Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas Gets Light Show

The Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas boasts some new bling. And, yes, we’re fully cognizant of the fact people haven’t used the word “bling” since 2008. You get the idea.

The Strip resort spent about $1.7 million installing lights on its Eiffel Tower replica in honor of the casino’s 20th anniversary.

The light show was unveiled with the requisite hoopla on Feb. 27, 2019, despite the fact the resort’s anniversary isn’t until Sep. 1. Paris opened on that date in 1999. Never let facts get in the way of a perfectly good hoopla!

Paris Las Vegas Eiffel Tower light show

The half scale Eiffel Tower at Paris has about 300,000 rivets. Yes, we counted.

The new light show runs every 30 minutes, from sunset to midnight.

The lighting system features “300 color washing Traxon ProPoint Wall Washer luminaires and more than 800 Traxon ProPoint Pixel luminaires.” In human words, that’s 300 colored lights and 800 strobes.

The lights are programmable and come in four colors (red, green, blue and white).

Check out our spectacularly slapped-together video of the new Eiffel Tower light show at Paris Las Vegas.

While the music in our video syncs with the light show, we aren’t entirely sure music accompanies the show at Paris. The best view of the light show is across the street at Bellagio, and they have their own music going to accompany the dancing fountains show.

And while we’re on the subject, it’s fairly obvious the Paris light show is meant to pull tourist eyeballs back across the street from Bellagio.

We’ve often talked about how surprising it is Bellagio’s Conservatory is still free, given trends toward casino cost-cutting, so it’s refreshing to see Paris creating a new free “attraction” for Las Vegas visitors.

The Eiffel Tower light show may not have the “wow” factor of the fountains (nothing does, really), but it’s a fun diversion and makes the most of a distinctive Las Vegas landmark.

5 thoughts on “Eiffel Tower at Paris Las Vegas Gets Light Show

  1. M. Pressed

    I didn’t know I needed this.

    In this age of de-themed resorts, it’s nice to see Caesars call attention to what makes Paris different. I hope the company maintains this, though, as one “stuck” light or a burned-out section will diminish the entire show.

  2. montoym

    I was in Vegas last week and happened to catch the light show a few times. I was somewhat underwhelmed. It’s not all that spectacular really.
    I came to the conclusion that if you’ve seen it once, you saw all you really need to see.
    It’s also not helped by the fact that the Paris show takes place at the same time as the fountains of Bellagio, and frankly, between the two, the fountains are much better.
    I was actually just commenting to others in my group that I’m surprised the fountains have held up so well over the years without much in the way of upgrades. Every trip I make, I always stop to see at least one of the fountain shows. Can’t say I’ll do the same for the Paris light show.

  3. alex

    This is probably money well spent. Just like their neighbors across the street, I’m sure Paris Las Vegas will add this “show” to the room descriptions and charge an extra $10-20/night for those rooms.

    $1.7 million divided by $20 = 85,000 room nights to break even.
    About 25% of the hotel’s 2,916 rooms face the faux Eiffel Tower.
    If just half of those Eiffel Tower rooms are paying extra each night, that’s 365 rooms.
    You’d hit the break even point after just 233 nights.
    From that point on, it’s pure profit (minus expenses for the show).

    Obviously, I’m guessing as to the percentage of guests that would pay extra. But, even conservatively speaking, I think this becomes profitable in 10-24 months.

  4. Gary

    I appreciate all ideas that add even more beauty and color to the strip.
    It’s probably not meant for people to stand there and watch over and over again.
    It’s for those who can see it from a distance…., even if the distance is merely across that street, or for those walking/driving by.


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