Dick’s Last Resort Coming to Neonopolis

Longtime Excalibur fixture Dick’s Last Resort is bringing its quirky restaurant to downtown’s Neonopolis mall.

Dick's Last Resort

Let the “negging” begin.

According to Eater Vegas, Dick’s Last Resort will move into the space formerly occupied by the ill-fated Cannabition Museum. The museum’s footprint was huge, about 10,000-square-feet, and the space was adorned with massive, cannabis-themed murals.

The cannabis museum closed in July 2019.

weed museum mural

Weed murals out, people wearing bags on their heads with funny sayings, in.

Dick’s Last Resort, known for its intentionally-rude waitstaff and lively atmosphere, is owned by the same company as the Deja Vu strip club chain.

The company also owns the Cat’s Meow karaoke club at Neonopolis.

Cat's Meow

We’d bet Cat’s Meow and Dick’s got a package deal on rent.

Dick’s Last Resort will extend its reach with an outdoor patio in the Neonopolis courtyard.

While the Dick’s Last Resort party vibe and snarky attitude seems a great fit for Fremont Street, Neonopolis continues to be a challenge for tenants.

That said, the operation could very well give the also-irreverent Heart Attack Grill, a few feet away from the new location, a run for its money.

Dick’s Last Resort is slated to open in 2021.

9 thoughts on “Dick’s Last Resort Coming to Neonopolis

  1. Mike Alexakis

    Move over rover, and let Dick’s take over… I do not need to extend myself and head to Dick’s, my family is intentionally-rude to me on a daily basis, I often have to stiffen my collar, it kinda sucks…


    I’m a fan of DLR at the Ex. It’s really the only reason I even go near the Ex, aside from to use the tram. I’ve known (and been abused by) a lot of the bar staff for years now.

    I wouldn’t know a Neonopolis if it bit me on the ankle but it’s good that Dick’s is doing well enough to expand. Ahem.

  3. Jon

    I love Downtown like my own child, but Neonopolis is the one part that needs bulldozing. It’s hideous and the architecture just sucks you into a blank courtyard with the businesses hidden away – so you just walk out again. Has any business not fronted on Fremont EVER survived?

  4. BST

    I agree , that place is so depressing .
    I vaguely remember it in the beginning but it did have many businesses.


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