English Hotel Planned for Downtown Las Vegas

We must’ve missed the memo, but it appears there are plans for an English Hotel downtown.

Job postings for the English Hotel have been cropping up on popular recruitment sites.

Positions describe the English Hotel as “soon to open,” and it will be located in downtown’s Arts District.

Todd English Hotel

The English Hotel will use a “pre-engineered modular wall system,” whatever that might be.

It seems the English Hotel will be operated by Sightline Hospitality.

The English Hotel will have 74 rooms with 11 private patios and 12 upper floor suites, according to the job postings.

The “English” in the English Hotel is a reference to celebrity chef Todd English.

According to the job listings, “Todd English’s signature restaurant will be a feature of this modern hotel which embraces the art district culture. The hotel and restaurant will create a new and authentic and artistic experience for both locals and tourists.”

At this point, the English Hotel is looking for a Controller and Chief Engineer and General Manager.

It’s a surprising turn of events given we’re not sure this hotel has been officially announced yet, and certainly not widely publicized.

What’s also somewhat surprising is Todd English has been popping up all over Las Vegas, including at Virgin Las Vegas (Olive’s) and Area 15 (The Beast).

The Beast Area 15

Accused of sexual harassment, calls his restaurant The Beast. Self-awareness, much?

Todd English, of course, was shown the door by MGM Resorts following his sexual harassment scandal.

In 2017, his name was removed from Todd English P.U.B. at Aria and his Olive’s restaurant was closed at Bellagio.

No official reason was ever given for English getting the boot, but this isn’t rocket science.

A number of women claimed English and his staff created a “culture of sexual harassment.” Read more.

Allegations included “creepy comments, unwarranted groping and repugnant remarks.”

So, pretty much any restaurant on any given night, sadly.

Many expected Todd English would never set foot in Las Vegas again, but Las Vegas was built on short memories.

Interestingly, Sightline Hospitality says it’s partnering with “woman-owned developer Z Life Company” for the English Hotel (and other projects). Emphasis on “woman-owned.”

The project claims to be affiliated with Marriott’s Tribute Portfolio.

Should Todd English get another shot in Las Vegas?

Our answer: We looked, but couldn’t find any evidence Todd English has ever apologized for his behavior or that of his cohorts.

Sin City tends to circle the wagons when it comes to sexual harassment (the “Me Too” movement brought down exactly one guy, Steve Wynn), and it remains to be seen if the English  brand can regain its footing in Las Vegas.

We like shiny new things, but sometimes they get an asterisk.

13 thoughts on “English Hotel Planned for Downtown Las Vegas

  1. Mark

    You’re a bit too heavy on the sexual harassment angle. There’re two ways to look at the singular Wynn case.
    I doubt Vegas is short on plaintiff lawyers, of all ambitions.


    I had coworker at a previous job who said she was harassed by English at an event. I’m no huge fan of cancel culture but where there’s smoke there’s usually fire. Vegas is big on forgive and (mostly) forget though so if he can keep his hands to himself I guess people will make up their own minds. I for one will not step foot in his places.

  3. Jackson

    The English Hotel will use a “pre-engineered modular wall system,” whatever that might be.


    Not a ton of detail, but it appears that each hotel room is manufactured off-site as a completed unit. It’s then stacked together with other pre-made rooms. Hook up the plumbing, electrical, and create some hallways and you’re done.

    That said, it doesn’t look like any of their other projects exist, yet. So, their claim that they can build a hotel in 8 months might simply be wishful thinking.

    Their website also says they offer “creative financial solutions by the project’s financial sponsor- Capella Mortgage.” That plus their claim that this is some fantastic “proprietary design” makes it all sound a bit too good to be true.

    Personally, the last thing I’d want to do with my new company that doesn’t currently have any actual projects would be to join forces with someone who got kicked out of high-profile hotels over a “Me, Too” scandal.

  4. Michael Alexakis

    Sexual predators and harasser’s are terrible at math, one plus one equals two every time, if you act like a creep you will get nothing every time… It’s really a tacit admission that you have nothing, that you are a douche bag, that you have no hope. All Steve Wynn and Todd English had to ever do and remain men of respect is stay in their lanes, maintain their dignity,, flout their earned clout as successful business people, it might have even led them to opportunities with some women, if that is what they desired. Your business power does not give you license to behave badly or violate laws, rules, or norms.

    1. MrBuzzKill

      I’ve always thought this type of predatory behavior was primarily assigned to men of extraordinary power and wealth who believed they were entitled to sexual favors. But now that you mention it, I can see that certain men, regardless of power, know they have zero chance with a woman and somehow that gives them license to do whatever they want. It’s a “what have I got to lose” thing. It’s only been recently that they had a lot to lose.

  5. Jeff

    “Me too” did bring down another significant name in Vegas beyond Steve Wynn. Mario Batali had multiple restaurants as well as being a major player in Eataly when in development before he was forced to step back for sexual misconduct.

    1. Scott Roeben Post author

      That wasn’t a Vegas thing. Vegas doesn’t do accountability to well. Technically, Wynn wasn’t, either–it took the WSJ to break the story.

  6. Jaxon

    Where in the Arts District is this supposed to be built? Downtown needs new development, beyond Derek Stevens.


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