Entertainment Rumors Abound at SLS Las Vegas

SLS Resort is undergoing a major renovation, and from some of the rumblings we hear, changes won’t just take the form of new restaurants and a revamped casino floor.

We hear the successful male revue, “Magic Mike Live,” currently at Hard Rock Hotel & Casino, will be making a move to SLS Las Vegas in 2020. Word is the show will close at Hard Rock in November 2019.

This is surprising as it’s been reported “Magic Mike Live” would stay on at Hard Rock after the resort transitions to Virgin Hotel.

Magic Mike Live

It’s like we’re looking in a mirror.

Chatter at SLS leads us to believe the resort will make a significant investment (rumored to be in the neighborhood of $10 million) to customize a theater space to showcase “Magic Mike Live.”

Another rumor has it longtime Strip fixture Frank Marino, of “Diva’s Las Vegas,” was eyeing SLS for a residency.

Marino’s “Divas Las Vegas” closed under a cloud of controversy at Linq casino after we reported some shady dealings related to solicitation of charitable contributions which never made it to the charity, among other alleged transgressions. Read more.

The ethical questions plaguing Marino have apparently made it tough for him to find a venue for his show on The Strip. Insiders tell us he was turned down by Westgate, Strat, Mirage and others.


We figured Frank Marino might throw in the towel, but never doubt a diva.

Update (5/26/19): It’s now sounding like Frank Marino will end up at Hooters. Hey, entertainment news in Las Vegas is fluid. So to speak.

There are also rumors about two existing shows at SLS, comedians Eddie Griffin and Mo’Nique. We hear both these shows will be shown the door, despite them selling well. Experience tells us this could be an effort to tweak the demographics at SLS, but that’s a really awkward subject, so we’ll just move on.

None of the rumors shared here have been announced or confirmed, but don’t be surprised if official announcements are made soon.

SLS Las Vegas is well worth a visit. You’ll want to check out the casino renovation, and make sure to try Cleo restaurant while you still can.

Update (6/3/19): Here’s some fresh scoop! We’re hearing SLS will be renamed (wait for it) Sahara Hotel & Casino. It has been long rumored the hotel would get the name Grand Sahara Resort, but management reconsidered because they thought it might be confused with Grand Sienna Resort, a Reno resort, also owned by Alex Meruelo.

19 thoughts on “Entertainment Rumors Abound at SLS Las Vegas

  1. Johnny

    You can always put more lipstick on the pig, but it’s still a pig. The best thing they can do is keep the hotel full a find some other volume drivers and most importantly, ready? Wait for it……. create some value and quit gouging

    1. William Wingo

      My sentiments exactly, but I don’t think anyone is considering that seriously. Maybe Carl Icahn will buy it out of bankruptcy someday.
      My last visit to the Sahara was to see Rich Little, back in the 1990s–or maybe even the 1980s, since he was doing Ronald Reagan impressions. Since then, I haven’t seen or heard of anything happening there that made me want to go back.
      By the way, Rich did a great Johnny Carson/Karnak the Magnificent bit that night, the best part of which I reproduce here as a public service:
      Answer: “A home run and a triple…a catcher’s glove and a first baseman’s glove…and Dolly Parton.”
      Question: “Name two big hits; two big mitts; and…a country and western star!”

  2. Mike

    A little off topic…anyone heard what is going to happen to Raiding the Rock Vault after Virgin takes over?

  3. Johnny Taylor

    Diva’s and Frank are dinosaurs and need to be extinct ….Real Rumor is they are opening at Hooters…let the #HasBeenofLasVegas (#queenoflasvegas) loose his much bragged about money. The only way a show of his will survive is if he pays for it to survive. He is done………….

  4. Magic Steve

    I saw the Divas show several years ago, before it was the Linq, IIRC. Besides the fact that Frank’s bit as Joan Rivers was dated and played out, the rest of the divas weren’t all that amazing. Every dude plays 2-3 celebrities, which I imagine ain’t all that hard. If you’re a skinny dude who can fit into a tiny dress, a little make up and a wig can turn you into Xtina Aguilera as easily as it can turn you into Britney. Or so I’ve heard.

    It was rather lame, and it wasn’t a cheap ticket. I went because I had that all access pass deal for 48 hours, and used it to see both the divas and Human Nature prior to. I think the Human Nature tickets were the cheaper ticket, but it was far more entertaining, and their show seemed to require far more talent than that of lip syncing ladyboys.

    Don’t get me wrong, a dude in a dress is always funny. But Johnny T. is spot on, Mother Nature and Father Time have passed Frank’s diva show by, and even if Frank had kept his financial matters in order, his act was played out.

    I agree with Johnny T., as well. It’s a show that’s deserving of a death sentence at Hooters. The divas show deserves no more dignity than Gordie Brown.

  5. Ryan

    Man… I miss the original Sarah there at the end of the strip… Lots of fond memories eating at the buffet and riding their overpriced, 6-second rollercoaster.

    1. Long Time Reader, First Time Commenter

      I have to assume that’s some sort of autocorrect error but if it’s not, on behalf of Sarah……..Ouch!!!!

  6. Deana

    We went to SLS to eat at Cleo last week. We were not impressed with the “renovations.” They removed the amazing video screen and center bar. Now it looks like a wing of the Orleans, or South Point. Boring, Brown & Gold. Average. My Uncle from NYC commented “Wow all these casinos look exactly the same.” Per usual Cleo was the jewel we all know and love. The waiter said it was most likely closing, rumors of another Strip location. But he said, “You’ll probably have to go to L.A. to eat at Cleo.”

  7. Nate

    Disclosure: I’m a local who lives near SLS

    1. Despite an EXTREMELY awkward transition, the SLS is VASTLY improved under Murillo’s ownership. The casino is inviting and bright and has clean lines, the table limits are reasonable and the VP is surprisingly reasonable odds.

    2. The restaurant offerings are worth a visit by tourist or locals, and while pricey they are reasonable by “strip” standards.

    3. While it’s a small “resort” (casino + hotel is a better description) they would be very wise to offer no resort fees on top of their free parking and more convention friendly rates.

    I think when they finish their renovations and fill out their entertainment offerings they could be the Linq of the North Strip (which would be a good thing)

  8. Fact Checker in Vegas

    SLS just announced they were extending Ester Goldberg’s Outrageously priced Brunch through October… Johnny Kats posted an awesome video from Sundays show (Mother’s Day) which must have had 10’s of people in attendance. And the song that Sarah Hester Ross did at Composers Showcase tells the real story at SLS.

    Magic Mike spent millions building out the theatre at HRH; the thought that they’d move into that abandoned warehouse at SLS is silly.

    All this hub bub about Divas is just fake news; the real story is far less intriguing but Vital Vegas can keep on trying to make it seem like a much bigger deal. Fact is Caesars wanted Divas our because they had a lengthy exclusive “drag show” contract with Frank — and they wanted to try and land Ru Paul… No headline show could survive at 4pm, then 7pm, then 5pm… Caesars operated the Box Office, the issue with charity donations was at the Box Office — and if you think any headliner even knows where the Box Office is much less how it operates you’re out of your mind.

    The comments from out of work ‘entertainers’ is really entertaining… Or I guess playing The Space and 99 Convention is considered working because Hooters wouldn’t even take you. Street performing is still cool, right?

    No matter how nice SLS try’s to make that a nice property no one goes there intentionally.

  9. Kev

    Since you are mentioning Johnny Kats article, Vital Vegas should also know that months ago, the investigation ended. I don’t know why Vital Vegas is the only one who keeps bringing it unless Vital Vegas is trying to get more views for this blog. It’s unfair to do that to somebody when you don’t know all the facts. Frank Marino is very loved by this community and it seems like those people slinging the mud are just jealous.

    And one more comment, I hear the Rupaul people are still delaying any thoughts of working in Vegas, because the hotels are making it so difficult to make a deal.

    1. Jealous Steve

      Jealous of what? If you’re going to be jealous of an entertainer, Frank M. is about the last person to be jealous of. Frank doesn’t have to apologize for his career, and it beats pushing a pencil from 9 to 5, but posting “Diva” rumors is a far cry from jealousy of an outdated drag show performer.

    2. Scott Roeben Post author

      Frank wrote to me via Twitter a couple of weeks ago to say the investigation is ongoing. He is beloved by some, but there are strong emotions on both sides. People aren’t jealous, they are bothered by unscrupulous behavior. Thanks for the info. about RuPaul. I hadn’t heard he was trying to get a show going here.

  10. Strkr31

    I know you won’t’ say it, but I will. If Eddie and Mo’Nique’s shows are being cancelled because the management doesn’t want “all those black people” bringing down their property values / scaring off the rich Whites and Asians then that is just despicable. IF that is the case, a curse on their house and here’s to hoping it fails spectacularly.

  11. cathy Cisneros

    I heard a rumor that a magician named David Fox is going to be a household name there. Appearing 2 shows a nite dark Tuesday and Wednesday. True or false. He os very good. I would love it to be true.


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