can take advantage of the special acoustics and video wall will give you a show you’ll never forget.

      2. Kidbanker

        I’ve seen Green Day several times, they’re fun, but I spent less than $100 tonight and GNR beats the snot out of those brats from Berkeley, every time. Hey Jerk, the Dragons are a hometown band, so piss off. They easily sell out the biggest arena in town, which they did tonight, a few blocks from GNR. Another commenter that obviously is not from Vegas. Thanks for playing, and no, most of us don’t give a s*** about the next time Green Day plays.

  6. Scott Maryland

    This looks like a fantastic venue companies to premiere new products with that giant video installation. I can see a major company renting out the facility to bring in key customers, vendors and employees along with the media for a big time product introduction.

    1. Jackson

      Yes, that could be a good way to fill up the place during the day a couple of times each year.

      Hopefully, the architects have thought about how the place functions when only a portion of the seating is used. One theatre in Los Angeles can install partitions to wall off parts of the mezzanine. That makes the place feel slightly smaller, which works for shows that can’t fill up the entire theatre.

      Certainly, this venue won’t be installing temporary walls to hide the balcony seats. But, hopefully there’s a way to make the place feel less cavernous (lighting, only using a portion of the massive screen) when just the main floor seating is being used. If architects can manage that, your idea seems great.

  7. Cj

    It’s one giant tit (build another one next to it and make it a pair!)

    Needs separate multi-level parking / pick up and drop off for Uber Lyft Taxi from those serving nearby Resorts!

    Needs better access to Resorts for dining (and for Resort guests to get back and forth from!)

    That’s Resort connector, not Convention connector! This shit was all in the approved blueprints before construction started (I’m sure there was a 3D CAD presentation, too). And yet it takes for a project to be 90% before Executives to go, “oh we need parking and pedestrian access from our Resorts!” ?

    I think we got some multiple 2021 Darwin Awards to hand out!

  8. Molly Vegas

    Love the clueless trolls who poo-poo what they think they don’t know about Las Vegas.

    The MSG Sphere has already altered how residencies are being created in Vegas. Headliners today who still think they will be headlining in 2023 want to get invited to play here. Yes, there will be process for them to get invited.

    Even MGM is worried about the business they will lose when this goes live… Sheldon is smiling down on this and that makes it so much fun to watch the construction!!

    1. Michael Alexakis

      A residency show a half a mile away from a hotel? A residency show at a venue not owned by a hotel? A residency show at a 17,500 arena? A very small number of artists can pack one night at the MSG Sphere, let alone two weeks. Casino/resorts always write gambling and dining into any equation involving entertainment, this place will be too long of a walk from The Palazzo to guarantee that show attendee’s have to do that walk through. And Sheldon Adelson left Las Vegas, was Jewish, and likely would not get real excited by a costly venue that won’t even be open everyday. The Venetian was never known as a major venue for entertainers…

  9. Vegas BS Master

    Methinks KISS will migrate to the Sphere in 2023 when opened and after their 3-month new residency ends in Feb 2022 at Planet Hollywood. Don’t know how many shows per week they wil perform in the Sphere, but some number and they will draw both foreign visitors as well as domestic U.S. fans. audience in big numbers consistently. That being said, there is expected to be some serious corporate players that will utilize the Sphere for both private, large events, and stockholder meetings, as well as many promotional/marketing type of events hosted within CES, NAB, and many other large conventions. The opportunity to perform at the Sphere won’t be cheap in production development costs, to be sure. Participants will have to have deep pockets for show development as everything in the Sphere is state of the art and very large scale. This alone will preclude most artists/entertainers from being able to perform there unless under a joint(combined) kind of show with other artists/entertainers. An odd idea would be to produce a super-sized, combined, cirque du Soleil project that runs at a certain frequency of shows each week. So many options, so much additional opportunity. Very exciting!

  10. Manuel

    I’m really confused because I have read in other publications that the sphere will be a hotel even with a trip to the moon, but what about the Arena?Or are they both at the same time?


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