Eccentric Collector Lonnie Hammargren Opens Home to the Public Again on Nevada Day

Last year, collector (and borderline hoarder) Lonnie Hammargren said he’d never again host a Nevada Day open house at his sprawling estate as he’s done for the last 29 years. Never say never, because Hammargren is once again welcoming guests to view his more than 10,000 pieces of Nevada and Las Vegas memorabilia.

Join in the fun Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 2015. Read more at the official Hammargren Home of Nevada History site.

Hammargren Home of Nevada History

If it’s hoarding, it’s the most organized hoarding, ever.

We finally made it to the Hammargren open house last year, and it surpassed our wildest dreams.

It’s hard to capture the magic of Hammargren’s home, but we tried. There were so many photo ops, we ran out of pixels.

Hammargren House

There are full-scale planes, trains, automobiles and submersibles.

You’d think such an incredible array of rare curiosities would be a massive tourist attraction in Las Vegas. The problem lies with the fact Hammargren’s home is in a residential neighborhood. At some point, Hammargren tired of battling with his neighbors, and limited access to two days a year on and around Nevada Day (Oct. 31). In a way, it made visiting even more special.

Hammargren museum

We lean toward the Vegas.

We’d take a stab at listing all the discoveries in Lonnie Hammargren’s collection, but it’s easier to simply say this: What’s not in it?

There are room after room of things you’ve never seen before, and didn’t know existed. Many of the rooms show off Hammargren’s love of science, space travel, exotic cultures and history. Everything in the compound serves to showcase Hammargren’s imagination and sheer tenacity, four decades of collecting later.

Hammargren, a former Nevada lieutenant governor (not to mention neurosurgeon) estimates he’s spent about $10 million collecting one-of-a-kind artifacts, trinkets and items that can really only be described with three letters: WTF.

Hammargren House Las Vegas

The voodoo lounge. Possibly with actual voodoo.

We have no idea if this “last” Hammargren Home of Nevada History open house is actually going to be the last, but we’re treating it like it very well could be.

Do not miss this opportunity to see one of the Seven Wonders of Las Vegas. (There’s no official Seven Wonders of Las Vegas, but we’re pretty sure “Pin Up” star Claire Sinclair takes up a couple of spots.)

Hammargren tomb

This is the Egyptian burial chamber where Lonnie Hammargren will be buried. He’s a good planner like that.

The Hammargren Home of Nevada History open house happens Oct. 31 and Nov. 1, 2015, in case you were skimming when we mentioned it earlier. The open house happens 11:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.

The address is 4318 Ridgecrest Drive, and admission is $15 for adults. It’s free for children 12 and younger.

Lonnie Hammargren

Thanks, Lonnie. We know it’s a pain having to dust everything when guests are coming over.

Here’s a look at just a few of the wonders to be found at the Hammargren Home of Nevada History.

Hammargren Nevada History House

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[img src=]64650
[img src=]60990
[img src=]57870
[img src=]54670
[img src=]52140
[img src=]49610
[img src=]47230
[img src=]45330
[img src=]43420
[img src=]41470
[img src=]40030
[img src=]38560
[img src=]37290
[img src=]35770
[img src=]34960
[img src=]33280
[img src=]32490
[img src=]31140
[img src=]29890
[img src=]28870
[img src=]27930
[img src=]26790
[img src=]26040
[img src=]25710
[img src=]24650
[img src=]24270
[img src=]23450
[img src=]22950
[img src=]22570
[img src=]21550
[img src=]21290
[img src=]20810
[img src=]20300
[img src=]20160
[img src=]19640
[img src=]18930
[img src=]18580
[img src=]18070
[img src=]17480
[img src=]17560
[img src=]17180
[img src=]16810
[img src=]16540
[img src=]16350
[img src=]15890
[img src=]15840
[img src=]15670
[img src=]15570
[img src=]15240
[img src=]15120
[img src=]14640
[img src=]14590
[img src=]14650
[img src=]14420
[img src=]13940
[img src=]14370
[img src=]13920
[img src=]13520
[img src=]13360
[img src=]13080
[img src=]13220
[img src=]12930
[img src=]13340
[img src=]13180
[img src=]12790
[img src=]12590
[img src=]12660
[img src=]12300
[img src=]12410
[img src=]12520
[img src=]11950
[img src=]12220
[img src=]11930
[img src=]11860
[img src=]11900
[img src=]11980
[img src=]11860
[img src=]11620
[img src=]11680
[img src=]11370
[img src=]11430
[img src=]11300
[img src=]10990
[img src=]11070
[img src=]11110
[img src=]10830
[img src=]10770
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[img src=]10890
[img src=]10730
[img src=]10340
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5 thoughts on “Eccentric Collector Lonnie Hammargren Opens Home to the Public Again on Nevada Day

  1. Rich Taylor

    I didn’t want the photo gallery to end! Would love to hear some of the history behind these items. Thanks for the great post.

  2. boulder steve

    Amazing. Never heard of Hammeragren or his collection. He may be a horder but in this case he hordes something worthwhile. Must be a massive piece of property to store all this. Would love to check it out isomeday. Unfortunately only open for 2 days. Thanks for the great photos. This place may be better than the neon museum

  3. AccessVegas

    If this were Periscope, I’d be tapping my screen a zillion times. Lonnie is a true Nevadan, and he is The Man.

  4. FOL

    Hoarders did a recent episode where Lonnie did NOT want to hear about required “provenance” (proof of origin) being needed with the claim that something is famous and worth a lot of money. For example, the supposed NASA test capsule, has no NASA markings whatsoever and no proof of it’s origin. Historian expert Mark (Pawn Stars “beard of knowledge”), explain that replicas were made, but Lonnie refused to believe the facts. It was clear that Lonnie was not playing with a full deck; he had grandiose ideas about himself, like being the most interesting human to live.

    I felt so sorry for his wife. As of the taping of the show, they were in $750,000 in debt and potentially about to lose of their three homes (bought side-by-side to expand his hoard). Understandably, they are no longer rich. Lonnie was only able to make about $4,100 during an auction he thought would net him MUCH more. He claims to have spent $10 million on his stuff, but the actual value is just a fraction of that amount. Lonnie has serious “hoarder” delusions about his junk, while his wife was very realistic…she teared up more than once. Like a typical hoarder, Lonnie was picking the stuff over the happiness of his wife that he claims to love.


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