Downtown Grand Halts Table Games Midweek

In another lovely sign of the challenges facing Las Vegas casinos at the moment, Downtown Grand has stopped operating its table games on Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays.

While Downtown Grand’s casino table games area has never really been considered lively, at least they had one, and the experience was always enjoyable.

Downtown Grand

We love Downtown Grand’s casino because it’s quiet. Just not closed quiet, please.

Downtown Grand is the latest casino grappling with weak demand mid-week. Winter is always slow in Las Vegas, but without NFR and conventions, we’re pretty much screwed.

Adjusting table games hours can help reduce labor costs, and slot machines end up doing the heavy lifting on revenue generation for casinos.

For example, Circus Circus bailed on its table games mid-week. The worst part is all the kids are now limited to the definitely-not-gambling games in the midway. Bummer!

Circus Circus

A casino without table games is like an “O” without a “69.”

Hotel towers are partially closing as well. Mandalay Bay, Mirage and Park MGM close their hotels midweek, for example.

Encore also closed midweek due to soft demand.

Palazzo recently announced it would temporarily close its hotel tower seven days a week.

Rooms, schmooms, don’t take away our roulette, blackjack and craps! We need something to do after our chicken parm at Triple George.

Downtown Grand’s situation is particularly interesting because it recently opened a new hotel tower. While we’re pretty sure Downtown Grand has never earned a dollar of profit from its casino, it’s had strong demand for lodging in the past, hence the expansion.

Sadly, the new tower opened in the middle of the pandemic.

Downtown Grand hotel tower

Come hell or high water, Vegas keeps making new things.

It feels like Las Vegas is being tested.

Hang in there, Downtown Grand. We’re rooting for you, and we’ll be by to try our hand at those excellent video poker machines at Furnace bar soon.

14 thoughts on “Downtown Grand Halts Table Games Midweek

    1. James Jacobson

      Our group usually have too many people to get them comp rooms at one hotel, so often some of us are on the strip and some stay at Downtown Grand. It’s a nice place but I’ve never seen it busy at all. Now, Hogs and Heifers across the street is another story…

      Our group always has a dinner at Triple George. Love their Cioppino.

  1. EnuffBull

    I LOVE staying at Downtown Grand, and enjoy the ambiance, bars and dining, but alas never had any luck at the casino as they sucked the money from my pockets. And Triple George still has the tastiest steaks for better prices than the other downtown and strip options.

  2. Mike Alexakis

    I am still trying to process this, a Las Vegas casino not offering table games to save money? How much do they pay blackjack dealers? What comes next? No towels Tuesday? No swizzle stick Wednesday? No paper butt gasket Thursday? I guess slot machines are King, I guess I should start training my eyeballs to follow 16 cartoon pay lines at the same time, my brain struggles to follow one right now, maybe I should take up drinking…

    1. William Wingo

      Colorado Belle Laughlin closed their table games during the week shortly after the Golden takeover. They also closed the poker room completely. The buffet and the upper-deck restaurants had been closed for years already: they even blocked off the escalator. OTOH they owned three casinos right next to each other, which is a lot of duplication. Customers shouldn’t mind walking a quarter-mile to Edgewater or a half-mile to Aquarius.
      Then came the pandemic, and they just left the whole place closed–what little was left of it.

      1. Mark

        True. Been a vpfree watcher for years. But haven’t seen a DG update for almost a year. Is Furnace their only vp bar?
        FP BP won’t get me in there, when Main Street Station is just a few blocks away, with their excellent in-house beer.

          1. TanukiJoe

            And we sit, like patience on a monument. The question remains, ‘How long shall good men wait?’
            Well? How long must we wait? Just know that you have a Brother-in-arms, and that together we will once again see the Golden Pig, the Berlin Wall, and the smiling faces that we come to Las Vegas for.

  3. That bronze pig on the bar at MSS

    When the bloody hell are they going to announce a date for reopening Main Street Station?!?!

    Open it and they will come.

    I got the Jones. I got the Jones bad


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