Downtown Las Vegas Welcome Archway Has Legs

Construction of the downtown Las Vegas welcome archway is underway and we’ve got all the latest scoop. Along with some sweet-ass pics, of course. Do you know this blog at all?

The archway is slated for completion on August 28, 2020.

Here’s a look at this sparkly new photo op being built downtown.

Downtown Las Vegas arch

This is the caption where we’re legally obligated to share this fun fact: The Las Vegas Strip isn’t in the City of Las Vegas.

The archway will extend from one side of Las Vegas Boulevard to the other, basically at the foot of The Strat. The cross streets are E. St. Louis Ave. and W. Bob Stupak Ave.

The City of Las Vegas will pony up about $6.5 million to build the illuminated archway.

Las Vegas arch

Here’s what downtown’s new erection will eventually look like. Related: Grow up.

Here’s our photo from the same general perspective for comparison purposes.

Strat arch

There’s a pretty good chance people are going to call this the “Strat arch.” The Strat probably isn’t going to complain.

Watch us talking about the arch on the local news when it was originally announced in May 2018.

We were all so much younger and unsoiled a year ago, weren’t we? Well, at least we were all younger.

Vegas arch

Paging Dr. Freud.

The archway is being built east to west by Las Vegas’ go-to sign company, YESCO.

The bases of the 80-foot archway, on the Strat side, are substantial.

Vegas arch

Yes, we took a photo of the arch support. You’re welcome.

When complete, the archway will feature the City of Las Vegas logo. Interestingly, the logo being used was abandoned by the City for official uses in August 2017, because some found the logo confusing because it was seemed to convey “fun” and “a classic vibe” and “visual interest” and “you know, all that crap Vegas is supposed to be about.”

Anyway, the ditched logo will be back in a big way.

Vegas archway

Here’s a closer look at the arch’s inner steel frame and ourter fancy.

The archway joins another “welcome to downtown Vegas” photo op a couple of blocks away.

That display, unveiled in August 2018, cost about $400,000 and features dice, poker chips, a roulette table and showgirls.

Downtown gateway display

Many actual Las Vegas showgirls were nearly this tall.

The welcome sign and arch grew out of a need for a new way to welcome visitors when downtown’s original sign (a replica of the iconic “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas” sign near Mandalay Bay) was destroyed when an asshat crashed into it with his truck in July 2016.

All due respect to asses, hats and trucks.

Vegas arch

If you can’t tell the difference between a parabolic arch and a catenary arch, we can’t be friends.

You know we’ll be keeping an eye on the construction of the new downtown welcome archway. We’re always up for some new bling or whatever the kids are calling it now.

14 thoughts on “Downtown Las Vegas Welcome Archway Has Legs

  1. charles murray

    Thank You Sir, For all the Latest infor . This looks mighty neat. You are a VERY GOOD PICTURE TAKER.

  2. MrBuzzkill

    A nice throw back to 1950’s Wilbur Clark’s Desert Inn, which was just a mile down the Strip. It had a giant catenary arch by the pool that could be seen from the street.

  3. ThomM

    Loving that arch in progress. Wondering though, where will people get their photo op? I can see massive traffic jams as limos stop under it so that their sunroofs can open to fill the frame with people popping out of the top. One of their limo-sharers will have to jump out to snap a shot from the sidewalk.

    Really enjoying the blog too.

  4. William Wingo

    It looks a bit like the one in Cleveland at Playhouse Square on Euclid Avenue.
    And it gives me the opportunity for a Benny Hill-type joke:
    “Maybe they should put some of those barrier things on the sidewalk to keep another truck from crashing into the uprights…you know, those post-type things…?”
    “It’s TRUE, I tell you!”

  5. Jan WALKER

    Wow just found your site. LOVE IT! I will be a follower. Thanks for the good work on your info about VEGAS!!

  6. Gateway

    How do you not love the Downtown Las Vegas Welcome Archway? It’s adorable. Is it merely coincidental that one of the cross streets is named E. St. Louis Ave., with the city of St. Louis being home to the world’s tallest and most famous arch? Or is it all part of a grand scheme that was mapped out decades ago?


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