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Embryo Wins $8.4 Million World Series of Poker at Rio

A 23-year-old Michigan State graduate, Ryan Riess, has won the World Series of Poker at Rio Las Vegas, snagging a sweet $8.4 million in prize money. Better than a summer job as a lifeguard, don’t you think?

Riess beat out a field of 6,352 players who each paid $10,000 to enter the world’s largest poker tournament. Riess not only won $8,361,570, the richest prize in sports, but also a coveted, $500,000 WSOP gold bracelet.

Note: That forced smile is in no way indicative of the glee that results from winning an ass-ton of money and the world’s coolest fashion accessory.

Not, technically, an embryo, but very close. Thanks to Joe Giron at the WSOP for the pic.

Interestingly, Riess is the sixth consecutive player under 25 to win the World Series of Poker.

The bulk of the World Series of Poker Main Event (there are 62 events overall) happened back in July, but the final nine players reconvened Nov. 4, 2013 at Rio Las Vegas. The competition ended the following evening.

Coming in second was Jay Farber, 29, who won $5.1 million. What a disappointment he must be to his parents.

Players from 107 countries took part in this year’s World Series of Poker, several of whom were old enough to tie their shoelaces without assistance.