Disastrous “Marilyn, The New Musical” to Close at Paris

Like a candle in a wind tunnel, “Marilyn, The New Musical” is being extinguished at Paris Las Vegas after just 15 performances since its official opening on June 1.

“Marilyn” closes June 17, 2018.

Marilyn musical closed

“Marilyn” is closing. Sorry, the gays.

From what we hear, the implosion of “Marilyn, The New Musical” had little to do with the talent of its cast.

Even as the show opened, there were rumors of behind-the-scenes drama, including a lack of competent direction and serious financial issues, and entertainment insiders predicted the show would have a very short run.

Few predicted the run would be this short. Oh, wait, no, there was us.


Look at all the fatalistic fun you’re missing on Twitter!

It should be noted we’re the one calling the show “closed,” not the show itself.

In an admirable piece of fiction, a news release says, “After launching to critical acclaim, ‘Marilyn: The New Musical’ will be going on a summer hiatus from Tuesday, June 19 through Monday, Sept. 3 in order to further refine the show and prepare for the Las Vegas-created production to launch a national tour. Performances at Paris Las Vegas will resume Tuesday, Sept. 4.”

Ah, the old “show refinement” ploy.

“Marilyn, The New Musical” won’t be resuming at Paris, or anywhere else for that matter.

In fact, we’re going to predict several others shows planned by the producer, writer and director of “Marilyn,” Tegan Summers, won’t be happening as announced, either. Las Vegas is a very small town and word gets around.

Summers was supposed to bring a series of Broadway-style shows to Las Vegas. The shows were to feature stories about Bettie Page and James Dean, with another involving EDM DJ and producer Steve Aoki.

Don’t hold your breath.

While ambitious, Broadway-style theatrical productions are hit-and-miss in Las Vegas. For every “Jersey Boys,” there’s a “Surf, The Musical.” For every “Phantom of the Opera,” there’s an “Avenue Q.”

For every “Mamma Mia” at Mandalay Bay there’s a “Mamma Mia” at Tropicana. Long story.

We trust the “Marilyn” cast and crew will find new gigs worthy of their time and talents.

15 thoughts on “Disastrous “Marilyn, The New Musical” to Close at Paris

    1. Doug

      My preceding cryptic comment would have been sensical and, dare I say, even witty, had it been properly posted to your previous blog entry as intended. I’m having a hard time with this new commenting system especially when reading late at night on my phone and medicated. Can you go back to Disqus?

        1. Scott Roeben Post author

          Ha, yeah, I don’t like it as much, but really like not having those annoying ads that look like news. Lesser of two evils.

  1. Steven

    Interesting, as I have seen an email posted on a Vegas page on FB stating that the show was going on a “summer hiatus” from June 19th until September 3rd.

  2. T

    The show is bad. So bad that the previews are unwatchable. The music is f-u-g-l-y. One might argue this show was not about Marilyn, but about the egos of those who did not know her, but wanted to exploit her memory.

  3. Funkhouser

    I can’t help to think that Vegas is probably the wrong market for Broadway shows. The few that did well, were probably well positioned at the properties. Mama Mia was a perfect for Mandalay as a Bachelorette themed show + the great pool and property made it good fit. Same for Phantom + Jersey Boys at Palazzo,
    It fit in well for their clientele and the theater design for Phantom at Venetian was an attraction in itself.

    Avenue Q was a great production, but at Wynn was a WTF moment. It’s an edgy original production but in no way fit as a Vegas show. I don’t get some of the thinking of these entertainment folks. Then you have a great production like Hamilton or Wicked that I think would do phenomenally in Vegas if they locked it down for a 6 month run in the city. Why NYNY doesn’t leverage it’s theme to host a Broadway show, probably because the lack of theater space, but that seems like it would be a great promotional tie in to the property theme.

  4. Charles Rowland

    There is a limit to a society’s memory or caring about celebrities. She’s been dead over 50 years. I’m 66 and she was actually before my time. How many people really relate to her anymore? What age group has an interest in seeing a show about her? And that’s even if the show was good.

    1. wysiwyg100

      Exactly. I can’t imagine there is even any interest in Elvis at this point, and she died fifteen years before he did.


    Elvis, Marilyn, The Beatles, burlesque, magic shows, and, I mean, RICH LITTLE and WAYNE NEWTON are still doing their things. This is the bulk of what’s out there now for Vegas shows. When the boomers start to inevitably die off (or at least get too old to come to Vegas) what will fill the showrooms in town? Are they just going to keep trotting out more washed up 90’s stars? What’s next, Hanson? Coolio?

    Most of the Cirque shows have been the same for a decade. Time to start trying to bring in some more original content like Absinthe or Jabbawockeez, stop playing it so damn safe with all the retreads and tributes. Absinthe proves you can do something original and people will come.

    1. William Wingo

      I agree. We saw Rich Little at the Tropicana Comedy Club a few years ago, and he’s only a few years older than I am. Before that was the Folies, also at the Trop, just before it closed. I don’t remember the one before that–maybe Bottoms Up! at the Flamingo, Mac King at Harrah’s, and/or Dirk Arthur somewhere. Most of the other current and recent Vegas shows have had little if any appeal for us. Our most recent show anywhere was Olivia Newton-John in Laughlin about six months ago.
      You get the idea: the Las Vegas entertainment scene has passed us by, just like the dining with $69.99 buffets (Caesars Palace) and the gaming with 6-5 Blackjack and triple-zero roulette.
      I do think it’s good that they are trying new shows as described on this blog–including Marilyn–just not a lot of success so far. Maybe they need to bring back those Argentinian gauchos….


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