Downtown’s Itsy Bitsy Ramen and Whiskey Restaurant Abruptly Closes

Itsy Bitsy Ramen and Whiskey, at downtown’s Odgen Las Vegas, is now a lot more whiskey and a lot less ramen. The struggling venue has abruptly closed its restaurant and will no longer serve food. Which is what restaurant’s typically serve. Please try and keep up.

Itsy Bitsy Ramen Whiskey

Itsy Bitsy was a favorite eatery of downtown denizens. Arachnophobes, not so much.

Itsy Bitsy Ramen and Whiskey has been a quirky addition to the downtown dining scene, but the odd location (in a luxury apartment and condo building) has proven to be a challenge.

The food at Itsy Bitsy was great, and we just dined there as part of a downtown foodie tour, so the restaurant’s eclectic cuisine will be missed.

Itsy Bitsy Ramen Whiskey

Just ignore the egg. The rest was delicious.

Itsy Bitsy was essentially two businesses in one, the restaurant and bar. The bar, featuring a DJ, will continue operating, starting at 4:00 p.m. daily. Itsy Bitsy’s new incarnation will stay open until 10:00 p.m. Tuesday through Thursday, midnight Friday and Saturday, dark on Mondays.

While we’re thinking about it, “Itsy Bitsy Captain and Whiskey” has a nice ring to it.

The bar and lounge component is managed by the folks behind Fremont East’s popular Commonwealth and Park on Fremont.

Itsy Bitsy

Itsy Bitsy: Less dining, more late night hipstering.

Itsy Bitsy Ramen and Whiskey was backed by Tony Hsieh’s Downtown Project. In recent months, Downtown Project has been holding its partners more accountable for profitability, pulling the plug on those that can’t cut the wasabi. Or something.

We’re always disappointed when Las Vegas restaurants fail, but there’s almost always something new in the works. You’ll hear about it when we do!

5 thoughts on “Downtown’s Itsy Bitsy Ramen and Whiskey Restaurant Abruptly Closes

    1. Scott Roeben

      There are actually tons of successful restaurants east of Las Vegas Blvd.–mainly since everything in Fremont East is east of Las Vegas Boulevard. The problem tends to be those that are north or south of Fremont Street. It takes something special to get people off the beaten path.

  1. Mike L

    That sucks, wanted to try that place on my trip next week. With that said, I think Tony Hsieh has been more than generous with helping these businesses in DTLV, so it’s pretty reasonable that he’s finally giving them the sink or swim ultimatum.

    1. LVBigBear

      Fear not Mike there are still some great choices downtown… Eat, Carson’s Kitchen, Glutton, Vegenation, Pizza Rock, Le Thai, La Comida, Nacho Daddy to name just a few off the top of my head. And new ones, like Evel Pizza, seem to pop up regularly. If you were in it for the Ramen, there are several excellent ones thriving on Spring Mtn. Road. As much as I love (and eat) good Ramen, I still have trouble reconciling $10 for something that sustained me in college for $0.10 (I know there is no comparison between the fresh stuff and the Nissin crap)


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