Vital Vegas

Drag Queen Bar Drink & Drag Has Its Thing Yanked

Downtown’s Drink & Drag, a nightclub, bar, bowling alley and pool hall staffed almost entirely by drag queens, has been denied a tavern license needed to operate.

It’s a blast. Let’s hope it gets its act together.

Its sister establishment, Krave Massive, also in downtown’s Neonopolis, had closed back in August due to reported permit problems.

If Neonopolis were a bird, it would be an albatross.

The owner of the clubs is said to have been working on a deal to have Downtown Project, an urban renewal program, take over operations, but no such arrangement surfaced in time to keep the clubs open.

There were apparently signs along the way that the LGBT-friendly clubs might not be viable. The owner, Kelly Murphy, has been accused of not paying state taxes, city fees and other bills related to operating the businesses. Murphy owes $30,000 to the city and $700,000 to the state.

Drink & Drag had a great selection of balls. Get your mind out of the gutter.

It sounds like both Drink & Drag and Krave Massive have sales pending, so it’s unlikely this is the last we’ll hear from them.