Downtown Grand’s Stewart + Odgen to Get Renovation and Rebrand as Freedom Beat

Fresh from the relaunch of its Citrus pool deck, Downtown Grand is set to rebrand its restaurant offering, Stewart + Odgen, as Freedom Beat.

It’s expected Stewart + Odgen will close for the do-over, but no specifics or timeline have been announced.

Stewart + Ogden Freedom Beat

Fun fact: When Stewart + Ogden opened, Downtown Grand made up a ridiculous story about Stewart and Ogden being real people who actually existed. Food based upon lies never tastes as good as food based upon truth.

Freedom Beat will be a collaboration with 34th Floor Hospitality, the company responsible for the Citrus rebrand.

34th Floor Hospitality is the same company behind Inna Gotta di Pizza and Pawn Donut & Coffee at downtown’s Pawn Plaza, and one of the partners, Ralph Cautela, was involved in The Pizzeria (also known as “Secret Pizza”) at Cosmopolitan.

The new restaurant at Downtown Grand will feature American fare, but other details about the menu and interior design aren’t available yet.

Design services will be provided by Bunnyfish Studio, a company that’s been involved with a number of downtown Las Vegas projects including Nacho Daddy, Wayfarer Bar and Inspire Theater, Carson Kitchen, Perch at Downtown Container Park (pictured below) and Eat restaurant.

Aside from Bunnyfish’s seeming obsession with infuriatingly hard chairs, they make nice things.

The Perch

Perch follows the pattern of good food, great service, chairs that cause temporary paralysis.

Staff at Stewart + Ogden aren’t sure of the scope of the new Freedom Beat restaurant (or what the name is intended to convey), but some suspect the former Red Mansion restaurant space may be integrated into the new space.

Stewart + Odgen has gotten mixed reviews in the past. Our first visit, just after it opened, was fairly awful, but the menu and quality of food improved significantly after a revamp by former Central (formerly at Caesars Palace) chef Todd Harrington.

Downtown Grand remains one of the underappreciated gems of downtown Las Vegas, and a new restaurant offering could be another reason to stop by.

More news about Freedom Beat as it become edible.

6 thoughts on “Downtown Grand’s Stewart + Odgen to Get Renovation and Rebrand as Freedom Beat

  1. NHBill603

    Shortly after they opened we had some of the Chinese food there.
    It was revolting.
    (I know it sounds harsh but it’s the softest thing I can say about it)
    Later we felt adventurous and gave the coffee shop prime rib a go only to be let down.
    If no one is going to win in the casino it’s best to feed them something memorable.
    We came out a lousy $15 ahead once the cashier seemed genuinely surprised.

  2. Bouldersteve

    Must disagree the Downtown Grand is not a gem. It could be with the right management but since its opening its been a disappointment. Hopefully this restaurant will be the beginning of a new and improved DTG. So far nothing they have tried has worked but at least they keep trying.

  3. Wally Marshall

    The owners of this place must have money to burn as they have tried so many things and none of them have worked. They think they are trendy, but they are not. They don’t know what they are and keep throwing money at projects and initiatives that i don’t see having any return or drive any visitation at all. All the money they have burnt on these things could have been used towards a parking garage with plenty of marketing money to spare. Maybe if they placed someone with some actual gaming experience, they would be able to have some success.

  4. Funkhouser

    The few times I dined at S&O were great. Service was prompt, both my breakfast and lunch orders came quickly, large portions, and well priced. While the food quality was cafe / coffee shop style, it was better than other experiences I had such places as Carson Street Cafe and The D Grill (for dinner one time). Hope the replacement is not just a re theme, which BTW I think is pretty cool as it is. I thought the S&O wallpaper was a pretty unique style.

  5. Jefe

    I don’t see the point in this. The size of S&O seems perfect for the amount of people I’ve seen there in the past. I’ve never seen it completely packed & most of the time it’s not half full. Why consider expanding into the space that was Red Mansion? Doesn’t make a lot of sense to me.

    I agree that things have improved at S&O, food has improved, service is speedier, etc. The gf and I ate there a few times and had zero complaints.


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