Du-Par’s Restaurant at Golden Gate Closes Abruptly

A beloved downtown Las Vegas fixture, Du-par’s Restaurant & Bakery at Golden Gate, has closed.

Employees were informed of the closure mid-afternoon on Feb. 7, 2017, and the restaurant shut its doors permanently at about 6:30 p.m. the same evening. It was originally announced Du-par’s would close at midnight, but the plug was pulled early, probably due to drama surrounding the closure.

Du-par's Golden Gate closed

You broke the first rule of Las Vegas, didn’t you? You got emotionally attached!

The closing of Du-par’s is particularly shocking given its colorful history and ongoing popularity.

Du-par’s opened at Golden Gate in 2010.

Biff Naylor, son of “Tiny” Naylor (one of the 22 partners who purchased the Sal Sagev in 1955 and changed its name to Golden Gate), is the restaurant’s current owner. Rumor has it Naylor has bumped up against the IRS in a serious way, so the restaurant won’t be back.

Du-par's closed

Business tip: You don’t get to charge a sales tax, then keep it. The government’s picky like that. Bonus tip: It’s not particularly cool to give employees two hours notice they’re being cut loose.

In a short statement, the management of Golden Gate said, “A leased tenant of the historic hotel, Du-par’s had struggled with payments over an extended period of time.” Diplomacy at its finest!

The owner of Golden Gate, Derek Stevens, Tweeted he’s “sad/pissed” about the closing, and clarified the “financial reasons” for the closure have “nothing to do with the rent.”

Du-par’s has frequently been named as having the best pancakes in Las Vegas, and the restaurant’s shrimp cocktail is the stuff of Las Vegas legend. Golden Gate began serving its famous 99-cent shrimp cocktail in 1959.

Shrimp cocktail Du-Par's

The price crept up to $3.99 in recent years, but that didn’t make it any less devoured.

Du-par’s at Golden Gate was open 24/7, and won numerous accolades for its fare.

The closure of Du-par’s puts Golden Gate in a tight spot because Du-par’s was the hotel’s only dining option. The casino is wasting no time seeking alternative restaurant concepts for this sweet location at the west end of Fremont Street.

Du-par's closed Golden Gate

And, yes, we’re getting a little choked up writing about Du-par’s in the past tense. Don’t judge.

We’d suggest a rebrand to “Golden Gate Grill” until a new restaurant partner can be found. There’s nothing magical about shrimp and cocktail sauce!

No matter what’s next, Du-par’s will be missed by legions of fans who will have find at new way to wrangle their drunchies and get their pancake fix. (There’s Hash House a Go Go at Plaza and Denny’s just to the east, for starters.)

Du-par's pancakes

There were times we had to choose between sex and Du-par’s pancakes. The pancakes were delicious.

There’s another Du-par’s location at the off-Strip Suncoast casino. The fate of that location is unknown at the moment, mainly because we’re currently too drunk to call and ask. Word has it, though, the Suncoast location will remain in operation.

Update (2/9/17): In just 24 hours, all traces of Du-par’s are gone at Golden Gate.

Du-par's disappeared

The only constant in Las Vegas is WTF.

Share your Du-par’s memories in the comments, and not just because it creates the illusion people actually visit and read this Las Vegas blog. Probably.

38 thoughts on “Du-Par’s Restaurant at Golden Gate Closes Abruptly

  1. Kevin Rackley

    Don’t even know how to process my grief right now. I’m staying at the GG for the Final Four in April. Gonna miss those pancakes.

  2. Brian Meyer

    OMG….that’s crazy we just ate there over Super Bowl weekend. So sad! Well glad I got their awesome French Toast and my favorite jam…mmm gonna miss those tasty jams! Damn!

  3. Johnny Lawless

    Are we sure they just aren’t fitting into Derek’s renovation plans? Shrimp cocktail was never the same there anyway. . . . .

  4. Martin Veneroso

    Deep breaths, folks, deep breaths. That coffee shop wasn’t even a Du-par’s for all that long, in the grand scheme of things. The Golden Gate will find someone else to go in there and re-open the place, probably with most of the same employees, and almost certainly with the shrimp cocktails (which didn’t originate in there anyway, but rather in the now-departed deli).

      1. LVBigBear

        Were the employees Culinary? If the outlet was union, those employees will have some recourse and if it re-opens the new operator will most likely have to hire them (the good with the bad).

  5. RustyHammer

    You never chose pancakes over sex. Nice try, bucko!

    Count me among those who never made it to the Dupe, despite the fact everybody acts like the pancakes are better than sex. I’ll continue to have my doubts.

  6. chewieb

    Biff Naylor’s father Tiny Naylor was one of the original owners of the Golden Gate, and also worked at The Mint in the 50s. I’ve wondered if Biff’s at Las Vegas Club had some connection.

  7. ZzjitterzZ

    Am I the only one who was just “meh” about DuPars? i thought the food was just okay and definitely not worth what they charged.

    1. Marie

      I dunno — to me there was more than just pancakes. I loved their matzo ball soup, as well as banana bread. I also liked that their OJ was fresh squeezed.

  8. stirlingbenny

    I wasn’t very impressed with DuPars. Stayed at the Plaza in the autumn and it was decidedly average food. I tried the pancakes and perhaps my expectations were a bit too high, but they weren’t the best I’ve every had!

  9. mike__ch

    Reminder that MTO Café (which I’ve done once) and Rachel’s Kitchen (which I haven’t) are both open for breakfast.
    Because friends don’t let friends go to Slotzilla Denny’s.

  10. Gal XE Questr

    I was so used to Bay City Diner that Dupars always felt like a newbie to me. I didn’t notice much difference. I just hope they don’t take out the etched Bay City Diner window in the front corner where Kevin Spacey and Helen Hunt sat in “Pay It Forward.”

  11. Bill B

    Best I can say about the food is, it was OK.
    As for the staff, in my opinion, they were really sub standard. They were rude, snooty & poor at their respective jobs.
    Last time we ate there, we had finished our shrimp cocktails, waited for the bill, then queued to pay & then & only then did my drink arrive. The manager was quite rude about us moving from our table, even after a 30 minute wait. I had wanted a drink WITH my food not half an hour later!
    I hope the place reopens soon, we stay at the Plaza & a nearby 24hr place is very convenient but I do hope the staff change or are changed.

  12. Brandon Shaw

    It sounds like this location was an excellent place to dine at one point in time. Unfortunately August/Sept 2016 this was NOT the case. Not only was the host extremely rude, but the establishment charged my debit card twice (80 bucks) because of their mess up. Not only did the host not accept responsibility for NOT telling our party about auto gratuity, but she argued us down the whole time. Had the server serving our table not decided to transfer us, that could have all been avoided. I work in the industry too. I get it. But as renowned as this place is, if you wanna stay open, you need to be way more guest oriented. This closure was foreseen.

  13. Sam Novak

    Can’t shed a tear for this place. Was angry when they took over for Bay City Diner and it never won me over. That etched glass of the Diner is an iconic fixture and stood as a sore reminder of the previous, superior occupant. Just reopen it as it once was and bring back the same menu. Pancakes cost a few pennies to make and they had a 10,000% markup and still couldn’t pay the bills? I wonder what else they couldn’t do properly.

  14. rreid01

    I thought Dupar’s hands down had the best breakfast in Vegas. Everything was prepared fresh, from the bakery items to the orange juice to the fruit spread for the toasted fresh baked bread. Good ingredients plus good preparation meant consistently excellent breakfast offerings. I really looked forward to at least one breakfast there during our four day trips downtown. I’m quite sad to see them go. I won’t be the only one either, because the wait line generally snaked back into the casino during breakfast hours. Going all the way to Suncoast for breakfast probably isn’t in the cards for us unfortunately.

  15. short life

    We stopped by here due to reading good reviews on a break from a sightseeing tour. It was excellent food, decently priced and very good service. Had half an avocado blt, a Caesar salad and a piece of coconut cream pie. It really hit the spot.


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