Donny and Marie Osmond End 11-Year Las Vegas Residency

Donny and Marie Osmond ended their Las Vegas residency at Flamingo on Nov. 16, 2019 after an impressive, and unexpected, 11-year run.

When the siblings began their residency in Sep. 2008, nobody really thought it would last long. Donny and Marie have defied expectations, and then some, performing 1,730 shows during their time at Flamingo.

Donny & Marie

According to Donny, the pair’s original contract with Flamingo was for a six-week run.

Donny and Marie Osmond are moving on to new projects, solo, as they’d prefer. Long story.

Marie Osmond recently snagged a co-hosting gig on “The Talk,” whatever that might be.

Donny Osmond is expected to release his 62nd studio album soon.

Their stint at Flamingo has been exceptionally profitable for both the pair and the Flamingo (owned by Caesars Entertainment).

During a nasty lawsuit with their producer, it was learned Donny and Marie Osmond are each paid a base salary of $1.6 million a year, plus 40% of the box office gross.

Donny & Marie wrap

It’s a wrap. Get ready to see this one replaced with a big-ass RuPaul.

The next show lined up for the Osmonds’ former showroom is “Ru Paul’s Drag Race.” Which is, for the record, just about the most opposite thing of the “Donny & Marie Show” as is humanly possible.

13 thoughts on “Donny and Marie Osmond End 11-Year Las Vegas Residency


    Staying at the Orleans high up on the east side, I always enjoy their pictures off in the distance. When they put RuPaul up, I’ll ask for the West side.

  2. Patricia Hosey

    Amazing show…brilliantly talented pair…Las Vegas is going to miss them…wishing them all the best for their future ventures x

  3. Millie Rich

    They are such a roll model for all of us and we all love them like they were familey I wish them nothing but the best in there new Journey. wasmbucket list

    1. Menendez Bros.

      Sibling who work together, as little as possible, and can hardly stand each other are role models? D’ohkay!


        I had heard that too; but I suppose for 1.6 mil per year plus 40% of the gross, they can force themselves. Or maybe after eleven years, it finally got to them….

  4. Linda

    I saw the show in September. They were great but the venue is very outdated. Wonder if they’ll do any upgrades before the next show moves in.

  5. Billk

    For Donnie & Marie show do you know:
    How many seats in theatre? How many held by flamingo/Caesars?
    Avg. ticket price?
    Number of shows per year?
    Who got the other 60% after lightyear dumped as producer? 4 wall show, right?

    1. Jeff

      Theatre had approx 750 seats. 160 shows a year. Guessing at the avg ticket price…but conservatively $125. That is approx. $15,000,000 a year. Divide by 2 and take 40% of that number and you get $3,000,000 plus their base pay of 1.6….my guess is they made about 5 million a year each…for 10 years…not bad.J


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