Elon Musk’s People Mover to Include Stops at Wynn and Resorts World, Downtown “Likely”

Following the recent completion of two underground transportation tunnels at the Las Vegas Convention Center, Elon Musk’s Boring Co. is setting its sights on expanding to Resorts World, Wynn Las Vegas and beyond.

Elon Musk even confirmed our news Boring Co. is confident the new system will connect the airport to downtown Las Vegas.

Elon Tweet

That’s a pretty well-placed source.

Chatter about the airport-to-downtown expansion follows on the heels of two major Las Vegas resorts officially signing up for passenger stops, Resorts World and Wynn Las Vegas.

Here’s the map for the Resorts World tunnel plan.

Resorts World tunnel map

So, so close to Sapphire strip club. Just saying.

In case you suspect this is all a little whimsical, here’s the letter from Resorts World to the powers that be.

Resorts World tunnel

It’s official-official.

The Wynn tunnel will stop at Encore. Yes, there’s a map. We wouldn’t leave you hanging like that.

Encore tunnel

Everybody in town is going to want a piece of this action.

Here’s the official letter from Wynn Resorts, and here’s more about the announcement.

Wynn Resorts Boring letter

Wynn Resorts is clearly saving its paragraph breaks for a rainy day.

Each of the resorts clearly sees the benefit of having conventioneers dropped off at their doorsteps via this new transportation system.

See the full applications at TheVerge.com.

We anticipate more resorts jumping onboard, especially since we’ve been told Boring Co. is footing the bill for the tunneling. Casinos will be expected to contribute just the cost of the
“station” at their resort.

We’re putting “station” in quotation marks because we understand Boring Co. learned a lot from its tunnels at the Las Vegas Convention Center. Specifically, they learned stations are expensive and not really needed.

Elon Musk tunnels

The goal is for these Teslas to be autonomous, eventually, using the lines as visual “tracks.” They’ll start with drivers because people are babies.

The casino stops are more likely to be like openings in the tunnel, where Tesla vehicles can emerge for drop-offs and pick-ups, then head back underground with minimal need for expensive structures and amenities.

Translation: The cost to casinos will be dozens of thousands of dollars, not millions.

You can get a sense of what’s involved in this ramp/igloo rendering thingy. Pardon the technical jargon.

Boring Co.

Internally, this move is referred to as “porpoising,” which is undeniably adorable.

Here’s what the drop-off will look like at Resorts World.

Resorts World tunnel station

It’s basically like another roadway underground, but without traffic delays and crappy drivers.

We learned another fascinating fact gleaned from the convention center project. Boring Co. is saving about $20,000 a pop for the controllers used to direct the drills. The company now uses Xbox controllers. We are not making this up.

Such efficiencies are why Boring Co. has been able to do two .8 mile tunnels at the Las Vegas Convention Center for a relatively paltry $52.5 million.

Elon Musk and his Boring Co. have silenced many skeptics, and Musk’s team is now reaching out to resorts to find more partners, including at least one downtown.

Elon Musk Las Vegas map

How will all this happen? You know the drill.

It appears at least some of Boring Co.’s “conceptual future expansions” are already in the works.

Just give it a minute.

23 thoughts on “Elon Musk’s People Mover to Include Stops at Wynn and Resorts World, Downtown “Likely”

      1. Bill Larson

        i mean yea, basically. But higher speed, more point-to-point, and far cheaper. More like an underground bus or taxi than an underground train

  1. Matt Sexton

    Can we stop calling it a people mover and call it what it really is, that is a car tunnel that only Tesla cars will be able to use?

    1. Brett

      Eventually all autonomous electric vehicles that fit will be able to use it. Private cars, taxis, busses.

    2. Mark

      Before cities approve a project like a tunnel, expect them to have a say in the percentages of vehicles that will use it. For example if a city wants at least 50% or perhaps 90% of tunnel-using vehicles to hold at least 16 passengers like minibuses built on a Tesla chassis, the city can deny a permit unless that demand is agreed to. Las Vegas may not make those demands, but other cities can if they want.

      1. a

        this guy gets it. it’s a road tunnel, but buses/mini-buses can actually move as many people most transit systems if there are no intersections, backups, and no stopped vehicles in the main artery. some stretches can be autobahn speeds even. on top of that, once you average over 5 passengers in an EV, it’s actually cheaper than the average train or bus to maintain and operate because the light-duty nature of something like a Model-X chassis makes it cheaper. just ask yourself “why is a Ford transit cheaper per seat than a bus?” if you want to look it up, google “lifecycle cost Condon”

  2. Kevzilla

    Will Teslas have enough trunk space for everyone’s luggage? If it’s going to/from the airport, that matters.

    1. Miles

      pardon me, I’m a dummy trying to understand the application of this

      so this is basically an Uber Subway, is that right?

      (if so sounds cool)


    So if TBC is footing the bill for the tunneling, how do they make money in the long run? Charging for each ride? If so how will it compete with taxis/Uber, aside from in speed? Similar cost per ride?

    Also using actual Tesla vehicles seems an inefficient use of the tunnel space. Wouldn’t “pods” more form fit to the tunnel be more practical? I echo other comments on seeming lack of luggage space, especially from the airport.

    It all seems a little odd. But if it does take off you’ll see sweat on the brow of the Monorail.

    1. Brett

      The only requirements are that the vehicles be electric, autonomous, and fit in the tunnel. Initially, that will be Teslas but eventually other vehicles will meet these requirements too. Private vehicles, taxis, and busses will all have access to the tunnel with preference given to higher density vehicles at times of high demand.

      We’ve learned from the proposed route to the Ontario CA, airport that Tesla is building vehicles for 12 people and luggage specifically for the tunnels. No word on when they’ll be ready, but at the rate they’re digging the initial legs of the tunnel will be done before the high passenger pods.

    2. alex

      Complete Speculation: The Boring Company needs proof-of-concept before it can expand. No major metropolitan area is going to spend $$$$ on something that might not work. Once Vegas and the Ontario Airport systems (see Btett’s link above) are up and running, I’d guess that The Boring Company will start charging their future clients.

  4. F Leghorn

    In our experience, there isn’t much joy to be gained by the typical driver personalities who work for ride-hailing companies. We’ll be thrilled when AI drives the cars, plus you don’t need to tip a robot, do you? I’m a closet cheapskate.

  5. Bucky Sinclair

    They’ll need to be very careful when they’re near the Bank Resort. The ground is very unstable there, I’ve heard.

  6. Pete Kokkinis

    My additional 2 thoughts:
    1) Sahara got screwed.
    2) The route to/from LA will be a game changer for the Vegas economy.


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