Downtown Discovery: Stoned N Baked at Downtown Container Park is Worth the Trip

If you’ve never been to the Downtown Container Park, Stoned N Baked is the perfect reason to swing on by.

Stoned N Baked

“Stoned” and “Baked” are only redundant if you’re a stoner. You know who you are.

To say Stoned N Baked is compact would be an understatement. Like all the shops and restaurants at Downtown Container Park, this new offering fits inside a shipping container.

The quality and value at Stoned N Baked more than make up for the restaurant’s diminutive size.

Stoned N Baked Container Park

It’s quite a feat to fit so much scrumptious into such a wee space.

Seating is limited inside Stoned N Baked to say the least (there were three chairs during our visit, but we hear that will be expanded to six), so the food is mostly grab-and-go.

The restaurant’s colorful decor is the work of an artist with a nearby shop, Tanya Michelle Watler of Lil Art Bodega.

Stoned N Baked Las Vegas

A little tag, a little piece, a little roller, a little stencil, a lot of us faking something we know next to nothing about.

Stoned N Baked keeps things simple. The menu consists of pizza, salads (house, Caesar and arugula) and brownies.

Here’s the menu. Yes, this is all of it.

Stoned N Baked

Anything written in wax pencil can be translated as “subject to change without notice.”

The basic cheese pizza is $7, and it’s not available by the slice.

The prices are good and the pizza is top notch. There are currently 12 toppings to choose from. Why, here they are now.

Stoned N Baked

We went with cheese, but go nuts if you’d like.

The pizza has a thin crust, crispy at the edges and chewy in the center. It’s Chicago-style, so ingredents are under the melted cheese.

It takes only about five minutes for your pizza to be made from scratch and cooked in an imported Italian oven.

Stoned N Baked Downtown Container Park

Feel free to share, but because the pizza is thin and light, you can finish one off on your own.

Playing on its edgy name, there’s a “Dime” special (a reference to a $10 bag of marijuana), which includes a pizza, bag of chips and soda for $10. Tax is included.

Stoned N Baked

You thought we were kidding, didn’t you?

While this restaurant’s pizza game is strong, the co-star on the menu threatens to overshadow the pies. The company that manages Stoned N Baked is SasaSweets, with a solid reputation for confections, and the brownies at Stoned N Baked are off-the-chart good. Yes, even when you’re not under the influence of anything.

The turtle brownie below is $3.

Stoned N Baked

This brownie was so epic, we considered impregnating it. Don’t worry, we were also going to marry it at Downtown Container Park’s new wedding chapel. We have a sense of decency, you know.

When Nevada finally gets around to having a clue and legalizing recreational marijuana, Stoned N Baked is going to be poised for a serious windfall. (For the record, this blog has never personally even tried marijuana, but we hear it has some fans.)

Stoned N Baked joins a strong collection of eateries and is likely to be a hit with an under-served group of Downtown Container Park visitors—kids.

Stoned N Baked

We’d totally get this as a tattoo were it not for the fact we are an inveterate coward.

Downtown Container Park has a giant playground at its heart, and they’ve yet to invent a child that doesn’t like pizza, so Stoned N Baked is a great fit for the quirky, eclectic shopping center.

Stoned N Baked can be found on the second floor of Downtown Container Park, in the space formerly occupied by Simply Pure Vegan Cafe. Don’t freak out, vegans. Simply Pure Vegan Cafe moved to another spot at Downtown Container Park.

Stoned N Baked

Leave no slice behind.

Stoned N Baked exceeded all expectations, and we’ll be adding it to our regular rotation of restaurants downtown. Which, of course, is one of the highest honors a Las Vegas restaurant can receive that doesn’t involve a trophy or cash prize.

Insider tip: If you visit Stoned N Baked, but are uncomfortable having “Stoned N Baked” show up on your corporate credit card, ask to pay at the establishment’s sister shop, “ChillSpot.”

If you stop by Stoned N Baked, say you heard about them at Vital Vegas. They won’t have any idea what you’re talking about, but it’ll break the ice and help avoid having to make small talk about the weather.

17 thoughts on “Downtown Discovery: Stoned N Baked at Downtown Container Park is Worth the Trip

  1. jbkayaker12

    You need to have a clue and you should had just stuck to talking about the pizza and brownies and not shove us your slanted view about recreational marijuana. Majority of us Nevada residents do not want to deal with stoners and people driving under the influence of marijuana, stoned and lethargic!! A dangerous combination on the road.

    1. Jokersmile

      Yep, check the data from Washington and Oregon on increased DUI due to the herb being “legal”. Unfortunately it’s the irresponsible stoners that give the marijuana industry a bad name. Hopefully this little pizza place can hang on long enough it doesn’t appear there is much room for high volume revenue to cover rent but you never know..

      1. Scott Roeben

        The jury’s still out in places like Colorado. Nevada could use the revenue for education, to be sure, and most of the current distributors are political heavyweights or their kin, so I think this will happen in time.

  2. jbkayaker12

    Stoners can’t think logically since their brains are already fried from smoking too much marijuana. No sense arguing with druggies and STOP flaunting your disgusting, disturbing and dangerous illegal drug activity! Majority of the people in the world do NOT approve of your drug habits.

    1. Scott Roeben

      Well, this illustrates the perils of assumptions. I have never tried any illegal drug. The evidence overwhelmingly suggests marijuana is harmless for most people. It’s a plant. You’re ruining the vibe on my blog, bro, if you don’t like weed, maybe take a chill pill.

      1. jbkayaker12

        ……and basing on what you just said, you are willing to place majority of the population in danger simply because you think smoking marijuana is harmless to some people. An overwhelming number of people around the world do NOT support your idea that marijuana is harmless.

        Smoking it affects the brain and with your brain altered who you very well know it will affect the ability of a person to function.

    2. Alex

      I can’t comment on your claim about worldwide opinions on marijuana, as I’ve never heard of any study or poll that addresses public opinion at that level. (Feel free to provide a source that backs up your claim, though.)

      So, let’s stick to the good old US of A. According to the Gallup Organization, 58% of Americans are in favor of the legalization of marijuana. For comparison, only 12% wanted that in 1970 and 31% in 2000. Other polls (Civic Science and General Social Survey) show similar levels of support.

      The Pew Research Center determined that younger age groups overwhelmingly support the legalization of marijuana. Interestingly, while self-identified Republicans are less likely to support it, over 60% of Republican Millennials are in favor.

      I’ll borrow a phrase from a 60’s counter-culture figure: The Times They Are A-Changin’. It’s not a question of “if”, but “when” marijuana becomes legal nationwide.

      1. jbkayaker12

        What you should provide and explain in detail why majority of us who do not want to deal with illegal marijuana have to go through life with these illegal nasty and dangerous habit of dopers.

        People under the influence of marijuana, alcohol and who knows what else they shoved up their wasted body, who does not care about life in general putting other people in danger because of their addiction.

        1. Alex

          That’s not my job. I’m just delivering the facts. How you cope with having a minority opinion on the subject is up to you.

        2. Scott Roeben

          We don’t disagree about the potential dangers of people driving under the influence of anything. The point is marijuana isn’t any worse or better than alcohol, and if you believe we’d be better off without alcohol, you’re reading the wrong blog.

  3. Bouldersteve

    Looks good. Prices too. You said its Chicago style. I thought Chicago style was thick crust. Anyway I prefer thin crust so I will check It out. Must be new do not remember seeing it when I was there last month. Hope its on the ground floor for their sake. Many people do not go upstairs unfortunatly.


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