Downtown’s Greyhound Station, Magnet for Crime, is Out

Downtown’s Greyhound bus station, a magnet for crime and vagrancy, has closed after 50 years.

The Greyhound bus station has been a thorn in the side of Plaza casino, as Plaza inherited a long-term lease in 2005. Let’s just say the lease wasn’t renewed.

Plaza and the station have been joined at the hip, and not in a good way. Here’s where the station formerly operated.

Greyhound station Plaza

No word yet on what Plaza intends to do with the giant red arrow.

Back in the day, the Greyhound station lease made a lot more sense. The idea was casino customers would be delivered to the Plaza’s doorstep. Lately, not so much.

The station closed on Feb. 23, 2021.

The lease was actually up in July 2021, but Greyhound closed the station earlier than expected.

That sound you hear is Plaza CEO Jonathan Jossel dancing in the street.

Jonathan Jossel Greyhound

All due respect to Greyhound, but GTFO.

On a recent episode of the Plaza’s podcast, “On the Corner of Main Street,” Clark County Metro Sheriff Joe Lombardo confirmed the bus station was a “negative draw” for the area.

The Greyhound bus station was responsible for the most police calls for service in the entire city.

Greyhound Las Vegas

The best bus stations are empty bus stations.

The sheriff also said bus stations are notorious for drawing shady characters looking to victimize those arriving by bus who are perhaps “wide-eyed” and vulnerable to hucksters.

Greyhound closed downtown Vegas

So many characters. So many stories. So much WTF.

The move of the bus station should eliminate a significant amount of crime from the Fremont Street area.

The Greyhound station is moving to RTC South Strip Transfer Terminal at 6675 Gilespie Street. Good luck with that!

Greyhound Vegas downtown

“Please leave us out of this.” ~Actual greyhounds

Despite the challenges of having the Greyhound station downtown, there was one noteworthy moment. The station was featured in “Bourne,” starring Matt Damon.

We caught an exclusive photo of the station being rebranded for the movie.

The downtown Greyhound station was renamed “Blue Line Transit” for “Bourne.”

Vegas Bourne movie

While “Bourne” sucked, we like exclusives, so we’ll take it.

Now that Greyhound has hit the road, Plaza has plans to develop the space.

Preliminary plans include restaurants, retail and an entertainment venue.

Greyhound station Vegas

There are still a few strays, but Greyhound’s out downtown.

Things are looking up for Plaza, as its new neighbor, Circa Las Vegas, has brought some new attention to the classic casino.

Plaza turns 50 years old in July 2021.

Downtown Vegas bus station

This is the sign outside the former bus station. Honesty required by law.

The closure of the Greyhound station at Plaza is sure to inspire glee among the security teams at Plaza, as well as Golden Gate and Golden Nugget just across the street.

While Plaza’s McDonald’s might take a financial hit, the bus station’s move could work wonders in changing how some perceive downtown Las Vegas.

Now, how can we relocate the Clark County Detention Center?

12 thoughts on “Downtown’s Greyhound Station, Magnet for Crime, is Out

  1. Sheila Armistead

    Now that Greyhound is gone, I’d like to see train service return to Downtown Las Vegas. I know it’s easier said than done, but if you’re old enough to remember Amtrak’s Desert Wind which stopped at the Plaza, I think many people still miss the Desert Wind and would be on board, including the Plaza, with reviving service. One thing Las Vegas does not need is a high speed train that’s been touted.

    1. Van Clark

      High speed that goes directly into LA would be fantastic. We’re far behind in this area. Europe’s system is a great model for us. We need more clean transportation.

      1. Sheila Armistead

        Train travel is about the journey, seeing the country at a leisurely pace, not about speed. High speed trains may work in Europe and Asia, but not here. Unfortunately, there are no plans bringing back the Desert Wind, but I’m excited to hear train travel may be returning to the Gulf Coast in 2022.

    1. Randy Diamond

      Please keep your criminals to yourself ! We have enough moving from California here in Reno. Let’s move both the Detention Centers to the middle of the desert, perhaps in an abandoned mine. Safe for them and safe for us !

  2. Downtown Gambler

    Old info but a good time to reminisce. A friend who worked at the Plaza told me that they dreaded the same time of day. The time when the holding cells were emptied. The newly freed would come to the Plaza mostly because of the proximity to the jail and the Greyhound station.

  3. project design

    My last 2 girlfriends came from there, stepping off the bus, cute and bewildered…..only thing I love more is a girl with tattoo’s everywhere!

  4. Michael Alexakis

    The Plaza Hotel is obviously free to do what they want on land they own or control, but this notion that crime is going to drop in the Downtown area because the Greyhound Bus station is moving a few miles south is silly… Criminals adapt and evolve, most of them use cars for getaways, a criminal who takes buses is a criminal who gets easily caught by the police. Greyhound Bus users are people who don’t own cars, many work in Las Vegas resorts and take the Greyhound to visit relatives, they will simply take one more bus to the new station. I like Downtown Las Vegas, I like the Plaza Hotel, I have always considered it a possible $5 craps table casino, I have been there many times. I am happy for them if they are happy to be rid of the bus station, but restaurant and retail are currently in the crapper due to the pandemic and people shopping online, I doubt anything will be done in that space for quite some time. I feel safe walking around Downtown Las Vegas, its crowded, and has lots of security and police. I look forward to visiting Circa, and I may visit The Plaza Hotel, I even remember their jingle from TV commercials decades ago when they were The Union Plaza Hotel…

    1. JeffinOKC

      I read a couple weeks ago that the Greyhound Bus station at the Plaza is the site of more Metro Police calls than any other location in the valley. By a wide margin. Has been that way for years. That makes me think crime should decrease some, now that It is gone.

      1. Michael Alexakis

        Maybe they do get a bunch of “crime” calls, but most are likely about homeless people sleeping on the benches, it does get hot and cold in the desert, homelessness is an issue in every urban area of the entire country. I read Las Vegas news, I have not seen much violent crime Downtown, I did read about a spate of violent crimes in the strip area a few months back, but that seems to be more controlled as of late.

  5. BST

    50 years -wow! It always gave me a creepy feeling just knowing it was over there . Definitely was a thorn for the Plaza alright. I’m glad it’s out.

  6. Redd

    Oh joy… that sounds great… just transfer this mess out of Downtown and move it to a good neighborhood in the south! Brilliant!


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