Downtown’s Las Vegas Club Casino Has Been Sold

Las Vegas has become a virtual musical chairs of hotel-casinos, with multiple game-changing (yes, we said it) sales in the works, some confirmed officially and other not (yet).

Now comes news Fremont Street’s troubled Las Vegas Club has been sold and will close at midnight on Wednesday, Aug. 19, 2015.

The Las Vegas Club was purchased by Derek and Greg Stevens (under the company name 18 Fremont Street Acquisition LLC), owners of The D and Golden Gate casinos.

Las Vegas Club

The site of the current Las Vegas Club was originally the Overland Park Hotel. There will be a quiz.

Las Vegas Club is the sister casino of The Plaza, and both are operated by the same company, Tamares Group.

Following on the heels of our story, Tamares Group released this statement, on Aug. 14, 2015: “Today we are excited to announce the sale of the Las Vegas Club to Derek and Greg Stevens’ company. The Tamares Group, owner of the Las Vegas Club, and PlayLV, its operator, had been working on various development prospects for the Las Vegas Club, but it is clear that the sale of the property provides a greater opportunity for the future of the company, its staff and the Fremont Street neighborhood.”

The statement continued, “Tamares and PlayLV will focus their efforts on their signature downtown property, the Plaza Hotel & Casino, and we look forward to welcoming many members of the Las Vegas Club staff to the Plaza team in the coming weeks. In the interim, until closure of the Las Vegas Club for renovations by its new owner, PlayLV will continue to run the day-to-day operations of the Las Vegas Club.”

Derek and Greg Stevens, new owners of the Las Vegas Club, are a known quantity in Vegas and the purchase comes as no surprise to downtown enthusiasts. (This blog counts itself among those who are enthused about downtown, of course. Our day gig is in marketing at Fremont Street Experience. Our opinions are our own.)

Las Vegas Club

When we asked around, employees were not aware of the sale yet, so that wasn’t awkward or anything.

Las Vegas Club includes its 19,616-square-foot casino and now-closed hotel. The hotel portion of Las Vegas Club has 410 rooms.

Las Vegas Club will always hold a special place in the heart of neon sign-lovers, because it was the first casino in Las Vegas to boast a neon sign, in 1931. It was the second neon sign in all of Las Vegas. A few more followed.

The Las Vegas Club was originally located across Fremont Street, next to what is now La Bayou casino. (Slogan: Come for the beads, stay for the daiquiris and whatever that strange stuff is on the ceiling.”)

In recent years, Las Vegas Club has struggled. Rumors of a renovation never materialized, and a portion of the casino was converted into a gift shop.

Las Vegas Club

Let’s get the “less this” started!

There’s been some talk recently of a CVS pharmacy moving into the Las Vegas Club, but that deal seems unlikely now that new ownership is taking over the reins. Please, in the name of all that’s holy, be unlikely.

The sale of Las Vegas Club offers the promise of a revitalized casino and possibly new room offerings downtown. Given the way The D and Golden Gate have evolved, there are great things ahead for Fremont Street and downtown Las Vegas.

Per the Tamares statement, we trust displaced employees of the casino will smoothly transition to the Plaza, just across the street. No word yet on the Las Vegas Club’s infamously sad go-go dealers, but go-go dealers don’t seem to go unemployed long in Las Vegas. Even the sad ones.

Thanks to our friends at for putting us on the scent of this scoop with a carefully-worded Tweet.

Las Vegas Club

We’ve walked by Las Vegas Club a million times and never, before today, realized the exterior is supposed to resemble the outside of a sports stadium. D’oh!

These are interesting times for Las Vegas, to be sure, including Fremont Street and downtown. Change is good. Unless it’s a 50-cent piece. Those are truly annoying.

16 thoughts on “Downtown’s Las Vegas Club Casino Has Been Sold

  1. Pablo

    In my few visits to Las Vegas Club I really enjoyed the multi-talented dealer/dancers and always wondered if they were paid more for their dual duties…

  2. Magic 8 Ball

    “…the new owner is a known quantity in Vegas and will come as no surprise to downtown enthusiasts once announced.”

    Derek Stevens. Who else is it going to be?

  3. chewieb

    Fans of old Vegas complain that the Fremont Street Experience ruined the old look of downtown. But that happened much earlier when Las Vegas Club took down it’s tall, slim, and iconic “Las Vegas” neon, and built up that faux stadium design. (How many people realize it’s suppose to look like a stadium at all?) When Las Vegas Club moved to Fremont & Main in the mid-century, it looked fantastic – – but no casino on Fremont St ever remained the same and became a museum of itself.

    1. Steven Brown

      Unlike when they acquired the Fitz and renovated it into The D, the hotel rooms are closed. There are rumors that they’ll be closing what’s left in operation there within the next couple of days. I would venture to guess that they gut the entire structure to the girders along the lines of what was done at The Plaza and the Downtown Grand.

  4. AyeRolle

    I can’t believe some didn’t notice it looks like a stadium. It’s pretty obvious. Did you also miss that it has a bit of a sports theme going on?

    1. Steven Brown

      The sports “theme” has been part of the place for years, but it’s a bit worn around the edges and supposedly some of the more valuable pieces of sports memorabilia was sold under the soon to be former owners.

  5. boulder steve

    Good news. Not sure of Stevens plans but it cannot get any worse. Hopefully he will reopen the hotel..put in a decent restaurant and a sports book.I am sure every time he walked out of the Golden Gate and saw that eyesore he knew something had to be done.

  6. Bill B

    For years my wife & I stayed in the Vegas Club, we were always made very welcome by all the staff. We asked for & got the same room each time. Some years we stayed 3 times, for 14 nights each visit. Always fun!
    If you looked past the lack of investment & maintainance, at the actual layout. VC must have been a wonderful place.
    I sincerely hope the new owners restore the whole place, as the rooms were larger, the design was better, no 10 minute walk from room to casino floor like the Nugget etc. & good parking unlike many.
    Best of luck to the Stevens family group.

  7. Brett Jonathan Bradley-Howarth

    Oh no, it will get a shitty new name like Fitz did and yet more Vegas history will be gone!

  8. Arnie Gutierrez

    There a difference between history and well maintained, and rundown/needs to be demolished…nothing that’s going away downtown is a great loss.


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